The Best AI Tools to Make Money with Print On Demand in 2024

you hear everyone talking about print on demand it is everywhere and you want to get in I know because even my 9-year-old wants to get in and I'm going to tell you the story in a moment but I know you are stuck on designing stuff that actually sells I understand that so let's cut through that today because I want to share with you some killer AI tools that are going to Skyrocket your store success with zero creativity blocks I promise you it's basically like you have your own Army of manyi U's except ‘s that are super AI talented and empowered so that you are going to be super successful at print on demand but you're going to be earning in your sleep because you've leveraged AI which is doing all the work for you so you are working smart and not hard so the reason why I decided to make this video today is because the other day my 9-year-old decided that he wants to start an Etsy shop and sell Minecraft desired merch now I'm not a designer and he's not either obviously he loves drawing and painting but not to the point where he can replicate a Minecraft design and let alone my skills I I would not be able to draw even the simplest thing so what did we end up doing we ended up testing all of the tools that I want to show you today to figure out which one can help him start an Etsy shop where he can sell all these Minecraft inspired merch that he has in his mind and that he would like to me so first upop on our list is an AI tool that I believe is truly revolutionary it is unbelievable and the designs it makes are outstanding and I think the really cool part is that with the right prompt you are able to crank out hundreds of stunning unique art designs in just a couple minutes it's seriously game-changing for any print on demand business no matter whether you want to create wall art or if you want to create stickers that is mid journey and what sets it apart is the incredible quality of the images that it generates trust me it's unbelievable what mid Journey can do I'm talking about crisp textures Vivid colors designs that pop beautiful lighting you can even tell it which camera lens you want to use to create the visuals that you're asking it to create for you I mean it's just incredible but let's be fair mid Journey does have a bit of a learning curve because um it operates through Discord and it's not very easy to get started with however once you do get started with it and you've got everything set up and you've got your mid Journey account and you've got your Discord account and you access mid journey through your Discord then you are good to go and all you need to do is learn how to prompt it and leave the whole creativity to M Journey because trust me it will blow your mind the versatility is insane whether you need detailed images for different items in in your store or you want to channnel the style of famous artists or photographers this is the tool for you I mean um interestingly I have an example for you from a guy also called David just like my son he combined the power of Chad GPT and mid journey to create a series of captivating steampunk designs for his store which uh he runs on printify and I'm going to come back to printify in a moment because I am very grateful for them for sponsoring today's video so now here's the thing with mid Journey they have a basic monthly plan that I think is $10 and that will allow you to create over 200 images a month it depends on what's the quantity that you need because for a print on demand business you should be able to manage with those 200 I don't think you would have any issues so definitely look into mid journey I absolutely love it whoever knows me knows that I'm a big big fan and I use it a lot and the other day when my son reached out to help him create this Etsy shop we actually went to Mid Journey first now the problem with mid journey is that it is not always easy to make changes to whatever design you've created so all you can do is calibrate through your prompt to get it closer and closer to what you want to get out of it so you can't really have a conversational creativity session let's say with mid Journey all you can do is just tweak bit by bit your prompt until you reach whatever outcome you're looking to get from it however the second tool that I want to share with you today allows you to do exactly that so let me introduce you to dally if you're not familiar Del is part of open ai's offering so you can access it directly through chap GPT and in my opinion it is one of the Lesser known lesser talked about features that now Chad GPT offers it is a dream for everyone who is looking to create beautiful designs in a conversational Manner and Del is all about Simplicity and it has lots of features it's very user friendly which is what I like the most but it does have its limitations so let's talk about the pros and I'll give you its limitations as well so when it comes to user experience dally is very very easy because all you have to do is go into chat GPT 4 for which you do need to pay I'll come back to that but you will then be able to ask it what kind of design you want to create prompts are a lot easier than they are in mid journey and you can do it in a conversational style so if you get an outcome that you want to make certain changes to you can very easily go back and just say please replace this with that or don't do it like this do it like that or I want it with this kind of a background or I wanted the main character to be this so it's a lot easier because you don't have to give it again the full prompt and just make tweaks like you do with mid Journey but you can have that back and forth with chat GPT and using DOL now let's come back to maybe the less positive number one as I said you can only access it if you have a subscription for or Chad gbt 4 so that might limit you to a certain extent my genuine opinion is that it's not a big investment if you actually end up using it because you can use all of the other features that you have available with Chad GPT dially just being one of them so I totally see it uh as a huge Roi positive investment but obviously it ends up being your choice depending on what you're actually going to use it for the other thing is that Del works on a credit system so you will be limited to a certain amount of tokens depending on how many back and forths you need to have to get the result that you are asking for however in our case with my son yesterday we realized that in the end dally was able to give us closer designs to what we had in mind because it was able to generate much closer to our request to our prompt the other limitation that you have with dially that you don't have so much with mid journey is that if you're trying to create a design that is very closely inspired to something that is trademarked like Minecraft in our case you will get a response often times from Del in chat GPT that says that is copywritten or trademarked content and it cannot help you so yo

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