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in today's video I'm going to be sharing with you five companies where you can earn a hundred dollars a day or even more just answering questions and no I'm not talking about online service where you can earn cents or a dollar five dollars for answering lengthy questions I'm talking about real companies that hire different experts worldwide and pay them handsomely for their expertise so if you are interested in sharing your knowledge experience and expertise for real money and sure to stick with me until the end of this video as I'll be taking you through these five companies we're gonna get started but before we do if you are new here welcome to the channel my name is Queen magomani I share information on how to make money online and that's all you can expect to learn more of in this channel so do consider joining this family by subscribing also give this video a thumbs up if you find it valuable and of course a massive congratulations to our giveaway winners so thank you so much to everyone who enter the giveaway let's get right into this video and have a look at these different companies the first company is called expert 360 or expert 360. it's a worldwide available website where you can offer your expertise or your knowledge in different fields how it works is you'll come to the website and apply to become an expert you select the type of expertise that you have you check how much you can make on a single day basis or on a yearly basis and once you're approved to offer your services they're going to connect you with businesses or individuals who are looking for your expertise let's have a look at this website as you can see here they have this become an expert tab so this is where you need to come and click and right away they will show you how much you can possibly make with a website and we're just gonna have a look at an example of how much you can possibly make with how much experience you simply need to come to this text box here and select a drop down arrow scroll to find the type of expertise that you have as you can see here there's quite a lot of expertise that they are looking at but let's say you are a social media manager you would select a social media manager here and you can straight out show you that you could make up to a hundred and five thousand per year with your experience if you are two years or if you have two years experience which is about 500 a day so if you are a social media manager with maybe five years experience you would scroll up here to five or six years it will show you how much you can potentially make on a daily basis just by becoming an expert in this platform and of course guys their numbers speak for them as well they have quite a lot of clients that they are servicing worldwide and that helps in you know having quite a lot of expert jobs for you and I they have really good benefits as well you get to work flexibly you work from wherever you want you earn top rates and you can grow your career in this way and because expert 360 is a professional business it's a real deal business that's available worldwide they have quite a lot of ratings in professional platforms such as glass door let's have a look at the second one and this is one of the highly reviewed platform online as I was checking and researching I found that on every platform and blog where I was checking their stats they are highly reviewed the platform is called zintrum don't let the plain website deceive you this is one of the best platforms where you can make money by sharing your experiences and expertise so when you come to the website it will look like this on their home page you simply click become an expert over here you will land on this page here this is where you will learn once you have signed up to the platform and you'll be able to check out the different kinds of open projects that they have and as I was checking for my profile I saw that they have quite a lot of open projects that they have on their platform over here so you can just scroll down to see which one matches your experience your knowledge and your expertise start applying from this the intro is at number two for this video check out the reviews for this one as well I did check out on trust pilot as well and I saw that they have a 4.6 star rating from both clients as well as experts using this platform to make money let's have a look at the third one this is one of the most popular get paid to answer questions website you might have come across it I found that the reviews were very interesting it was a 50 50 across all different kinds of platforms but I think it's worth a try for making money in 2023 and the website is called just answer it is this website that I'm looking at here on my screen as you can see they say you can earn an average of two thousand dollars to seven thousand dollars a month so you earn money when you answer questions in your field and expertise online set your own hours and work at any time and of course guys they have a very streamlined and simple way of signing up to the platform on the home page you can simply become an expert and you'll find this sign up from here where you can apply to become an expert you make money by doing what you love so if you already have a skill whether you are a lawyer you are a doctor a teacher a mechanic a plumber you can use this platform to make money because people ask different kinds of questions in all kinds of disciplines you leverage your professional expertise to answer people's questions and and cash you work from anywhere anytime and that's what I like about all of these different platforms that we're talking about they give you that freedom to work wherever you want and whenever you want and still be able to make good money you work as much as you want and of course it depends on how many questions or how much demand there is for the expertise that you have so if you are a teacher or a tutor and a lot of people are looking for your experience your knowledge then it means that you get to make more money in that way just answer has got an average of 4.2 star rating across different blogs and websites and professional platforms but I advise that you go and check out the reviews for yourself and determine whether this platform will be worth it for you but it is a definite uh legit platform that is paying people to answer questions in 2023. the next platform is one that I've used myself and I'm still signed up to I'm still searching for opportunities in this platform because they've already paid me some money I did a video in it I'll try and Link it in the description box down below but it's called GLG Consulting so it is this website that I'm looking at here as you can see they say the world inside Network all you have to do is to click become an expert over here to start the sign up process so basically you'll be helping different companies you know with different kinds of questions and you do get some high paying uh servi

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