PINTEREST WORK FROM HOME REMOTE JOBs | 2024 (No Coding or Degree in IT!)

hey everyone in this video I will show you six figure work from home opportunities with Pinterest if you know my channel I have over 150 videos about Pinterest marketing and making money on this platform but this one is specifically about Pinterest as a high paying employer and what's even better you don't need a degree in it or tech for these positions that are open right now we will review the job descriptions and how much each role pH in many cases by the way they even list the salary in the job postings the first position we will look at is in the HR department and what they say here is that uh this manager of people analytics will partner with stakeholders to identify and prioritize enterprise-wide people analytics products that Empower leaders to make informed data-driven decisions and optimize their talent and organizational strategies they will help identify key people metrics and develop benchmarks to measure progress and align people objectives with overall organizational goals they're looking for experienc leading teams of analysts or business intelligence developers demonstrated strong analytical skills with experience in business intelligence and analytics attention to detail and commitment to data quality and integrity and also ability to effectively communicate and interact with collaborators and blah blah blah it's a remote job and us-based applicants can expect between 1035 and $278,000 now I just need to make a side note here to explain a bit more about Pinterest pin Flex program pin Flex gives employees the flexibility to leave where they choose us employees are welcome to leave anywhere they would like within the United States and with pin flx every employee will be expected to come into Pinterest offices for in-person collaboration moments throughout the year Pinterest offers enhanced Wi-Fi mobile and computer subsidies to all pin employees as well as reimbursement funds to cover home office expenses on top of that Pinterest employees are eligible to work outside of their country of employment for up to 3 months over a rolling 12 month period per country so if you like the idea of traveling abroad while keeping your full-time job for extended periods Pinterest supports this lifestyle and makes it easy the next position is in the corporate Affairs Department let's see first what you will do at the job of a corporate Affairs specialist you will drive volunteer service initiatives globally across Pinterest supporting broad participation in impactful service across the company that includes initiating and managing large scale service activities and campaigns supporting offices around the world as they create local service efforts and trusted volunteer Partnerships with organizations around the world you will also manage Pinterest donation matching program to increase the impact and rate of employee giving and engage with leaders across the company to help gize and support these efforts what they're looking for is at least four years of relevant work experience within corporate Affairs social impact Community Affairs government Civil Society Employee Engagement or in the private sector also they're looking for experience in managing employee facing giving platforms such as benevity bright funds Etc from an administrator capacity they're also looking for stroll analytical skills with a knack for datadriven approaches and experience in creation or management of reporting dashboards well uh you can check more about their expectations from candidates but let's check the salary so again it's a remote job and for us-based applicants the salary is between 79 and $163,000 in the pr and communication Department we have the next position that I wanted to show you and this position is of a senior specialist in internal Communications what you will do here is serve as trusted advisor on all things internal Communications to their sea-level Executives guiding the strategy and execution of their internal communication engagements craft messaging and narratives that capture leader voices create campaigns and communication plans that effectively communicate their engineering product and design strategies and launches mapping back to Core Company objectives uh you will be responsible for writing and managing key channels including executive emails messaging for business updates and announcements team Town Halls talking points executive engagement plans and more you will be responsible to implement tracking and reporting to measure progress against organizational objectives and what they're looking for on this position is exceptional written and verbal communication skills a strategic mindset and project management skills you must be comfortable collaborating with and Advising senior leaders including delivering feedback a strong understanding of how to leverage internal channels and collaboration tools strategically and they're looking for at least 5 years of experience in Communications including internal Communications preferably in a fastpaced high growth environment they also mention bachelor's degree in Communications or equivalent experience it's another remote position and the salary for us-based applicants is between 95 and $196,000 the next open position is of a director of product research and monetization what they're looking for here is about 10 years of experience in product research or equivalent and three plus years experience recruiting hiring and retaining multidisciplinary design teams three plus years of being an influential research leader on Enterprise software ideally in the advertising space proven track record of being able to have strong conviction and the ability to influence across executive stakeholders and cross functional partners that leads to drive toward an a unified vision of a strong user experience strong ability to work closely with customer teams across research design and cross fun Partners to deeply understand the consumer experience and how to build a thriving ads experience that leverages existing user behavior and needs by the way all the jobs in this video will be remote so I'll just say it one last time and then we will just assume it's by default and the salary here for the United States based applicants is between 187 and $385,000 the next job is in the sales department and is called managing director for Tech and entertainment what they're looking for is 10 plus years of experience in the digital media industry with 5 years of management experience proven success as an executive sales leader across Revenue strategy sales productivity and Industry Partnerships deep understanding and established Network in Tech and entertainment Industries in the United States strong understanding of performance data and measurement landscapes with demonstrated experience using data and Trends to develop winning strategies again you can read the full description for this job on their website but you get the idea right and the salary for the

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