Easy $1,000/Day AI Side Hustle Nobody Talks About (2024)

it takes less than 1 hour to set this up and this person is making over $1,000 a day with this easy AI side hustle that for some reason nobody is talking about so I've actually tried this thing myself and I've used these different AI tools to create the exact replica and a clone of myself that we are now using across different social media platforms that are making money every single day and the strategy is pretty simple so here's a quick breakdown so you know all of these different Instagram and Tik Tok and YouTube shorts accounts that are posting different VIPs where basically there's a presenter or a person that talks directly into the camera and then they just give some tips and there's captions around and there's some nice video editing and then they promote something in their bio they always do well now you actually don't need to be in front of the camera in fact you don't even have to show your face in order to create these videos and create these avatars because AI can do literally everything for you and this person in the online business Club is doing like $3,000 a week but using this strategy so the very first step is to actually generate an avatar and you can go to haen to actually generate an AI Avatar and you can either pick from some of the Avatar that are already available here so for example you can select one of these you basically click create video and then you can just enter a script over here or enter a voice over and then this person will essentially just say whatever you dive into there and it's perfectly going to sing the face expressions this the lips and everything it's going to look like it's actually them and I'm also uploaded a footage of myself so now there's the AI Dave Avatar where basically we enter a script here and it just replicates my voice and my face it's not that good yet so this is not AI generated but it's completely fine for short form content especially if you use the already pre-made AI avatars because they tend to be better trained I personally prefer to upload my own voiceovers from 11 Labs because 11 Labs has way more realistic voices than hey Jen does at least as right now so what I would do is for the step number two is generate a voice over in the haen and in haen you can even replicate your own voice so you can basically train the AI you can upload like 2 hours footage of your own voice and it's going to learn exactly how you actually speak so that when you type in text here you paste the script it's going to read the script as if it was you it's going to read it in your voice in your tone and in your style which is pretty crazy but you can also just go with some of the pre-made voices here so you can basically just select whichever you want let's say for instance I'm going to go with Harry over here he's good for video game video but I'm just going to test it out essentially we can just paste the script here and let's say I want to give like top seven or top 10 tips on how or top 10 facts you didn't know about India and let's say that's going to be my real well now I can just generate this with one press of a button and the AI bot will actually read the script for me so now I can download that and I can go here and I can upload a voice over so I basically just click here just drag and drop and once I do that it's going to perfectly sync this voice over with a presenter so I will have a presenter saying these things so I can just click submit click submit over here it's going to cost me 0.5 credits and I bought like 29 credits for I believe around $29 and now while the AI Avatar is being generated it's currently 69% what we will do is we will go over to cap cut which is this video editing tool where you can add automatic captions with one press of a button so you can just click on new video over here you can upload that footage select the Tik Tok style I'm going to use this one this is also like AI Dave I also generated this with haen and to add Auto captions you basically just go to captions on the left side and then you can just click on auto captions select the English language in this case for you that might be different and now the AI tool will just add these captions throughout the entire video but what I don't like is that these automatic captions are usually just a random number of words in the screen so I personally prefer to go to the animation section and then just select this animation because then there show up like one word by word in the screen and then it also like to change the font perhaps I'm going to use some other one let's say we can use the Monster Rod bold and we can also make the all all the words and all the letters uppercase and I'm also going to increase the size of this font to about 10 so now this going to look a lot better so we have automatic captions showing up on the screen just like this and you can also fully just edit the entire video inside of Cap Cod you can add different elements you can add b-roll stock photos stock videos animations transitions effects you can add some like very very cool effects with pretty much just one press of a button it's just going to make it look a lot more engaging and once you're done fully editing your real you basically just click on export you click download and you can download this to your computer and you can upload it to your Instagram and Tik Tok and YouTube shorts account and in your bio if you're using Instagram and Tik Tok you can promote different things and we've been testing this with my page on Instagram da evening daily some of these literally get hundreds of thousands of views like this one got 300,000 views over here and then we have a link in in BIO now that link in BIO can either be an affiliate link can be a referral link can be your own digital product can be an email list or anything like that that's how for example this person is actually doing about $2,000 per week in affiliate commissions because she's using like the AI dck reals that we are leaving inside of the online business club and she's posting it like that this person is doing like $300 a day in affiliate commissions so affiliate marketing would be the best option to go with but you can also choose different CPA offers so for example there's this platform like CPA grip where you can basically go to the offer tools on the left side click on my offers then just select the us over here and then it's going to show you a bunch of different offers to promote which pay you like2 or $3 per email collected and that way you don't even have to actually sell anything when people just submit their email address or complete a certain offer without spending any money you will still be paid like $1 or $2 per usually just email collected and you can just grab your referral link this is going to be my referral link copy that maybe shorten it in beatly and just put the link in your bio you can do the same thing with Tik Tok and because of the Tik Tok creativity program if your reals a

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