5 FREE Apps/Sites That Pay You Real Money For WATCHING VIDEOS (2024)

in today's video I'm going to share with you five best websites where you can earn by watching videos or EDS these are all platforms that have already paid me and have paid me in 2024 as well so if you are interested in that do stick with me until the end of this video as I'll be taking you through them and show you what you can expect if you are new here thank you so much for joining us welcome to the channel my name is Queen magy I share information on how to make money online and that's what you will find in this channel do consider joining our family by subscribing also give this video a thumbs up if you find it valuable without wasting any more time let's get on with today's video all right guys so I've published quite a lot of videos sharing how much you can make money by watching videos by watching ads and so on it seems like you guys do love that kind of content and that's why I decided to put together this video to show you legitimate platforms that are still paying in 2024 so these are among some of the best platforms that will pay you for watching watching videos now having said that it's also important to understand that this is a side hustle that you need to do if you just want extra money because it is not hard work and the amount of money that you're going to be paid will also reflect on that so in other words it is not a strategy that you need to use to quit your job to start a career or anything it is for when you need extra money that kind of a side hustle so the first platform that I'm going to share with you is available worldwide the name of a platform is cointiply and you'll find it on coin tly.com you also see here that they don't only offer you video watching opportunities they have online surveys they have other offers like game offers and app offers they have a daily free Spin they have the watch video feature which I won't even look at because where I am it doesn't work but if you're based in the UK in the United States this feature will be available for you the opportunity that we are looking for is this one here where they say paid to click PTC ads you simply come here and select this tab over here view short ads you will land on a page that looks like this so you'll see here that they have different kinds of PTC ads that you can be paid to do to start watching these PTC ads you select view over here and it's going to direct you to a website they're going to set a timer for you where you have to stay in that advert or platform for a certain period of time and when you go back to the platform it's going to ask you to validate your click select the correct item and receive your amount over here this is a legit platform that has already paid me and it is paying people worldwide and of course it is an incredible way of discovering new platforms that can pay you as well so I completely recommend the next platform is one that I Rave about a lot you probably know it if you are a member of this channel it's going to pay you for watching videos in different channels in different platforms as well it's available worldwide and pays you every single week so every Thursday they're going to send you money you can get paid to your ATM account PayPal Pioneer scr as cryptocurrency and manyal that you get to discover once you get to the platform it is none other than time bugs in order to watch videos for money here you need to come to the end Tab and select content over here you then select this middle tab that's called engage over here by clicking this YouTube link here you'll find instructions to a platform called engaged here they will show you how to install this platform so that whenever you watch videos you get paid for that but this is an incredible opportunity they have $250 per day for video Watchers in this platform on average they will pay you around 0.004 per video which means there's quite a lot of videos to watch in order to make a significant amount over here another way to make money by watching videos is heading over to the task tab over here and as you scroll down here you'll see opportunities for watching videos engaging with YouTube channels watching ads and many more the next website also pays really well now with this one you have to be on their application in order to get the video watching opportunities but let me show you the platform it's called paid work you'll find it on paid work.com and for all the websites I will leave you guys links in my description box down below so you find the right one much faster all right guys so now I'm in the paid work app and in the end tab is where you find the different ending opportunities as you'll see here you can end by playing games filling out surveys watching videos online shopping microtasks as well where you'll be paid for creating content graphic design writing articles and many more but the opportunity that we're looking for today is watching videos simply select the end button over there you will land on this page over here where they have this fiber tab watch videos over here and all you need to do is Select watch videos and you'll see that instantly I watched a video they will reward you as soon as you are done watching video and as you can see success as soon as I've completed the video they createit some points and yes guys you can watch the videos over and over again over here the next platform that's going to pay you is not necessarily going to pay you for watching videos however I think it's an awesome platform because they have a lot of video opportunities they're available worldwide they've been paying people for many years now so let me show you on my phone the different kinds of video opportunities that you will find in the platform I'm in the job tab in the application and as I scroll down here you'll see that they have different kinds of opportunities they have surveys of course they have photo capturing you'll see here they have a video creation opportunity as I scroll down you will see other ones over here and more and more video creation opportunities as you will find out in their platform their video opportunities tend to pay well all right guys so on to the last one but before I share with you this opportunity let me take this moment and thank you for watching this video if you're new to the channel welcome thank you so much for joining us my name is quani if you haven't subscribed to the channel do consider joining our family on the road to 200,000 subscribers by subscribing also give this video a thumbs up if you find it valuable to all my loyal supporters my family my gang thank you so much for your constant support let's take a look at the last platform where you can make money by watching videos and this is an incredible one it's a legit one I have a dedicated video for this platform where I show you how I end $200 in a single month do check it out in my description box down below to find out and learn more about this platform the name of the platform is Jump ta

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