5 High Paying Remote Jobs with No College Degree Required Anyone Can Start

I earn 60,000 per year I earn around $700,000 enough for and guess what's the one thing that all these people have in common well apart from the obvious fact that they all earn really nice well none of them has a college degree I believe anyone can be successful and earn really really well and you can do that too so today I'm going to share with you the five highest paying remote jobs that you can do from anywhere in the world even without having a fancy college degree okay let's Jump Right In first of all tell me have you ever imagined yourself leading a dynamic team maybe organizing major projects maybe influencing key decisions and potentially having that with all the freedom to work from anywhere in the world I know it probably sounds pretty incredible right but it is not just a dream it is totally possible and totally real and I'm going to prove that to you first of all I want to introduce you to somebody who was able to turn this opportunity into full on reality I want you to meet Andrea dinu she is a globe Trotter she has been able to work with big Brands and has been earning some substantial income and guess what she's doing that without following the conventional College path and you're probably now curious and thinking okay but what's her secret how did she do it and can I do it as well well Andrea made an unconventional decision which I believe transformed her career path and maybe even her life and we are going to share that with you in just a moment Andrea is a project manager and her journey began with online learning where she looked for ways to acquire skills that were highly valued in today's world so she looked at platforms like corsera and others that offer practical courses that are directly applicable in the real world and Google have several examples of great project management courses most well-known one is Google project management professional certificate which has been taken by over 1.3 million people and here is the awesome part I have teamed up with corsera to give you guys a special deal so get $200 off your first year of corsera plus annual that's unlimited access not only to these courses but to 7,000 more just a heads up this offer is only for new corser plus subscribers and if you haven't joined yet now is the time so don't miss your chance to level up your skills hit the link in the description box and grab the deal now Andrea went a step further though and she enhanced her profile with leadership courses from prestigious institutions like Harvard imagine having the power to steer project towards the Finish Line towards success and to work with diverse Industries and enjoy the liberty of a location independent lifestyle like in her case trust me this is not just a dream and Andrea is here to prove that it's possible I have been um uh working as a project manager for more than 15 years in the digital uh industry so I found a way to approach a manager uh from that time we are talking like 20 years ago who uh was hiring project managers I didn't have any experience I just went to him and told him that I want to learn that I learn fast and um that I'm willing to do anything it takes to become a project manager my skills um actually were developed um the skill that I found I find useful right now were were developed in the past five years in the past five years I tried uh to concentrate myself on doing one thing at a time uh so organization I would say would be one of the main skills that uh I would uh I would uh suggest then uh it would be um creating a practice each day it doesn't pay off if you work like 10 hours per day and earn good money money it pays off if you work four or five hours per day and earn good very good money first of all I would really suggest using um using courses because people don't actually take courses they feel I I I talk to to different people and uh uh there is always this um yeah I don't want to uh to pay for this maybe I can find a free course maybe I can do something it's somehow this mentality that you don't want to invest in your future so I would suggest invest in your future because uh you have to uh you have to um spend money to win money so to make money so yeah I would for CER I would really suggest all the Google Google courses uh there is a very good one for for junior project managers um Google project management is called of course but there are also others for other types of roles all in the digital digital world including AI which is very uh very um which is a good commodity right now um and uh if you want to become a freelancer you need to be aware that you have to use freelancing platforms most likely unless you have 20 clients align at your door and when you use the freelancing platforms you need to know how to work with them uh I would suggest using upwork is very hard to work with upwork it's not easy at all and you don't get the highly rated very very easy but um and I can cannot even say that you are will have a lot of clients from there because again it's a very uh it's a very hard process but uh it's one of the best freelancing platforms available still so there is a course on corsera with uh getting started with work which I would suggest you you looking at and I think U most of what they say say here applies to all of the freelancing platforms so number two if you've ever thought about being The Mastermind behind the websites and the apps that people love if you want to be able to create these virtual spaces that millions of people visit every day and make the digital world more fun more functional more vibrant then this might be something that you could do without a college degree and here's the real deal you can do that quite straightforward if you're willing to put in the work and here I want you to meet Andre he is a self-made web development Guru his journey began years ago on platforms like upwork where he carved his niche in WordPress webflow Shopify development and now he heads his own successful web development agency and he's able to provide services to so many companies across the globe look as a web developer your skill will always be in demand and trust me on that because with the increasing Reliance on technology and the internet I mean it's pretty obvious that this is an opportunity that's not going away anytime soon and according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics employment of web developers is projected to grow a healthy 25% by 2031 much faster than most other job as you can tell and if you just do a really quick search for web Developer jobs on indeed you will find that currently there are almost 70,000 job openings available and you know web developers are behind most of the technology that we enjoy today whether it's scrolling through your favorite social media app checking the news or paying for something online anything that has to do with uh web presence has probably touched the work of a web developer and again the good thing is that not only is this skill in

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