EASIEST Way to Start Affiliate Marketing in 2024!

if you've watched my most recent video that discusses all of those side hustles that I've done that have actually worked you have heard in that video that I discuss affiliate marketing is one of the ways that I've been able to produce an income so in this video I want to do a complete rundown of how to get started with affiliate marketing the tools that I use the tools that you can also use all of the startup costs that you need in order to get started along with those different ways that you can earn while doing so so first things first this is going to be kind of like a two-part Series this is going to be the first part and then next week is going to be the second part in which I discuss further of my Pinterest affiliate marketing now really quickly if you're not familiar what is affiliate marketing affiliate marketing is the process in which an affiliate which is you and me earns a commission for marketing another person's or company's product so once you recommend the product the person makes a purchase from that recommendation you get a small profit from it now the three steps I'm going to be discussing in this video for the affiliate marketing are going to be step number one creating a website blog or landing page step number two is going to be finding those affiliate products and things in order to recommend and get that affiliate income and step number three is going to be actually pushing out that content in order to get those Affiliates rolling in okay so if you've watched any of my other Pinterest affiliate marketing videos you know that I have a website or a landing page and you know that it is through WordPress the first thing I'm going to want you guys to do is set up a website or a landing page or a Blog in order to promote those affiliate products on if you do not already have one I highly suggest utilizing the web hosting platform called hostinger the reason I suggest hostinger is because of the amazing pricing and I also suggest them because they have an amazing AI tool that builds a complete website for you within 5 to 10 minutes you can have it a complete website totally set up for you in order to get started now you are able to go in edit the font the color the things that you want on your website all of that after the AI builds you that website however if you're looking to get started and you're not great at website coding and things like that you don't need to know any of those things in order to get started with hosting now you can start by clicking my link in the description box or pin comment down below once you click that link it's going to take you to this page here right here where it says $2.99 claim deal click that claim deal and then you're going to select add to cart so once you select that add to cart it's going to bring you to this screen that allows you to select your period in which you want to pay so monthly annually now I do want to point announc something here if you do select the monthly you are going to be paying a lot more and here we are we're trying to save money so if you select the last one here on the right that says $2.99 per month for 48 months plus three free months you're also going to get a free domain with this yearly plan but after you choose your plan it's going to take you to the checkout screen where it says have a coupon code go ahead and input that Kimberly Mitchell as you can see right here it takes 10% off making four entire years plus three free months only $129. 17 however no matter which yearly plan that you do end up choosing you can take advantage of the limited time deal of using my coupon code on the again the yearly plan deals in order to get that discount for this part I want to go over the AI website builder show you guys how easy it is to set up a completely new website once you've completed that sign up you're going to be on the homepage and ready to create that new website you're just going to select right here setup next you're just going to click Start creating and then tell us about your site you're going to input a brand name that you want this site to show you're going to put in the website type like are you going to be doing a Blog an online store a landing page for this I'm going to select a Blog to show you all and then in the description you're going to want to put as much detail about the things that you want on your blog the things you're going to be posting on your blog what you have a passion for what your blog's going to be about you're going to want to input as much info here in order to give the AI all of the information needed in order to build that website so since I'm just showing you all this I've input my brand name Kimberly Mitchell and then for the description I put I am a mother who will be talking about sustainable Beauty and bath products for the whole entire family I like a holistic living approach and we'll be discussing healthy ways to live and then I'm just going to select create a website here and then voila that took not even 60 seconds for it to create now another amazing thing I want to show you wall is here on the Le hand side of the Builder this is the AI tab that gives you AI tools that's going to continue to make that blog building really easy one Major Tool I want to point out is the AI blog Creator so this is going to create blog posts for you so you can go in edit them add affiliate links all of that good stuff to your blog and it's going to make it incredibly easy for an example for you I just went ahead and input five sustainable Beauty and bath products for the whole family the shortest option which is 300 to5 00 words for the blog post and within seconds it created that blog post like you can see so from here you would just go in edit add those affiliate links and the AI tools have all of that stuff available for you in order to go and customize it exactly how you want it now as you can see that's an amazing tool and that's exactly why I'm recommending it okay so step number two is going to be finding those products in order to talk about on your blog or website or to promote to other people for me I do this step two different ways the first way I do it is by recommending products that I've actually used and loved so you can do this by finding items that you actually love and use and finding referral codes referral links things like that in order to share on your blog or website in order to share with other people and when other people purchase with that link you get a commission for it now let me give you a perfect example of this Sofi is the best bank that I've ever used for personal checking savings investment all in one platform form I'm not going to go through the huge thing but Sofi is my favorite Bank ever and I would recommend it to everybody everywhere who can sign up for it Sofi also has a referral link that I can use and when I refer other people if they sign up with my link I get a commission for them signing up that's the perfect example

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