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hey guys welcome back to my channel and thank you so much for tuning in so recently I shared with you an awesome platform that pays you for different things so this is a survey platform that has got other tasks that you can do to earn money such as watching videos you can also do here different tasks such as playing games and all of that and yeah guys you responded positively to the video so I thought today I should just come back and show you what's possible with the website how much I've earned from this website so let's get on with the video welcome back to my channel if you're new here welcome my name is Queen magomani I share information on how to make money online and that's what you can expect to learn more of in this channel I share a lot of websites applications a lot of strategies and ways you can earn a living online and here's one website where you can earn money although you won't necessarily end a living with this website I think it is a good way to supplement your income to make extra cash on the side this is the website that I'm talking about it's called pagazani which spoke about it a few weeks ago if I'm not mistaken and yeah guys I just took you through the website but just in case you missed that video it is the platform that I'm looking at here on my screen as you can see they say pagazani is a global panel with rewarded surveys a cash offers and more it is also easy looking it's easy to navigate as well so you'll see here that they have paid surveys they have cash offers and other cash offers you can get paid for downloading apps for signing up to sites um making purchases for items you find that interest you daily that's all they say you can also participate in a daily bonus where you get about a cent or so you can also participate in user tasks and also do referrals so I want to emphasize the the point of doing referrals for these different platforms that you do because it does help you in getting to the cash out threshold with these different platforms when you help others make money there are benefits to it because when they sign up or take an action you get to end commissions for that although it's it's very little money it does add up to making you reach cash out much faster but one thing I want to let you guys know is when I started with this platform in the past year just because of the name I thought you know what let me not recommend this website based on reviews let me try it myself do different surveys and see how fast I can cash out before I recommend it and within a week of dedicated work participating in online surveys I was able to get to that ten dollar uh threshold and it made me think that it could be a new website and maybe there's not a lot of people using this platform but this is what you can expect over here now another thing that I noticed that interested me to you know participate in this platform is the fact that it looks like one of my highest paying survey websites it looks like why sends in the way that is arranged but I did check out that it doesn't really come from the same company this is my dashboard as you can see over here these are some of the service that they've recommended to me and just to show you an example you'll see here that they have a five minute survey for 11 cents a three minute survey for 11 cents as well I suspect this could be the same survey but they have different survey titles so maybe they are different there is a 20 minute survey for five cents the highest survey that they have here doesn't really have a time frame it's called a daily attempt I don't know what that means exactly but it pays 61 cents in dollars the highest survey that really boosted me that I did in this platform was two dollars and fifty cents and it wasn't lengthy I think it was around 15 minutes or so and yeah they do have such kinds of service as you scroll up you also see they have this daily bonus tab over here every single day this is going to be refreshed and you can simply select the button to claim your daily bonus just over here yeah in terms of what they have in Offa they have different surveys on this tab here you'll see that you can take service you can update your survey profile and if you want to check your survey history this is where you can select they also have different offers with some of the biggest task offers that I know of they have offers from AdSense media 80 Studio CPX research offatero they also have two Paul Fish guys Paul Fish one and two one ads and all of these ones here they have routers as well like day Neta it's one of the biggest um survey or task router that I know of that you can also participate in monthly contests so you can just simply come and check out if they are currently running a contest for the month and yeah fingers crossed you win that now to make more money with the platforms of course you will need to do some recommendations become an affiliate and recommend this platform it's free for everyone you simply sign sign up and once you have confirmed your account you automatically get a link that you can use to promote their platform you can promote through social media any platform that you have through your YouTube channel whatever method that you have for promoting online more especially on social media you can use this thing so to find it simply come to the promote tab over here select the affiliate program right here in order to access the link and just like that you'll get your referral link already created for you over here so you simply copy it by clicking this chain button over here and you can start promoting this platform to earn much more money but if you're not into that type of thing you can simply participate in surveys do different tasks and all of that to redeem your earnings with this platform is really awesome because you've got different kinds of options you have PayPal you simply come to the redeem tab over here and select withdraw you can can withdraw to your PayPal account to your Amazon as an Amazon gift card you can do a bank transfer and the minimum for a bank transfer is 50 US dollars which makes sense you can also cash out via Pioneer which if I'm not mistaken it works almost all over the world in every country in the world you can also cash out as crypto and for crypto you need to have at least a minimum of 20 US dollars but for the rest of the gift cards like Amazon and PayPal you need to at least accumulate 10 US Dollars before you can cash out and now to the most important part I have cashed out in this platform twice already just to show you guys um on my dashboard how it looks like you will see already that I do have a balance of 10 US Dollars over there you also see over here I have 10 US Dollars it means that at this point I can cash out again but I'm just gonna let it grow and see how far I can go with this platform just to show you where I've cashed out I'm on my email right right now and you'll see that this company which is the company

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