How To Use TikTok To Grow Your Business & GO VIRAL!

hey valuable family so today i'm going to be telling you guys my secret of how i cracked the tiktok algorithm when i say cracked i mean that i get about 100 to a million or more views per every single video that i post on my small business page i have a secret that i think works really well and i have seen businesses creators and so many other niches on tick tock using this formula and i just think it works very well so let's get right into this video this is my most recent videos the only reason why these first two videos um don't have a hundred thousand views yet because i just posted them today i have 463 a thousand followers so far which i personally think for the engagement that i have for 400 000 followers i feel like i have amazing engagement because i have seen users on tick tock that have millions of followers and they still don't get these types of views or a lot of people think they're shadow band and they still don't get these types of views so i'm going to be telling you guys all about that today as well you can see that a lot of these videos have anywhere from 100 000 to over a million views on some of them this one literally got 6.5 million views and i'm gonna show you guys what that video was you guys are gonna seriously flip out because it's seriously the most simple thing that you can imagine posting about i'm gonna quickly show you guys that video right here before we get started what happens if you drop the boba babies uh who are we gonna drop he's okay and that was 6.5 million views it's really that simple and if you want to know how much i got in sales for that one video i will show you the analytics right here for that day and the day after absolutely insane also want to mention that i don't ship worldwide right now i only ship to united states so these are the analytics just for the united states when i decided to ship worldwide i really want to see what those analytics are but right now i'm only shipping the united states which i find very interesting so this is just us buyers so how do you get these types of views for such a simple idea and concept my first tip would be if you guys see somebody else doing something don't try to just go along with the trends when i first started my small business i was doing trends that i saw other small businesses doing and i just it just didn't work as effective for me personally as it is now so here is the number one thing that i think makes my videos go super viral is the fact that my videos are kid friendly tick tock is an app very different than a lot of other apps a lot of kids aren't on instagram as much as they're on tick tock or any other app that you'd imagine so just by the tone in your voice and the way that you present the video will make something kid-friendly take advantage of the fact that a lot of people on your for you page are kids so a lot of you guys that might watch this video today you might say well you don't have i don't sell cute products for kids i don't sell things like this that does not matter i could literally market a toothbrush i'm actually soon to be registered dental hygienist i could literally market a toothbrush for kids and it could be an adult toothbrush but you can still make content that is kid friendly when i first started my business i started selling lashes and beauty because it's something that i love but i quickly realized that it was something that a lot of people were doing and i wanted to create a product that was a little different than what other people were making something that people could enjoy of all ages most of my customers are 21 and older it has nothing to do with that i'm making things for kids because i'm not so the reason for this is because when your tick tock shows up on the for you page because a lot of the chances that it's going to be kids watching it the thing about kids is they're more likely to comment and like than someone that is our age that will just kind of be like okay and just keep scrolling something irrelevant kids are a lot more interactive with other people's content so the more kids that you can get to interact with your videos the better chance that your videos are going to show up on other people's for you page and get leveled up to others so another thing is you guys can see in these videos that i don't show my face you don't have to show your face but what i do think you should use is you should use your own voice i think by using my voice in my videos it makes my videos stand out and makes them a little differently than just using songs one big thing that used to be trending that is no longer trending is the guilt tripping videos that some people do post when tick tock first released a lot of small businesses were guilt tripping in a sense to get people to buy their products it was almost like a marketing scheme and a lot of people were abusing that just to get sales i didn't think that was right totally there was one time where like i told my story about like how i rely on my business for an income since my husband and i do this full-time but i never felt the right to be like oh i get no orders oh i don't have any orders please somebody order for me if you're like that i personally wouldn't order from somebody that nobody else is ordering from if you see that a bunch of people are in the comments like i need this i need this you feel a sense of urgency to go and buy that product so even if you're not getting sales fake it as if you are he wants to buy from somebody that's complaining about not getting sales not only is that unprofessional but it's guilt tripping and tick tock is not having it anymore another thing is is if you want to show your face show your face i don't feel it's necessary anymore for me to show my face because i think what i'm doing i like what i'm doing right now i show my face like every so often on my tic talk but it's not something that you absolutely have to do another thing is is a lot of people think that by adding themselves to the creator fund which is when tick tock pays you for views that you will get shadow band this is a thousand percent not true i have been on the creator fund since the time i hit 10k on my business tick tock and it has not affected my engagement one bit if you have a business account on tick tock make sure you're on the creator fund not only is that another source of passive income that you can spend investing in other ways into your business but it does not affect the way that tick tock shows your posts at all so another thing that i think makes my tick tock stand out on the for you page is when i have really excellent lighting i wait until about six or seven o'clock at night before i start recording my tick tocks and that's because the sun comes in perfectly from outside and makes like a glow onto my products that i have up here the lighting alone makes the video just look so much more aesthetically pleasing which will keep the viewers on your video longer i want to ma

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