The reason why you can’t focus: How to fix your concentration scientifically

are you constantly feeling overwhelmed unable to focus on work or studying and finding yourself getting lost in the world of social media but if I told you that the key to improving your focus could be right in front of you your room in this video I'll share some life-changing tips from the Japanese book The reason why you can't focus is your room and dive into the science behind how a tidy space can boost your concentration the book doesn't have an English translation so this is the only place you can learn what's written first let's analyze your current workspace grab your phone take a picture of your desk and let's see what can be changed do you have coffee cups or unnecessary cables lying around maybe they're posits that you don't need anymore taking a picture of your desk is crucial because it allows you to visualize and understand your current state more objectively our brains are wired to adapt to our environment and sometimes we can become blind to the clutter around us by taking a picture you create an opportunity to see your workspace from a different perspective which helps you identify areas that need Improvement according to a study by UCLA Center of everyday lives of families celf cluttered environments can lead to increased stress and decreased productivity so it's essential to take that first step and objectively evaluate your workspace now let's dive into the tips to transform your space and boost your focus tip number one don't put things that you don't use on your table according to princess and University Research titled interactions up top down and bottom-up mechanisms in human visual cortex by Stephanie mcmains and Sabine Costner having a cluttered workspace can negatively impact our Focus the science behind this is that visual clutter competes for your attention and reduces your ability to concentrate to apply this tip start by removing items that aren't essential to your work like old magazines decorations or unnecessary gadgets keep only the items that you use daily on your desk such as your computer keyboard mouse and essential office supplies this way you will create a clean and clear a free environment that will allow your brain to focus on the task at hand tip number two avoid having multiple tasks and objects in your line of sight as mentioned earlier a cloud environment can decrease your focus and work efficiency a study by Microsoft research found that multitasking can reduce concentration by up to 40 percent you might have experienced losing focus when you're interrupted by another task or maybe a person while working although some people can prioritize tasks and work efficiently it's best to avoid interruptions from other tasks while focusing on one this finding is supported by the 2004 study a diary of tasks switching and interruptions of Mary swervinsky to implement this step create a workspace for each task you perform for example have a separate area for taking notes reading and working on your computer by compartmentalizing your tasks you minimize distractions and maintain a higher level of focus tip number three change your working environment sometimes a change of scenery can do wonders for your focus and your productivity study from the University of California showed that alternating between different types of tasks and environments can help people stay engaged and maintain Focus different environments can help stimulate creativity improve concentration and reduce boredom most of the time people go to cafes or co-working spaces to change the scenery but even just a different room in your home can be helpful with that now that we have established the importance of changing our working environment let's talk about a tool that can help make it easy and seamless introducing the Asus sunscreen mb249c Asus sunscreen mb249c is a 24 inch monitor like no other packed with accessories include monitor arm and partition hook kits and is truly a Transformer the Asus sunscreen mb249c is a lightweight slim and easy to carry monitor that allows you to work in various environments without sacrificing screen real estate effortlessly move it from desk to desk at home to easily change your workspace setup with its numerous accessories the Zen screen mb249c is a perfect for those who want to create a dynamic workspace as it can be easily moved and adjusted to accommodate different working positions this portable monitor is a game changer for people who want to work efficiently in various environments whether it's at home in a co-working space or even Outdoors Asus Zen screen mb249c comes with a USB type-c port for both power and display making it easy to connect to your laptop or computer apart from laptop you can also connect to your phone and Pat via type the monitor also and being 249c has an integrated fold-up kickstand that you can use as a stand to pop out setup at the desk or use as a handle to carry with a 24 inch full HD IPS display the Asus sunscreen mb249c provides you with a larger screen to work on helping you stay focused and be more productive Asus sunscreen mb249c features Asus Eyecare technology which helps to reduce eye strain and fatigue during long working sessions the monitor has a blue light filter and flicker free backlighting allowing it to work more comfortably and maintain your focus by integrating the Asus sunscreen mb28419 pure workspace you can further optimize your environment for focus and productivity tip number four tidy your desk for 5 minutes at the end of the day the smart time really simple and stupid but it's essential to maintain a clean and organized workspace so I make it happy to tidy your desk for just 5 minutes at the end of each day this simple routine will help you declutter your workspace making it easier to focus when you start your day fresh next morning by dedicating a few minutes each day to tidy up you will ensure that your workspace remains free of distractions allowing you to concentrate on your tasks plus it's a great way to wind down after a long day of work and mentally prepare for the next day tip number five change your desk position changing the position of your desk can have a significant impact on your focus and productivity if your current disposition doesn't receive sunlight or it's not in a Corner consider rearranging your workspace for optimal results the best place to put your working desk is in a room is near a window that loves natural sunlight in as exposure to natural light has been shown to improve mood and energy levels additionally placing your desk in a corner or against the wall can minimize distractions from your surroundings a study from Northwestern University found that employees with exposure to natural light during the work day had a better sleep quality longer sleep duration and better overall quality of life compared to those without natural light exposure another study from Cornell University found that natural light exposure can decrease eye strain and this Comf

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