for those who feel like giving up – my story

what if we have that kind of attitude the cause repossessed nobody believes in you you've lost again and again and again the lights are cut off but you're still looking at your dream reviewing it every day and say to yourself it's not over until I win a couple of days ago we hit 1 million subscribers on this channel when people look at my channel they like to make this comment oh just an attractive female that's easy people love don't playing other people's success you know why because your success acts like a mirror to themselves they don't want to admit that success demands hard work resilience and yes even some unfair advantages they only want to believe that it's luck because then you're going to be the living proof of their failure and their laziness but there's something that's been hidden from you something that many of you don't know about me people made fun of me countless times telling me that I would never succeed as a YouTuber and mocking my YouTube growth they talked behind my back saying things like who does she think she is and who would watch her nobody believed in me but I told them I might not have the results I want today but I will become a big YouTuber and when I do all you will be able to do is watch me from your screen someone's opinion does not have to become your reality and we're here today but it was a journey not just the destination this journey which took me from being the joke of the crowd to hitting the 1 million subscriber Mark is something I never shared today I want to change that I know that no matter how much explained there will be always people who get it twisted finding other excuses for themselves not to succeed I want you to know the story behind the channel because if it inspires even one person among you it's worth sharing and this is my story I come from a wealthy family or should I say we used to be wealthy if you don't know my background my dad is Turkish and my mom is Japanese my dad comes from a very traditional family he used to have family business with his siblings and even though the business was doing well we never had the chance to really experience wealth my Turkish grandpa had the mindset of you shouldn't spend your money and you shouldn't spend time only with your nuclear family you should always have your relatives with you so even though we had wealth we never had the chance to really spend time together as a family my mom used to save her money to take my brother and me to different countries every summer in Asia so that we could see other cultures and experience them growing up I didn't see my dad that much because he was constantly working for us even on weekends additionally for a couple of months each year he was in China working with his business partners my dad used to listen to my grandfather a lot in traditional families there is nothing like listening to your child's feelings and opinions the people in power in most cases determined by gender and age will decide what's correct and what's wrong for that family one of my aunts was forced into marriage at a young age even though she wanted to pursue her studies but my grandpa wanted her to marry because in his mindset girls shouldn't study my grandfather wanted his grandchildren to attend specific school and receive a particular education during my elementary years I had many friends both girls and boys because in the fifth grade people do not really discriminate based on gender however my teacher told me to stop talking to boys on only befriend girls because I'm a girl this experience made me realize how problematic the school was I wanted to change schools but my dad did not allow me to do so because my grandfather had made the decision when I talked to my mom about it she suggested that I take scholarship exams at other schools in Turkey we have a system if you take an exam of private schools you can get a scholarship and you can basically have education for free or they cover a part of your education based on your performance at the exam if I could get a scholarship my mom said we could convince my dad my mom also told me that if I didn't want to end up like my aunt and wanted my own freedom I had to work she said that education and a career would be key to saving me with education and a career if someone does wrong to you you will have the power to walk away that's why it's so important to educate girls often women are put in a vulnerable position when they're dependent on someone else but if you have an education and a career you will create your own path and by education I'm not only talking about formal education my mom used to work as well but after giving my birth to my brother and me she spent almost all of her time raising us after hearing this from my mom I had a moment of realization as a kid I always wondered why women in bad situations never walked away it wasn't that they didn't want to walk away but they were in a situation where they couldn't from that day on I studied hard and eventually got scholarships to the schools I wanted to attend I was able to surrounded by the people I wanted to be with since fifth grade my dad and my mom believed in my decisions about education I decided on my high school and career path all by myself I had a vision and they believed in it it was one of my first life lessons if someone doesn't believe in you and you want to make them believe in you you need to show undeniable results my friends worlds can be changed but the results of actions will always stay after I got into my dream High School which is one of the best high schools actually in Turkey I thought things were finally starting to be perfect in my life but during my high school years one of my dad's business partners so his brother ruined family business and we ended up in huge debt in our history with financial struggles started from that day when my dad went to my Turkish grandparents house my uncle blamed my dad for stealing and ruining business even though he was the one who did it and since my dad is one of the youngest brothers and my uncle was the oldest of course my traditional grandfather choose to believe the older guy we didn't know what to do with our lives we were in a huge depth and we didn't have a solution during our hardest time my Turkish side ignored us they acted like we didn't exist I'm not saying that all Turkish people are all full this and that but I'm just sharing my real experiences families in Turkey are very complex they can have a strong bond yet they can ruin each other's lives which I never understood or maybe it's just my Turkish side that is [ __ ] up I don't really consider them as my family to be honest my mom called my Japanese grandparents in the middle of the night asking for help my Japanese grandparent friends didn't even hesitate to help and they helped us financially until recently actually they helped us so much and they saved my life that's one of the reasons why I visit themselves in Japan my mom st

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