How To Create Your FREE Cloned AI Avatar For Videos – No More Video Recording To Make Money Online

this is the real Odetta this that you're seeing on screen right now is my AI cloned Avatar now in this split screen this is me on one side talking and my cloned avatar on the other side talking and they're labeled one and two because I want you to guess which one is my cloned Avatar and write it in the comments one or two and listen what you're seeing now with this technology it's the worst it's going to be as AI is getting better every single day and over time I am convinced that you will not be able to differentiate between me and my avatar or I should say the real me and my avatar now I created this cloned Avatar with an AI tool in less than 10 minutes and it was so easy to do a 10-year-old could do it with your cloned AI Avatar you won't ever need to record another video and of course that's a video of yourself to create YouTube content courses if you're into that podcast or any content for social media for that matter this completely automates your content creation process and that's why today in this video I'm going to show you how to create your own AI cloned Avatar and we'll be doing so free in less than 10 [Music] minutes welcome back to the Rockstar Academy it's so great to have you I really appreciate the fact that when you see all the videos on YouTube you still click on my thumbnails to watch my videos I do not take it for granted that said if you are a club member on YouTube a subscriber on patreon or a rockstar Club member subscribed on patreon I'm grateful for your support let's jump right into creating the AI cloned version of ourselves to make our lives much easier going forward now the AI tool that we'll be using today is called haen and I'm going to put the link for haen in the description of this video it will be the first link in the description so just scroll down and you can click on it to get started with this link you'll be able to create your first free instant Avatar after clicking the link go ahead and create your hey Jen account and sometimes I find that I say hi Jen and sometimes I say hey Jen I believe Heen is the correct pronunciation so don't judge me too much if I screw it up now as I was saying click the link create an account and remember what we're going to do today will not cost you anything I already have an account so I just signed in now once you're logged in to haen just select video avatar from the menu as I'm doing here and you're going to see various options like instant Avatar Photo Avatar and Studio Avatar the photo Avatar option will actually allow you to upload a photo yourself and then you can get the mouth of your photograph to move as if it is speaking by typing in a script in the haen platform now let's take a lesson of my speaking photo here this is my photo Avatar please remember to like And subscribe no rock stars this is not new technology so we're not going to spend any time on it because there's a video that I shared on this channel over a year ago or close to a year ago ago where I shared a similar tool that does exactly that you can also choose an avatar from the library that's there on haen and you can do so by selecting Studio Avatar and you'll get 171 avatars as you can see here on aen and you can choose to use any of them and you can pick the voice over that you want for the Avatar that you're using and that's the student Studio Avatar and use that Avatar to create content for a faceless YouTube channel as an example to create content for a course or a podcast or whatever you want to create content for quite frankly let's take a listen and note how they gesticulate and how real life they seem although you're going to know it's an avatar welcome to the new era of video Creation with hey Jen simply type your script to get started no Rock Stars that's great but I promise you that it gets better because in this video we're going to be focusing on creating your own AI cloned Avatar and it's going to look like you it's going to sound like you it's going to gesture like you and again you can use it to make videos and automate your video creation process now I'm sure a lot of you underestimate what it takes to pop up a camera every single time on this Channel and record a video now if you're a man it's much easier because you may just need to bathe and brush your teeth and record and some of you won't even bathe or even brush your teeth before you turn that camera on and pop up that microphone to start recording but for us women who want to look good on our channels it's a production the makeup the hair the Wardrobe and as a woman you cannot put makeup on dirty Skin So bathing is not an option for us we have to bathe first so when I heard about the fact that I could create a cloned AI Avatar I knew that for my second channel that was the last time I was going to shower put on makeup do HA brush my teeth for 10 minutes and my tongue for 15 minutes to put videos on that channel because with your cloned Avatar you will no longer need to record your scripts repeatedly and to video yourself or capture footage of yourself to post on social media but all that said let's get back to the process the first step is to click on instant Avatar and this is where you're going to create your free Avatar that's cloned select free instant Avatar I've lost that option cuz I used up my free one and you'll be able to generate your cloned Avatar free and you'll also get one free credit which you can actually use to make a 60-second video to try this out before committing in any way that said if you love the technology and you want to continue to post you're going to need to purchase credits and I'm going to walk you through the actual pricing plan later in the video but let's start with Crea in or Avatar and we'll get there eventually when you click free instant Avatar a video will actually pop up and this video is actually the CEO of haen and both videos are actually his AI cloned Avatar as he indicated pretty cool isn't it anyway you're going to click on get started and you will have the option to choose text in instructions or video instructions and these instructions will actually guide you to creating your cloned Avatar I prefer the text instructions because I can reference it whenever I'm creating the video instead of trying to play a video when I'm creating a video the instructions like I said are like a guide so let's go through the dos and the don'ts pretty quickly as per the guide here on screen you'll see that you need to create a 2 to 5 minute video or footage of yourself talking for 2 to 5 minutes this was me recording my footage to create my AI cloned Avatar now in this video I'm recording my AI avatar for my second YouTube channel and I need to keep my mouth closed between sentences I need to also look directly at the camera I need to also so keep my gesticulation below the chest level so that it will not be interruptive this recording will basically be about you speaking the way you would in a video or if you're deli

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