and with number one it doesn't matter where in the world you are and the best part is if you have a phone if you have internet if you have access to google girl the team and i have spent two weeks doing research making sure we can find apps that are scam free no to anything that keeps us financially stuck because even with a phone you can still get to the bag so if you've been searching how to make money online or how to make money with your phone then honey this video is for you hi and welcome or welcome back to the channel if you're new here hello i'm vanessa and on this channel we talk all things earning more and building wealth and today girl we have a solid one okay i don't want you to be out here thinking that to make money from your phone you have to be an influencer you don't there are other ways to make money with just your smartphone and internet and we have found not one not two but five credible apps that can get you to the bag and we're gonna start from number five all the way to number one and with number one it doesn't matter where in the world you are you could be in jamaica ghana the u.s and you have access to this thing so if this is the kind of content that you vibe with then please go ahead and hit the like button one it's free and two it helps this video go out to more women like you so they can see it and become financially empowered because that's the whole point coming in at number five is an app called full app literally f o a p fo app now girl you have so many videos and so many photos taking up space on your phone and not bringing you money why when an app like foep exists so basically there are companies that need copyright free pictures and videos for their ads but they don't want to use perfect pictures of people we can't even relate to they want unique photos and unique videos of regular people like you and i and these companies are willing to pay you money for your pictures and your videos but if you're not about that life and you don't want your images or videos and ads then i have four more for you and of course i have number one the star in this list coming in at number four is an app called field agent if you're an og on the channel like if you've watched our older side hustle ideas for women videos you would remember that i told you that one of the best side hustles for women is to become a mystery shopper but i didn't actually tell you what app you could use for that and that's where this video comes in field agent is an app that lets you get mystery shopping gigs coming in at number three i get so excited as the list goes on because two in one chef's kiss number three is an app called rapify all you have to do is agree for companies to advertise their brands on your car and if you're like no girl no girl i am not about to be out here with my car wrapped in a yellow ad rapify also allows you just put a sticker or like a smaller ad on your car but here's the thing girl the bigger the ad the bigger the check coming in at number two you're gonna need an app and a website for this one but it's worth it and the app is called canva i'm sure you've heard of canva and you're like do people make money with canva yes people make money with canva if they sell their designs on merch.amazon.com come through amazon amazon's always out here helping us get to the back i love amazon i mean am i the only one who loves that if you love amazon too let me know in the comment section because i just love the fact that there's so many ways to make money through amazon there's amazon fba you can sell an ebook and the best thing about merch.amazon.com is the fact that you don't even have to sell merch can you believe that literally you're selling your designs to people who want to sell merch so they're on there scouting for nice designs to put on their shirts they're the ones running the t-shirt businesses you are just selling them the designs that you made from canva and you're getting to the bag i love the internet because the money on these internet streets and we're not even done yet because number one number one is by our leader the leader the owner of youtube i don't want to say they own the internet but they might as well number one is google opinion rewards and it's literally what it sounds like you get paid for giving google your opinion on different things who knew that your two cents could actually make two cents and the best part is if you have a phone if you have internet if you have access to google then you can download the app google opinion rewards and start giving your opinions okay for those of for those of us who are opinionated anyway for those of us who have so many opinions anyway you might as well get to the coins by giving your opinions right now i hope you found this video helpful if you're at work right now and it's toxic in there and you're feeling like you're stuck you have options okay and i would not stop doing this work until you feel confident in your purpose and while you're on your way to finding your purpose finding what it is that you love doing and what you want to do for the rest of your life i will keep bringing as many resources as i can to help you figure out what your purpose is but also to help you get to the bag while you're on your way there it is gonna be okay don't be discouraged by anything anybody's doing right now don't be discouraged by where you are right now don't even get discouraged by people who seem to have their lives all together people who seem to be moving forward and advancing in their careers and lives and finances while you feel stuck because honey you're not stuck and even if it feels that way right now it is only temporary god has got you and he would take care of you you're not watching this video by accident you didn't stumble on this channel by accident god cares about you he loves you and he would take care of you one way or the other okay do not give up on yourself because god's not gonna give up on you okay i'm rooting for you so please don't stop rooting for yourself and until next time please take care [Music]

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