Shelby Church on quitting AirBnb and her new real estate strategy (feat. @ShelbyChurch)

hey guys welcome to silon Valley girl we are about to visit one of my favorite creators ever I feel like there are not too many females on YouTube talking about personal finance talking about real estate talking about airbnbs and when I said airbnbs I know you know I'm talking to we're going to see Shelby Church hello come on thank you welcome thank you to the place how does it feel to be back it's nice I love it I love being in the sun um it's nice being around other creators like there's so much going on here all the time I feel like there's like multiple events a week that you could go to do you feel distracted though or you're good with saying no I feel like I'm pretty good with saying no great yeah in La it's like the traffic is such a big factor that if something's far away I'm almost like automatically like nah can you show us around like the where yeah like I do where you shoot everything this is where I'll um edit this monitor super handy I picked this apartment specifically because it's a corner so I have the lighting here and here lighting so that's why I put my desk here rather than in my bedroom because I can just move this over and then the lighting is really good for shooting those quick little shots or like Vlog Clips stuff like that but yeah this area is nice and then everything's kind of minimal I want to get more art and stuff but it's like it's you know it's fine for now yeah and it's a one one bedroom you have a bedroom yeah okay so I got this and it is a lease takeover because I want to buy something and so I was like okay I can be month to month after this and it's kind of smaller ideally it would be nice to have a room for filming you know because this definitely is like difficult when you want to fit tripods and lights and stuff I'm like moving stuff around and then when you want to relax in the evening it's like it's where I work so I'm like uh should I be working you know yeah yeah do you think it makes well for you I guess makes sense to buy an LA I think it doesn't make sense unless you put a lot down which is what I would do and it would need to be the right place and I think for my situation it could make sense cuz I want to find something I can renovate and like looking at like which uh parts of of the city pretty much all of West LA sometimes I look in the valley too cuz you can get more for your money like you could get like an actual house there I like the more Central areas like Beverly Hills is obviously nice but expensive West Hollywood looks good no cuz I I researched the market there and every house looks so cool like this is so weird for me because we are renting in silcon Valley and every house is like super old oh really not too much renovation there West Hollywood looks like a little younger people came in to the market and renovated yeah West Hollywood is definitely it's cool because it's some parts of it are walkable and I lived over there for a little bit but I travel so much I kind of like being close to the airport and so where I'm at right now is super Central it's the best yeah and you can go to Barley Hills easy Santa Monica a lot of people love you on YouTube because you're super transparent with everything you do and this is what I found a lot online and I know you talked to col and Samir a couple years ago yes about your source of income and back then you only started your Airbnb yeah I don't think it was even live okay yeah so you were talking about that how did it change 2 years later oh my gosh I feel like so much has changed with not only the public perception of Airbnb but I feel like mine has changed a little bit too and my thoughts on it um but yeah since then we've actually launched it it's been live for almost 2 years now which is crazy the time flies you know but I've learned so much about airbnbs in general like picking the right location how did you pick that one was it just like home Springs look it looks good sort of yeah so my sister and I both really liked Palm Springs so we had family friends that had a house there and they would let us stay at it whenever they weren't there cuz they didn't rent it out on Airbnb or anything so they were just like oh it's open a lot of the year like our family would go stay at it and so we loved that area so we wanted that area specifically and we kind of knew going into it like okay there's restrictions here you're not going to make as much but we're going to use it a ton so it's going to be worth it cuz it'll be our vacation home too and there's so much there like Coachella there's golf courses we just knew a lot about the market too so I felt good about that like we knew people there that also had homes there we were just excited about it you know so I wasn't as excited about any other area Global sales through social media were estimated at about a trillion dollar a year my business Shelby's business is of course based on social media and I also see how Brands and creators make so many mistakes like let me show you this quick example if you you send a link to a person in a direct message the click-through rate is 46% compare that to 1% if you say linoln bio so stop saying Linn bio I'm going to introduce a tool called Manny chat that can help you automate everything you do on social media imagine you posted a real about your product on your Instagram and if a customer comments that they like a product and they want more info Manny chat will automatically send a direct message to that customer with a link to buy that product isn't that amazing Manny chat is an official meta business partner and is fully approved for use on Instagram we have several strategies how we use man chat the one that I can highly recommend is when you show a product in your real and ask someone to DM you a keyword and then you send the product for free and then those who send you a keyword you ask them for their email and send them a free product this way people are getting value from you for free and you're getting their email and you can build the whole funnel on top of it if you have a buiness business on Instagram if you're a social media person if you're a business uh that has social media presence I highly recommend using man chat to improve your sales and to automate your sales it's also one of the best leg gen tools out there if you haven't tried man chat yet there is a link down in the description of this video and my promo code Marina will give you a 1 Monon three for a man chat Pro which has all of the advanced features starting at $15 per month what are the top three events that you've attended in LA in the past few months since you're back I did go to a YouTube shopping event that was pretty helpful but yeah I feel like now that it's the holidays cuz I've only been here a few months I'm like okay we'll see got it yeah but Seattle was quieter right yeah thereat there's some bloggers there I know a couple other YouTubers like two but there's not a lot and most people have tech

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