Once I Released My Fear Around Money, My Life Changed

so once I released my fear around money my life changed now let's actually talk about fear because fear has almost stopped me and robbed me from all my goals for as long as I can remember you know ever since I was younger I always had this fear of failure like what if it goes wrong and I fail and my friends judge me and my family judg me and I look stupid right or I lose a bunch of money or I lose a lot of Heartache or I lose a lot of confidence because again I failed again but also on the other end of things it's like well what if I succeed and I actually don't deserve wealth or I don't know exactly what to do with the money or maybe I might lose it all again what if I make a bunch of money and then lose it all or what if deep down as I look myself in the mirror I actually feel like I don't deserve wealth I don't deserve freedom I don't deserve to be happy I don't deserve to be successful that also self- sabotages us where it's like the opposite end of the spectrum it's like we're almost afraid of what what happens if I go ahead and make money and what I what happened to me was I would always constantly kind of Bounce in between like I would always like oh what if I don't make money and my friends judge me my family judge me I look stupid again my parents think I'm a failure again and my family and my friends think I'm a failure again or oh man I'm starting to make money I don't know how long this is going to last I feel like an impostor I feel like a fraud I don't know if I actually deserve money so I'm going to go ahead and do something that's going to self-sabotage my success and then destroy it again fear prevented me from going and do that and what I started realizing when it comes to fear and success and making money and hitting your goals and creating that life of like ultimate freedom is ultimately if you do not learn how to go ahead and release this thing called fear it's very hard to feel any type of happiness in your life so let me talk about exactly how I release my fear because it was hard man like growing up it was hard being raised from immigrants from the Philippines it was hard it was I was like my mind was such in scarcity ever since I was a kid just because my mom was like don't shower for more than 5 minutes cuz it's a waste of water don't leave electricity on because you know it's like we're going to waste money I was put in the scarcity mentality and that mindset that I had when I was a child like literally brought into my future so the first step when it comes to releasing fear is you need to look at it like very very closely and almost painfully and ask yourself where did this feel fear come from I know for a fact my fear came from my childhood but like growing up it's like we literally didn't have every anything you know like I remember when I was first born like like my mom would essentially Airbnb all the other rooms before Airbnb was even a thing and just like random strangers that she would essentially get from like the Filipino store would just like live in the for rooms and then me my mom my dad my sister were just all shoved in one room they put like a bunk bed on the side my parents's room was or my parents's bed was on the other side and for the longest time it's like we literally just slept in one room right so it's like scarcity scarcity scarcity scarcity another thing was I had a lot of imposter syndrome and felt like a fraud like if I went and made money because growing up I was always an outsider you know it's like my friends for some reason they came from family members that had businesses or they were already successful or they already making good money my parents because they just moved to America they were just starting off and it's like I would always look at them and see and compare myself to other people and be like well I can never do that like I can never do that right so again it's like the scarcity came from my childhood and I realized like why is why am I letting my childhood self kind of like controlling you know my life right now you know that's that's literally where the fear comes from there's a scared little child that doesn't feel safe that doesn't feel secure so he doesn't know what to do right it's either he he doesn't know what to do so he doesn't go ahead and move forward or he's afraid so he kind of stays backwards right but what I started realizing is that fear is just like irrelevant which leads me to the second thing is if you really kind of stem the fear all the way back to its core point it it actually comes around to the fear of death okay cuz if you think about it back in the tribal times it's like you lose a bunch of money guess what you would die right like you would literally die if you didn't have money right or if you lose a bunch of money and you know you're like the king of the entire civilization guess what the civilization would literally kill you they're like oh our ruler is an idiot he lost a bunch of money we're unsafe let's Revolt let's kill the King right and all of this it's like in the back of our mind this fear of death and I started thinking about this I'm like well if I lose a bunch of money like will I die no worst case scenario like I'll just probably hurt my ego and then you know my mom and dad would probably think I'm stupid my friends would probably think I'm stupid my partner would probably think I'm stupid and asking myself well am I okay with that H yeah I'm okay with that which leads me to the third thing that I realized and the third thing that I realized is the reason why people have this fear of failure is because they have made gold silver money their God now really think about this closely okay like if you go ahead and read the Bible uh over and over and over and over again there's examples where it's like you should not let false Idols be your God you should not praise false Idols right gold silver should not be your God gold silver should not be your idol gold silver you should not worship it but what happened you know in today's day and age literally we have lost sight of God and we have made money Our God money is now our ruler that we are fearful of and that's exactly what like Society or like the Matrix or like the system wants you to fear they want to remove God and they want you to fear money because if you could fear money then you could be controlled does that make sense when you lost your fear of God and then you lost your fear and and you started gaining a fear of money you or now essentially can be controlled by humans because what is what is money it's just paper it's just like all of us assigning this piece of paper value and then now someone can control it and when someone can control it they can actually control how you actually value yourself how you actually go ahead and love yourself how you actually go ahead and for example you know live and operate and if you have the time to do the things that you love or if they take away that time from you so

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