Digital Marketing Secrets Every Woman Should know

number three and number six are the two most important ones on this list if content is not really your strong point and you don't really want to sit down to create content on Instagram and Tik Tok and YouTube and you just think that's so exhausting don't worry I got you here's what you can do girl you can thanks hopspot for sponsoring today's video hey girl welcome back to the channel I'm Vanessa and in today's video we're going to talk about the seven things you need to be doing if you want to cash out and on top of the seven well researched ideas I'm going to share with you today I'm also going to share a free resource to help you start taking action on the things that I'm sharing with you so it won't just be all talk because if there's one thing I love more than showing up for you is when y'all leave comments letting me know how your business has improved how your life has changed because of the steps you've taken so if you want to get the most value out of this video then make sure you watch it all the way to the very end it's going to be the best 12 minutes of free free education you've ever gotten if I do say so myself number one you need a buyer Avatar and you're like hold up Vanessa Avatar like in the movie no girl no let's talk about it you need to sit down by yourself or with your mom or your team or whoever runs your business with you and ask yourselves who is this business for who's the ideal customer who's the person who would buy this product and their experience will be the exact experience that you're imagining for your customers for for me I have a specific ideal person in mind every time I make a video and she is you you also need to sit down and do the same thing for your business ask yourself these five questions how old is this person what is this person's income bracket and what kind of transformation would I be giving to this person when they come to me for example if you run a hair related business your ideal customer might be a woman who's 25 years old who wants to look fabulous when she goes go to work okay so everything that you do in your messaging this is why we need to know who we're talking to because you want to be able to craft messages that align with exactly what your buyer Avatar cares about if you're talking about things your avatar doesn't care about she's not going to buy from you she's not going to follow you on Instagram she's not going to watch your videos she's not going to care okay so you want to make sure that you're speaking to exactly who you intend to speak to but you wouldn't even be able to do that unless you know who she is so the first thing you need to do is craft your buyer Avatar number two you need to create content for your business come close in case you haven't noticed since 2020 everything now revolves around content Banks care about content supply stores care about content fashion brands care about content if these big companies know that they need content why aren't you creating content for your business honey why you don't know how to do it let me know in the comment section if you want me to make videos teaching you how to show up online with content for your business let me know down in the comment section and let me tell you something that even the gurus like myON golden and the others might not tell you back in the day like 2018 2019 you could pay a social media manager to just create pieces of content for your business and like people won't really care but today people want to know who they're buying from they want to link a brand to a face so those of us that are putting our faces out here we're not doing it because we're extroverts we're doing it because this is what required to drive profit in today's world you have to create content so if you want me to teach you how just let me know in the comments and we'll get to it number three number three and number six are the two most important ones on this list so pay attention carefully I didn't realize how important it was to have a website when I used to run my Etsy store I thought you know what Etsy already has a Marketplace I don't need a website I don't need to do any work of promoting but what I found out out is that the people who are making big books the people who are getting thousands of orders a day had their own personal websites and now that I'm creating an educational business I'm still seeing the value of having a website so it really doesn't matter the type of business that you run you need a website baby girl and I know one thing that stops a lot of us from setting up websites is because these web designers are charging a lot of money there's so many other expenses that you have to think about while running your business I get it and that's why I'm so intentional when I pick partners for this community HubSpot has decided to sponsor us this month and because of their sponsorship they're letting me share their professional website builder with you for free 100% free with hotspots drag and drop Builder you can quickly create a brand new and modern website for your business in minutes you can select from many pre-made templates and quickly edit the text and colors to match your business it's a very easy way to build a website you don't need to be a designer or know any coding just drag drop and refresh your website completely for free Yes you heard that right it's as simple as going down into the description box really quickly clicking the link below and signing up to receive this resource from hopspot straight to your inbox girl don't say I never did anything for you so thanks hopspot for sponsoring this video number four before we get into number four if you like this video please don't forget to hit the like button one it's free and it helps this video go out to more women like us the fourth thing you need to start cashing out in your business is eyeballs and I know that might be pretty obvious like duh I need people to see my products and services for me to make sales one thing I'm going to do is read your comments and one comment I keep seeing is Vanessa I have this business I have this product but how do I get people to see it how do I promote it okay let's talk about it in this point there are three ways that you can promote your business in today's world one is through your own social media Pages that's why I talked about content in point number two and I'm going to make a whole video about growing online if you want to see one so let me know in the comment section but the second way if content is not really your strong point and you don't really want to sit down to create content on Instagram and Tik Tok and YouTube and you just think that's so exhausting don't worry I got you here's what you can do girl you can run ads and if you don't know how to run ads you don't need to pay any Guru thousands of dollars you can sit down and learn how to run ads Google has three courses teaching you how to run ads on Google and on YouTube yes I

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