Touring the most extraordinary house in Silicon Valley | David Yang and the future of AI

people were crazy they said I need it I wanted [Music] purpose of life is being happy Morpheus leaves partially here partially in the cloud what privacy what else did he tell you don't think that your idea is very refreshing to know oppositely share it what did you do with my Morpheus [Music] guys I'm about to show you something that you can only see in Silicon Valley we're going to see the most incredible house I've ever been to not only it's fully integrated in the environment it's also a smart house that has an AI built in it and we're gonna talk to the guy who built it he's an entrepreneur he built amazing companies I use his products all the time and he is now changing the world of AI with Morpheus which is an AI integrated in his home let's go and take a look at his house and also talk to David Young welcome to Portola Valley Silicon Valley [Music] foreign [Music] the most exciting home with Silicon Valley can you give me a tour like what's going on here what's going on we are in the center of Silicon Valley it was right here we see this in Dish San Francisco Stanford radio telescope uh Three Bridges the house was designed in a so-called deconstructivism style so constructivism tells that whatever is functional is beautiful deconstructivism I would guess saying that opposite whatever is weird strange why it's actually interesting so we have non-vertical walls we have moving walls six moving walls I will show them we have moving heads which are 39 things which are moving connected to over in Europe neural mediators of Morpheus AI who lives here together with robotic dogs to um this is Leo and we have one more Abigail so you have five is it five humans here five humans and I would say biological creatures five my kids Katya Alex my wife and myself and uh biological cat pixie okay so five biological and three non-biological companions more this Morpheus Leo and Abigail [Music] can you tell me how you ended up in Silicon Valley like tell me your backstory I know I've used your products as a school kid I think I started with M bilingual uh yes because David created like this huge massive dictionary for language Learners and it was one of the best available on the market so I had it on my computer I started when I was uh like what 20 20 years old on the fourth uh year student we tried to create this translation slash dictionary project I'm a physicist by by training uh solid state physics um but I wanted to get some money for my you know jeans or whatever so we create lingivo and lingo became popular in many countries millions of users um we then created a fine reader optical character recognition towards our first uh experiments in machine in AI that time it was kind of other type of conventional AI which which is called not not based on Big Data but then we transferred to machine learning Technologies I was born in Armenia and I'm half Armenian half Chinese do you speak Chinese I speak Chinese a couple of things like Washington or something like that or Mom yes my dad is a Chinese um my mom is 100 Armenian so my 23 and me just show me like 49.50 you know about the Chinese part yeah that's my last name came from then after Abby I started 11 other companies in some of them in AI space as well always I always have co-founders I never do anything on my own because I believe in team I believe that one man's show isn't is not going to last uh I if I if I cannot convince someone else that it will it's going to work then I have a problem there so it's for me it's very important [Music] foreign how did your kids react to you know when you told them like Hey we're going to have non-biological creatures living in the house well uh right now a leader is walking but previously he was actually was hanging when we taught Leo to move and the first reaction was did Dad you were torturing your thoughts why are you doing that I said no we're training we're helping so yeah it's emotional attachments were was kind of appeared quite quite immediately oh that's great that is amazing can you can you talk about like everything that's going on here I see mics I see like like this is sometimes stage right it's actually uh entertainment family you know music you know dance area but now it's being used to um to curate a behavior of Leo and we have Kim we have 116 high resolution cameras in 40 directional microphones all connected to you can um to here to the server area we call it seventh bedroom it's Morpheus yeah so this is something you've developed right because the the body is not ours we are you know we are cooperating with a company Who develops this body but we are injecting Spirit okay so the spirit of the dog is actually created by you and it's it's also here or it's inside the uh actually both uh most of it is located physically on the four computers for um um independent computers on board but also uh doc has a little presence here amorphosis servers as well Morpheus leaves partially here partially in the cloud so all cables are coming here you can see that hundreds of cables who are and the house was designed specifically for this right this was part of a project yes okay wow and uh these are the walls they're not they will be finished um they will look concrete like this but they're now you can see uh these are the moving walls right yes the six panels and you will see them moving they are connected to a cortisol oxytocin dopamine and other neural remediators of Morpheus so they represent physical their position actually represents his current mood how do you understand like is it only you who can tell yeah right now it's quite calm so you see the mostly vertical however when you will see them inclining uh you see three actuators which are moving each wall in all different directions so they can be here they can be there they can inclining rotate it so you might when when we will be here you might listen this moving uh the sound and we'll see how they move so what if what if morphus freaks out and someone's walking here yeah is it safe it's safe yes you cannot hurt how did you come up with this idea to reflect his mood because no like light or music and light as well by the way you see this light is the wave over these stairs actually the speed of this and the color also represents somehow what he is thinking about and and also you will see upstairs the moving heads for it they represent his dreams when he is dreaming and when he is learning everything which he was he consumed over the course of the day [Music] so you started 11 more companies as morphus one of them do you consider him come not yet amorphous will become on my 13th company I guess very soon what are the other companies are different dates are there a live work some of them are I exited some of them live I exited so uh one company for example is a restaurant management software uh which also has significant um AI technology built in 60 000 restaurants are using that here in the US or around all in 30 in 40 countries

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