A $300,000 flying car you can actually buy

[Music] what a flying car and you can actually buy this car already right now we have 3,000 orders there have never been in history anything which look like a car drives like a car pars like a car and has a vertical [Music] takeoff these are flying cars that can also be driven on roads actually right now go from the road to the air [Music] hello guys welcome to silon Valley Girl welcome to another typical day in silcon Valley we are in San matau today and we are going to see what a flying car the guys who I'm going to be talking to have been building it since 2015 they've recently received an FAA approval to start test flight and you can actually buy this car already there's a list open you need to put $100 down as a deposit and then it's going to cost $300,000 to get the car I am super excited I'm a bit skeptical because a flying car still feels like a distant future way but we are here and the car the display version is right there so we're going to go and talk to the founders and see whether it's our nearest Future or not let's go find it out we have Al here he's going to give me a little tour of the car uh can we talk about like getting in the car how how do I get that's probably the first thing you thought like it's a cool looking thing but I don't see any doors the product which will be for the market they're going to be uh a double door approach here so first of all it's going to be a door on the cabin here right here it will lift up like a Lamborghini Style way and uh it will also be a the ex outside exterior door which will be uh part of the Wing part of section of the wing which will lift automatically uh together with with with the cabin door and open you a way to get into the cabin so this is a two-seater version right now uh going to be more versions are going to be one seater and maybe three or four uh later depending on the market is it going to be a steering wheel or a Yi wheel it's question actually we were actually testing that yeah I think uh we'll make it like a custom version maybe for those who want to have that whe especially on the road right you you probably will want that uh the wheel on road yeah if and we will start with the wheel for sure uh for now because it's just the current way how the people drive uh things even in the air so like Bo has a similar to to Yol yeah but in the future like in the Far Far Future it will be fullly autonomous you will need anything the will or joke or anything what about um I mean like the the noise what's going to happen because it has four propellers right yeah at this moment eight so four here on this side for on that side how noisy is it it's kind of noisy but it's not like crazy noisy it's not like a killing you with noise so definitely we're not going to be the loud loudest vehicle on the road right now because the loudest are the modifi muffler bikes but the the most important thing is that about the noise is not only about the the decel level right but also about the duration of that uh of that noise and it it's noisy but just for a few seconds and it takes off and gaining altitude and it becomes less and less noisy and once it transition into horizontal flights it becomes dramatically drastically less noisy we have constant dire of engineering I have a question is this going to fly oh yeah for sure that's why we are here actually so this is the final iteration of everything you've done and this is the final concept right uh that's actually the it's pretty um display model so that's our eventual view how how it's going to fly but in reality I think we are pretty close one to the to make the exact so physically and dynamically so this is the right shape and that's uh the real one is going to be almost exactly the same as those ones and yeah can you explain how it's going to fly so IDE is actually you take off vertically like a drone and then you do 90° body rotation and there you see there's like two big this this becomes well these are engines but then they are yeah so actually they you fly like it becomes an airplane you fly this one and this one rotate one big win another big big wi and the cabin rotates as well and the cabinet so the most efficient way to fight on the earth in the air is actually to have air foils air foils we yeah guys Technologies these days are just mind-blowing flying cars self-driving cars I'm fascinated by what AI can do for creators what's next as an AI Enthusiast I love using AI for my YouTube content creation we've already tried several things this thumbnail was generated by Ai and guess what this video is performing better than the average of my past 10 videos we've already tried cloning my voice with AI works perfectly because I have more time to think creatively we're also strategizing of maybe creating an avatar of Marina using AI it's exciting and also a bit scary at the same time but what's really important is that I think every single content creator need to think about utilizing AI in their work if you're interested in learning more about Ai and taking advantage of it I recommend checking out a free ebook using generative AI to scale your content operations by HubSpot it covers different types of AI very important it covers the way you should write prompts for it because prompts are everything when you work with AI and this book will also help you enhance your content with the help of new technologies using AI tools can help you generate topics identify Trends and optimize your content for different platforms it can also help you automate repetitive tasks like research like voiceovers like thumbnail generation and other things related to content creation Now with AI you can repurpose existing content cut your long video into shorts create a podcast using your clone voice isn't that amazing in the ebook you'll learn different ways of using AI for your content creation and you'll get tips on how to write effective prompts that will help you get the most out of the technology if you want to be on top of social media game start using AI now click on the link in the description box download the free ebook and start enhancing your content today with the help of [Music] AI we have Jim here co-founder of Alf Jim if I pre-order the C today when will I get it so technically right now what we're saying is that if any everything goes right at 2025 the first person in line will actually get the car that being said what you're pre-ordering right now you're uh getting your place in line which means right now we have between 2,500 and 300 3,000 orders so you're going to be like 3,000 first or something like that but that being said hopefully when we can get to the mass production we hope to get it in several years and you should get it there so when I get it let's say 2026 would I be able to fly it in Los altas in San s Francisco definitely not lasas and San Francisco as it stands today because the laws with existing laws it it is actually impossible but there exist jurisdictions

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