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hi it's Anastasia here AI tools can help us generate content faster and rank in Google but not all niches are equally good for the strategy so in this video I will show you the seven niches that are perfect for AI driven content but first let's clear this question what makes a niche AI perfect don't even look at the niches that require hard data and facts as well as very recent information our AI friends like gpt4 sometimes think that they are all-knowing but occasionally they just hallucinate that's right it's actually a term for AI tools that start making stuff up basically just giving you false information when they don't have enough real information for an answer so here is the first topic that is great for AI generated content personal development this Niche is honestly opinion heavy everyone's got a unique Twist on how to live your best life right so AI tools can easily help create high quality content in this area because there is a lot of general advice there are smaller topics inside personal development some examples would be building self-confidence time management skills setting and achieving goals meditation and mindfulness and overcoming fear you can easily monetize content in this Niche you can recommend books or tools and earn money when people buy them this is called affiliate marketing I have a more detailed video on my channel dedicated to this monetization method I will link it up there and you can check it once we're done with this video you can also create digital books or courses to sell and you can offer coaching or workshops now the next Niche is parenting why is parenting a great Niche for AI generated content as a first time parent myself I have to admit that I'm Googling everything from day one of having my daughter or actually from day one of my pregnancy no one is teaching us to be great parents not when we are in school not when we are in universities so there is constant learning process in parenting and I find myself always looking for tips and hacks that's why parenting blogs make good amount of money parenting Niche is a little bit like Minecraft it's never gonna get old there will always be new parents just to give you an idea here are some topics inside the parenting Niche natural birth being pregnant for the first time fashion 4 expecting moms tips on traveling or moving with kids homeschooling and dealing with rebellious teenagers or work from home gigs for parents and so many more and although parenting methods and strategies definitely evolved compared to what they looked like say 50 years ago they don't change dramatically on a yearly basis right so the most recent information on parenting available to AI tools from say 2021 is generally quite up to date and will be relevant for quite a long time in the future when I say these niches are excellent for AI generated content I'm not just throwing words in the air let me give you a Hands-On example there is this free AI tool called blob SEO Ai and I'll give you a link to it in the description below now watch me as I do this once you are logged in you can click generate article and you will start by typing in a general topic idea I'm going to use tips on traveling for moving with kids so we're in parenting Niche then we can ask the AI tool to suggest several related keyword ideas we can add up to five keywords here and then we can start with generating the possible titles for this post we will move to the next step to generating an outline for the article now and then we can choose a bunch of settings things like the tone of the article I like informational and we can decide if it will be written from the third person but I actually prefer writing blogs from the first person and we can say it has to be over 2 000 words and then we will start generating the post wow it ended up with about 4 000 words in this article now if you look at the bottom of the screen we have here options to generate a meta description article schema and all the Jazz for Google SEO you can edit the text as much as you need and then you can download it as a document or even publish to notion or ghost platforms right away through this integration when exporting content blog seoai ensures that formatting and styling of the original article will be preserved this means that the exported content keeps its structure the headings paragraphs lists and other formatting elements this helps you keep up with your blogs articles overall visual appeal and readability blog SEO AI can also automatically suggest internal links to your article so you just need to connect your website with the tool this AI powered internal link Builder helps search engines understand the structure and hierarchy of your website which improves your SEO performance if you want to try the tool check the link in the description below and we're moving to the next Niche perfect for AI content it's dating and relationships the first thing to consider about this Niche is that dating and relationships are timeless their fundamental human experiences and the best part is that most of us have insecurities around it which means people are constantly searching for advice and tips online so great news for bloggers relationships and dating by Nature are subjective experiences while expertise is essential especially in topics like marriage counseling a lot of the content is based on personal experiences and opinions and general advice this gives you a bit more flexibility compared to niches that require strict adherence to eat on Google like medical or financial Fields as long as your genuine authentic and strive to provide value your audience will resonate with it you can Niche down even further just a few ideas for you cater to specific groups like advice for Christians Muslims or lovely over 60s Community the Fantastic nerds and so many more then marriage guidance and counseling or you could offer some fresh perspective and talk about dating advice for women from a men's lens or how about content on navigating divorces oh and here is a bonus there is a great potential for affiliate income here imagine getting a slice of the pie every time you refer someone to a dating site or to a relationship course by the way now is the best time to like this video if you find it helpful so far subscribe for more of my videos like this and drop me a comment and let me know which niches you think are great for AI content and if you don't agree with me on any of these niches mentioned today let me know in the comments the next Niche I'd recommend you is spirituality spirituality is deeply personal and often subjective unlike areas like Madison or law where specific credentials are vital spirituality is about individual experiences beliefs and Journeys so there right path or answer is often unique to each person also many aspects of spirituality revolve around Universal themes and wisdoms that have been passed down through generations these Concepts whether they're about inn

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