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now there are certain psychological factors that are affecting you unaware whether you're aware of it or not they are affecting you so getting to the emotional root of your financial problems is the first key that's going to be handed to you in opening up a new door for your entire future now whether you want to believe it or not your mindset and thoughts totally shape your reality they totally shape your perception of the world around you and sure it is easier to say everything happens to me by chance I don't have any control over my circumstances in life it's easier to pin what's going on in your life on total external sources but the truth of the matter is is that you have the majority of control over your own life I'm sorry to tell you that the idea that your mindset and thoughts don't have any control over your external circumstances is highly Incorrect and there is even scientific evidence to back that up something very interesting to me is an article written by Debbie Hampton I'm going to place it in the description box down below for you guys to take a look at is specific article is extremely interesting it specifically discusses how your thoughts do influence your reality and it talks about many studies that went on to experiment and I believe you guys are going to find it very interesting again I'm going to have it linked in the description box down below but basically throughout our lives each of our brain has perceived our reality according to the environment in which we live so you can take two of the exact same situations put them into completely different environments and it's most likely that those two exact scenarios are going to produce different outcomes based on the environmental factors in which they reside so when it comes to handling finances perhaps at the beginning of your life you had parents who handled finances in a bad way and so as you've gotten older you also handle finances in a bad way not only do you develop the same bad spending habits coping mechanisms your understanding of Financial and financial literacy is probably going to be about the same unless you stand out from the crowd unless you have a driving force within you that's pushing you to learn more about financial literacy and luckily in today's society we do have a lot more access than they did years ago however it still takes that drive to learn more in order to learn more so your family history and your family conditioning and the environment in which you were brought up and definitely plays a vital role in your perception and handling of your finances as you get older and psychologically speaking you're typically going to accept the same life patterns as your family typically families stick together when it comes to patterns beliefs jobs finances take for example there are families who only accept a certain type of career for their children they want their children to gain a career that's in Social Status such as Doctor lawyer and then you have groups of families who accept working at places like a gas station or a grocery store or a fast food restaurant and it generally kind of runs in the family everybody in the family is okay with that it's a generally accepted term within the family so you have two totally different types to families their perception and acceptance of certain things in the world totally shape their reality and their children's realities two different types of families are also going to have a completely different shaped understanding of what is good and what is bad what is acceptable and what is unacceptable when it comes to life and living life in general now when it comes to finances negative emotions are often attached from a very young age to individuals who are bad with finances who don't have a lot of financial literacy who live paycheck to paycheck who don't have a lot of income those types of things negative emotions are what sort of surround the idea of money some of those negative emotions involve things like fear Pride guilt anger shame Envy a scarcity mindset low self-esteem or unprocessed trauma and it is important that you take time to understand what negative emotions are controlling your finances and your financial life and what negative emotions shape your reality all to together especially when it comes to your money if the primary thought and emotion that you function out of when it comes to finances is negative scarcity I don't have enough it's negatively based it would be nearly impossible for you to produce any other type of outcome than a negative Financial outcome because your perception of money is based in a negative light it's almost impossible to achieve anything other than a negative financial future because your perception of it is so low and perhaps you just feel like it's simply your life path to be poor I have news for you it's not your life path to be poor it's absolutely not your path to struggle financially for your entire life and if you get a hold and understand that your overall perception of finances in general does shape how you respond to money and how money responds to you is going to be the first stepping stone and moving forward now one of those perceptions is that people with money have had it easy or that people with money have unfair advantages when it comes to finances and getting ahead in life now while that is true there are people who have unfair advantages when it comes to money money runs in the family the great great great great great great grandfather and grandmother were wealthy along with Generations later they're still wealthy of course you can consider that an unfair Advantage however I also want to shed light on individuals who are raised in poverty individuals who are raised in really low Financial situations who grew and who overcame those situations those are also stories that you can focus on so again it's about your perception it's about your understanding of the world and what you want to attach your emotions to do you want to attach your emotions to the story of the people who have just had it all their entire life or would you rather attach your emotions to the individuals who were possibly raised up in poverty like you but who overcame those struggles who overcame the financial insecure Securities and who made something really great out of their lives financially whichever one you choose to focus on is how you're going to continue to respond to your financial reality although those now wealthy individuals whose reality were generally shaped by poverty did come out of it there are a couple of factors to remember and keep in mind because it's important for you to be true to yourself and true to the situation at hand so the first factor is that the majority of them capitalized on an individual talent that they had so the first Factor was for them to understand their talent and their naturally given money-making ability and capitalizing on that money making ability okay and the second fa

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