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hey buddy full family my name is isabella i am the owner of two six figure earning online businesses and today i'm gonna be telling you guys how you're gonna find products to sell in 2022. so i read through almost all of you guys comments on my youtube channel and a lot of you guys always say that you have trouble finding that product and have trouble finding the right niche so if you guys are unfamiliar with my story i actually started off just selling lashes on my website and then from lashes i went on to selling lip gloss and lash bundles and then from there i went on to something completely different and now i'm almost centered in a different niche i think that a lot of people put too much emphasis on finding the perfect thing instead of just starting and picking a name for your business and website that can complement multiple different items so you guys know i've made a video similar like this before where i showed you guys physically on aliexpress how to find trendy items and items to sell which i will post the link right here if you guys want to go watch that today i'm going to be giving you guys new techniques that you guys can use to find winning products for 2022. the first way that i research of how to find products to sell is literally just tick tock one thing i like to do is i like to go on tik tock and i search tick tock made me buy it these keywords bring up a whole bunch of different videos that are just normal people talking about things that they saw on tick tock that they went and bought one thing that i did notice is that a lot of these videos actually highlight you know things that they bought from amazon because of tick tock but one thing that i want to make clear to you guys is is just because that it's on amazon doesn't mean that you guys could grab something like that or find something like that product and make it your own you would be shocked as to how many things are on aliexpress and alibaba not only for people that are wanting to get into drop shipping but for people that are willing to buy in bulk or do branded items as well so this is and this is what i use for buying in bulk manufacturing my own products etc so what i do to brainstorm and find new ideas is basically i just stay on this home page and they always have some type of thing where you can watch the products live new and trending design so i click view more here and then this opens up an entire page where you can kind of just go through things that are popular on alibaba and things that they kind of recommend to you as well on mine you see a lot of like cosmetics and women type of products just because they see me searching that a lot but yours might look a little bit different until they realize like what your account likes um like so for example you know if you were looking into the fitness niche right here they actually show you like if you were to click on this product for example and if you watch this live stream you can actually see and they even give you videos like you could technically use um but look at this video and she's talking to you can like turn on the sound and they describe the products that they have they show you the products that they're selling in bulk and then you can literally go right here and the products are right here so this is something that i like to use because i like to actually see the videos of the products and this is really great for clothing brands as well if you're somebody that you're wanting to get into the fashion niche and sell clothes i especially like this because then you can really see the quality of the clothes that they're selling so you can actually see how they look like on a live person because pictures can be really deceiving and then you can buy whatever sets here or negotiate um with the seller directly through here and if you're ever to the point where you want to message the seller directly and ask questions all you have to do is just click on their profile here this will take you to their store and then you can go ahead and contact them through here or you guys can find the product that you like in this store for example so then if you see like a product that you really like i personally don't know if this would be like a good store because their prices are kind of high so i don't know where they're shipping from but their prices are kind of high but this is just for the example so if you were like say you really loved this product the couple things you do have to look for is like for this example so you have to order 500 pieces in order to even order from the suppliers like obviously i wouldn't work with them because even for me that's a lot so all you do is you click contact supplier and you send a message and you can be casual you don't have to be super professional obviously it helps if you do but you can just say hello i just wanted to inquire about this product and they're the ones that are trying to sell it to you so you can kind of allow them to guide you throughout the process as well so if you guys are new to my channel there's a couple of different ways you can go about selling online the first level of ecommerce is buying in bulk branding your own items and shipping orders yourself this is my personal favorite business model because it allows me to have the most control and it has the most growth long term the second level of e-commerce is drop shipping so i used to drop ship when i first started getting into e-commerce you can start drop shipping with zero dollars which i show you guys how to do on my youtube channel i'll put the tutorial right here for you guys drop shipping is when you're the middleman so you're finding this listing on aliexpress so say there's this certain item that you see on tick tock that's trending but there's not a real business that has been created for it yet you could easily find this item on aliexpress or alibaba if you were buying in bulk but for this case you'd be on aliexpress if you're a drop shipper you would find the listing for a certain price let's just say 10 and you could put it on your website for 30 to 40 so when the customer buys it from your website you are going to ship it straight from aliexpress to that customer so straight from the supplier to the customer this is the basics of drop shipping so number three business model is print on demand which is basically like if you wanted to create your own clothing brand or you are an artist and you want to sell clothes with your logo on it this is another business model that you could technically start with zero dollars which i talk about on my youtube channel right here if you guys want to check that video out and the final way that people sell things online in 2022 is amazon fba amazon fba is basically when you take a large shipment from alibaba that you find on alibaba something that maybe is not on amazon yet or something that you think would sell on amazon you would then you could either brand it or s

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