This $0 Upfront Online Business Idea Can Pay More Than Your Job – US$15,000 A Month Worldwide

now there are many online business ideas out there but there's only one that I can think of that you can start without any investment upfront that you can actually launch with little to no risk when compared to a traditional business that will activate passive income and make you money while you sleep after the initial setup that is that is beginner friendly that is a business that you can run from any anywhere at any time all you need is internet connection and a business that has the potential to pay significant more than your 95 job when done right and while I've talked about this business model at a high level I've never actually taken you down into the details and show you a userfriendly way to get your account created and walk you through the actual process to kick things off from for this particular online business so that said rock stars in today's video we will be launching this business idea together and our goal will be to make $155,000 a month while we sleep from anywhere across the [Music] world rock stars it's so great to have you back thank you so much for always clicking play when you see my videos pop up and if you have subscribed to the Rockstar Academy which means you are a rock star I appreciate your support and if you have taken it to another level and you're subscribed on either patreon or YouTube as a member or a subscriber I'm grateful for your support now we have a lot to talk about so let's get right down to it now this photo is dominges and he's from San Diego he reportedly made over a million Us in profit within 8 months after launching a similar business idea with absolutely no experience and I'm going to link his story in the description of this video so that you can learn more this is ulah and Mike and I'm so sorry if I mispronounced the name but within a year this couple made over $2 million with this same business model and I'm going to link their story below as well so we know it's possible because other people are doing it so let's get that out of the way now 1 to 2 million I know it sounds pretty good rockstars and it can come with scale in this business model but for right now with this business that we're going to launch while we're on this particular video we're going to Target $112,000 per month so let's get our online business launched now let me grab my computer because like I said we're going to work on this together now the first thing you're going to do is to click on the first link in the description of this video to get started and it will take you to the USA drop website homepage as you are seeing here now in today's video we're going to set up your account we're going to integrate Shopify into USA drop we're going to identify top selling products and we're going to activate your Drop Shipping Store and if you have not figured out the business idea yet rockstars we'll be launching a dropshipping business today in this tutorial now dropshipping is a business model where you can actually sell products to customers But A thirdparty supplier is going to handle the storage the inventory the packing and the shipping of those products on your behalf to your customers door steps now this means you don't need to worry about things like inventory or fulfillment and because of that it's a lowrisk investment because you do not need a lot of money to get started and importantly because the third par is doing everything you're able to make money while you sleep now USA drop which is where we're going to be launching this Drop Shipping business with a record of fulfilling over 80 million orders and connecting over 10,000 suppliers with over 1 million products in their catalog that has 304 different categories so it's a huge catalog that you'll be able to choose from and there's no shortage of products to sell when you launch your Drop Shipping business with us a drop USA drop is also highly recommended because when you compare it to other Drop Shipping platforms because it has warehouses located globally and several in different states in the United States as an example as well as warehouses in France Germany UK Sydney Australia and Mainland China no matter where in the world your customers are located with their global Warehouse orders are typically delivered in anywhere from 2 to 5 days and this is not just limited to the US but the EU the UK Canada and even Australia and even when products are being delivered from their warehouse in China it's still very fast coming in at 6 to 13 days on average and that's mostly for the US for the UK or Denmark EU Australia and other places places it's 7 to 15 days on average I've ordered things from wholesalers in China that took 3 to 6 weeks to get to me so this is very fast when compared to other drop shippers or even other wholesalers now some of the products that you'll be able to get access to on USA drop include categories in fashion Electronics Beauty home Garden Technology pet suppli and more you can find something regardless of which Niche you choose and for every audience that's potentially going to buy products from your Drop Shipping Store what I found as well is that the shipping costs they're very reasonable and USA drop also has incredible product prices another big differentiator in my opinion and I'm going through these rockars because I know most of you have never heard of USA drop is that there are no Chinese labels or symbols on your products and I know this is a turnoff for some customers and these are even for the products that are sourced out of China this provides us as drop shippers with a more branded and professional experience because we're able to put our personal brand on those products and it feels like we're going to own them and here's the icing on the cake USA drop has one of the most userfriendly plat platforms out there and you can import products to your store with just a single click so there will be no need to deal with multiple suppliers on platforms like AliExpress as an example all that said rockstars let's get back to launching our Drop Shipping business and the first step is after clicking the first link in the description of this video you're going to select start for free and you're going to create your account by entering your name and your email now you're going to follow the prompts on screen and just quickly complete the details required and complete the puzzle to verify your phone number now step two is where you're going to integrate your store into USA drop now after you have successfully created your account we need to integrate USA drop with our Shopify store which is the platform of choice or you can use other stores that you would like including a Tik Tock shop so you can go and watch this video here where I explain how to start a Drop Shipping business using a Tik Tock shop because you'll be able to use USA drop to get products for your Tik Tock shop Drop Shipping business now to get the integration process going you're going to click on li

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