I’m Making $300/Day With A NEW No Face Video Method…

if you're looking to learn a real method that you've likely never heard of for making passive money every single day using faceless videos this video is for you what I'm going to show you is a method that I personally discovered this summer and I started doing about two months ago with no money investment no experience and no use of a prior audience and it's already grown to a 50 a day business in just that tiny time frame if you don't believe me we'll show you proof right here on the screen and this is the proof I cannot honestly believe that more people don't know about this method because it's easy to do it doesn't require a face you don't have to have 4 000 hours of watch time or any nonsense like that to get started and I'm just using my smartphone and built-in mic to do it guys I honestly think that the people that are doing this right now are trying to keep it under wraps because it is such a good opportunity yes guys this is the real deal and it is a good one let's roll so first let me talk a little bit about how the method works because this method is actually really unique because we're not going to be leveraging YouTube which is the biggest video platform in the world and what most people are expecting when I start talking about videos now YouTube is great it's great for getting tons and tons of views but views are really just a means to an end and the end is most of us trying to make money and YouTube is just kind of the middleman in that process and so this method we're actually going to be cutting out the middleman and we're going to go straight to the source of the money instead we're going to be leveraging Amazon which is the biggest e-commerce store in the world and we're actually going to be hijacking our traffic views and our income all just directly from the Amazon platform now I know your fingers are probably itching and you want to start typing and telling me that this is about faceless videos and Amazon is not a video platform but I promise you this will not disappoint I'm not trying to trick you I'm not trying to mislead you this is real so let me explain a little bit about how it works you might remember years and years ago Amazon launched the first affiliate platform one of the first ones in the world actually and that was just a big referral platform where Amazon would pay people anytime they sent them a new customer and they made money off that customer now a lot of people credit that to being a major part of how Amazon was able to grow as huge as it is today but this video is not going to be about that but because a few years ago Amazon started testing out something a little bit different and that's called the Amazon influencer program it's very similar but different in some really key ways that I think are so much better so after they launched this program they also started to test letting sellers add videos to their product pages now after that they started to test letting other people like you or me upload simple product demos and reviews and things like that that would show up on those product pages as well so you can see here on the screen just like this Amazon allows regular people like me or you to make these videos and put them on the product pages now most of the videos and every single one of the videos that I did to get to where I'm at and showed you in the results in the beginning are not professionally done they're not using a face or anything like that they're simply someone holding up a phone taking a product like these headphones right here and then we point them and we just talk about them a little bit and then every once in a while I might set it down and push a few buttons or do something like that but the entire video is literally just one hand holding the product one hand holding the phone and talking through everything so these are no face videos but I will admit these are not no hand videos now hopefully you're starting to see how interesting that this could get they started to pay people who got their videos watched and then sales happened so if you had a video and you uploaded it and someone watched it for 30 seconds on Amazon on the product page right there and then they decided to purchase that product you can get paid a referral commission now I don't know if you're familiar with Amazon I didn't watch a ton of these videos but these videos are not crazy Productions most of them are Someone Like You someone like me with a phone walking around their house showing a product they just purchased for two or three minutes they'll show things like the dimensions of the product they'll talk about how the product works how it feels how it lasts overall just kind of how the product experience has been for them now better yet Amazon recently took that a step further so whereas they used to just put it on the product page they actually started to turn their entire platform into a giant shopping social media experience so when you start shopping for a product you'll start to see that Amazon is actually starting to put up other recommended videos for similar products that you can watch now this means that not just the people that are on that specific product page and get their videos watched are making money but Amazon can start showing your video your little product demo on hundreds of other pages of similar products that people might be interested in purchasing your product and anyone that watches that video and then purchases that product or some other products after that video is watched you end up getting paid so I want to take a minute to kind of examine this opportunity because it just seemed too good to be true when I first started doing it and first started hearing about it so one we all know how many people are buying on Amazon it's basically everyone and you get a chance to sell somebody who is literally sitting there on the product page about as close as they could humanly be to buying and then they literally just have to click one button after watching your video and you make money so I really really hope that you are seeing the potential for what I'm showing here so we're going to dive in and I'm actually going to talk to you about the logistics show you on the screen how to go about making this work work for you and getting started like I did just a few months ago so step one is to identify opportunities obviously there are literally millions of products for sale on Amazon and to find the ones that actually have the best shot at us making money is a little bit harder so what we're going to do there's two different routes that we're going to take here the first one is we're just going to look through our own orders the only the things that we've purchased on Amazon and we'll find opportunities in there then we're actually going to look for those of you that either don't buy very much on Amazon or don't buy anything at all on Amazon we'll look through another way to figure out the best products to do this with for

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