Healthy Ways To Deal With Stress About Money

if you didn't already know good Financial Health and good physical health are strongly linked especially in research you will see a lot of times that physical health and Financial Health have a strong correlation with one another I've had some subscribers who have asked me how I stay so organized and productive during my I tried it series with all it the other things going on in life how can I try all of these things and still stay on top of it so I thought it would be interesting to make this video to discuss how I reduce my overall stress how I stay organized and how I stay productive and I thought I'd add on how you can do this with little to no money at all a little backstory about myself I personally have a problem with inflammation within my body which stems from a disease called ulcerative colitis I was diagnosed with this whenever I was just 5 years old and ever since then my health with inflammation throughout my body has been a complete roller coaster some years I have absolutely no flare up at all and then other years throughout my life I have had four flareups which can land me a hospital stay so I found out very early on in life that it was really important for me to learn how to manage stress to manage inflammation within the system it's also led me on a path on how to manage it all naturally without the use of excess medications which can be normal for individuals who experience ulcerative colitis so just in general whenever your body is not experiencing a lot of stress it's much more harmonized and it works in a more balanced harmonized manner that is the way that we are supposed to live our brains function best our entire systems function at ultimate capacity when we have little to no stress within our lives all of that to say that managing stress is a very important factor in life and it's often a factor that gets highly overlooked here are my top five tips to reducing stress and increasing productivity that are not only what I do but are backed scientifically by research so step number one is try your absolute best to eat healthy what you consume is literally The Source in which you operate and that means if you're eating healthy food you're going to eventually feel the overall effect of it there is so much research out regarding how your health affects your motivation stress mental health productivity and overall life for example one way that I'm doing this is by changing up basic snacking to healthier options so instead of eating regular chips choosing baked chips instead of grabbing for a candy bar grabbing for a neutr grain bar or a healthy nut bar or something to that nature another way for me is reducing my caffeine intake now I'm the type of person who typically drinks three cups of coffee a day I'm so tired in the afternoon that I need it however for me I found myself experiencing a lot of body pain especially in my back and I started to read about how caffeine increases cortisol which is the stress hormone within your body which increases inflammation and I was reading how that increased caffeine could be contributing to my overall body paint I wanted to find a way to reduce my caffeine but still feel energized and I found a product that I absolutely love and want to recommend to you all and it's a product called Magic mine after just 3 days of trying this product I started to notice a difference the first thing that I noticed was that I didn't crave that second cup of coffee that I had been drinking around noon or 1:00 in the afternoon and then the next thing that I noticed after trying magic M was that I wasn't craving an afternoon nap like I had been every single day for the past few months I want to some light on why this specific product works so magic mine works with some of Nature's most amazing benefits one being this specific ingredient which is Nature's time-released caffeine it's also found in matcha it includes this one which is a natural neut Tropic helps with procrastination and impulsivity like the urge to scroll through social media it comes in just a little 2 O shot and another great thing is if you're not 100% satisfied with the product you will get 100% guaranteed refund if you're interested in trying out magic M for for yourself you can use my link in the description box or pin comment down below and you will get a 20% off discount okay step number two is get your finances in order if you didn't already notice a lot of research shows that Financial Health and overall stress is strongly linked now the research on my Channel shows that the majority of you still watch side hustle videos and how to make money online which tells me you're still looking for ways to make money so what I want you to do if you're at this point in the video I want you to leave a comment down below on a scale from 1 to 10 how stressed are you about money one being little stressed and 10 being totally stressed out leave me a comment down below and this is just basic research to show us how strongly linked stress and finances actually are it's very important that even if you have little to no extra money at the end of every single month that you pay close attention to your finances and you get them organized this is because being organized in your finances helps reduce stress even if you have little money if you're organized your stress will reduce I do have specific videos about this step so I won't go completely into it I will link those videos down below for you to check out but step number two is highly important in order to reduce stress and increase productivity in your life okay step number three is getting enough sleep every single night now as a professional in the field of psychology I am fully aware of how important sleep is for the human let me go ahead and give you some strong statistics regarding sleep and how impacts your mental health and how it impacts your everyday life research shows that people who don't get enough sleep are more likely to have health problems like obesity diabetes heart disease stroke dementia and cancer they're also more likely to have trouble at work or school which affects your money in addition about 100,000 motor vehicle crashes every year in the United States is due to dry driving adults who sleep fewer than 8 hours a night report higher levels of stress than those who sleep at least 8 hours a night and on average adults with lower reported stress levels report sleeping more hours a night than adults who report high levels of stress now those few stats alone should show you the extreme importance of getting enough sleep every night absolute dire for me to get enough sleep in order to be organized and productive and if you have a very off sleep cycle you can start by using all natural products like melatonin to get your sleep cycle back in order step number four is take on prayer and meditation now hear me out on this one there is also strong research both prayer and meditation have been found to decreased l

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