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what if I told you you could literally be making money just by chatting or sending text messages online Yes you heard me correctly there are some apps and website that will pay you just by chatting with somebody I'm sure you'll agree with me that in this current economy chatting and sending text messages is one of the easiest and fastest way to communicate with someone be it a friend a coworker a colleague family or even a random person on the internet so I think it makes sense if an app out there is saying hey I'm going to pay you just to chat with someone something that I'm already doing for free making make sense the fun part is some of these apps will pay you as much as $3 per message or $3 per minute depending on which platform you are registering with all you have to do on this website is to be a virtual friend I don't know if you've heard about being a virtual friend to someone but look at it this way someone is asking you out online and then you're chatting with the person it could eventually turn into a relationship or you guys could just stay as friend either way you're chatting with someone virtually and you're just conversing so basically you can become a virtual friend irrespective of your background social status education and most importantly from the comfort of your home the only criteria for this is that you need to have a good imagination you need to be creative with your words and you need to be open-minded trust me it is really as easy as you think now if this is something you interested in make sure you stick around with me up until the very end because I'm going to be sharing with you two websites where you can become a virtual friend hey love what is up and welcome back to the channel my name is adish shami you to be joining us for the very first time more often than not I talk about how to make money how to grow your money how to invest your money and basically how to become financially independent so if those are the kind of videos you interested in then stick around with me by subscribing to this channel also turn on post notification Bell right beside it so you can get notified when I post similar content related to this one do not forget to give this video a huge huge huge thumbs up especially if you find it helpful all right so the first website I'm going to be sharing with you is what I have on my screen right here but don't worry I'm going to share the name of the website later on and I'm also going to be leaving the links in the description box so you can go ahead to sign up and register via that link but I'm going to be sharing with you the name of the website later on but as you can see on my screen here it says choose your own hours you are your own boss you can literally walk from wherever you are they have a competitive salary they pay you about 0.24 cents per message and you can literally work from everywhere or anywhere in the world now the good part is you have to work from the comfort of your home and you tend to get your money weekly yes they pay weekly as you can see here it says it is simple the more messages you write the more money you earn the average earning are €350 per week if you're open-minded have a good imagination like to work and are a fast typer you can make a lot more when they say an average person is earning €350 and like I always say the more messages you write the more task you do the more money you can make so with this website you can make as much as 350 per week which is mindblowing again if you are wondering if this website is really or if people are even using it you can take a look at the moderator's experience and I'm sure this experience would vary from time to time like there's a way they regulate it so you know it goes from like maybe newest to recommended or anything this one says I been working as a moderator for the past year and a half it's a great feeling to be at work as much as I want and receive fast weekly payment blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah to sign up all you have to do is click on this tat today and you want to make sure you put your verifiable email address address you don't necessarily need to use your real legal name put your email address input your nationality your country of residence and then you'll need to take a test if you're applying you need to take a test because they need to be sure that you are openminded and you are really really imaginative so it says hello how are you gorgeous do you fancy a chat what are you looking for I answer I do I'm looking for friendship would you like to have a fancy chat with me next then you have other messages to respond to so the name of this website is called E moderators okay you can basically download from the links in my description box or you can just type it onto your Google browser or on your phone or whatever it is that you're using to watch me right now okay so that's basically it for the first application so I'm going to be sharing with you another website where you can get paid just for chatting and the good thing about this other website is that you can even get paid for taking video calls but if you want to use this one it means you would have to spend more money on data however you can still use it and see if it works really well for you right so the second website as you can see here it says are you passionate about anything or looking for Waste ear money blah blah blah blah blah blah there are people out there that are literally looking for people to chat with it says end from anywhere in the world get started this are the requirements an opportunity for everyone you don't need any degree or certificate you must have a good internet con connection and a camera you must be passionate at what you do be 18 and above that is very very important and I'm sure you know why okay the name of the second website is called rent a cyber friend and trust me when I tell you that there are people that I the need of friends to talk to or sometimes you just want to talk to a random person you just want to vent you just want to say things that you would rather not want any other person to hear about you just say to someone random on the internet I watched a video one time and a baby is getting a lot of money just by you know being friends with people and it's more like a full-time job for a lot of people but for people like you and I especially depending on the country that we are It could only serve as some sort of side also if that makes sense so the name of the website again is called r a cyber friend I'm going to also leave the link in the description box to sign up all you have to do is inut your name your email address and you will be good okay your email address create a password and sign up when you sign up you'll be required to also take a test they'll verify you and they need to be sure that you are a real person and you and that you are also above 18 because for this kind of platforms you obviously need to be above 18 I

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