I Implemented One Strategy and my Business Exploded!

[Music] at this point we built a lot of lynchmen you guys have built out your foundation and your email newsletter we build out your continuity program we've got your miy we've also built your dramatic demonstrations now I want to focus more on other ways to get traffic into your phone ways that aren't traditional like Facebook and Google ads you guys know those things you can find courses teaching them but I want to find other ways that are more unique and more strategic a lot of times are way less expensive and so I brought one of my favorite entrepreneurs to speak to you guys today his name is Neo Davis Neo is someone who's been in our community for years he's a category King inside of our Inner Circle Mastermind groups and at a recent meeting he started sharing with me all the ways he's getting traffic into his funnels and his challenges so I wanted him to share a whole handful of different ideas for a couple reasons number one to give you those ideas but number two to get the wheels you had spinning out all the other ways you can use to get traffic into your funnels the more creative you can get with your traffic generation methods the less it's going to cost you more system traffic you can get and the more fun you can have so with that said I cannot wait for you to learn some unique traffic strategies from my friend Neo Davis give it going Make some noise for Leo how many people here ready to get your first or next clickfunnels award somebody say that's me n n no no no I'm going to say it one more time how many people here are ready to get your first or your next click fun a war somebody say that's me I'm going to be honest can I be transparent for a minute as I'm looking around the crowd and I'm asking that I don't believe you actually believe it so in a minute I'm going to ask everybody one more time how many people believe you're about to get your first or your next click funns award and what I need you to do when I ask you that I need you guys to erupt stand up off your feet and say that to me because I got this one concept and it's called how you do anything it's how you do everything so everything that you do you must give it everything that you got so again if it's something simple is just repeating after me I'm not doing this for my success this is for your success and the reason why I'm telling you guys just and I'm looking in the crowd and I don't see that everybody believe I sat here years ago I didn't even know what a funnel was they said funnel what that but what happened was I saw someone else get one and I said oh what up why because I understand you got to see it before you see it so you can seize it and you can achieve something that you don't actually believe so in a minute I'm going to ask everybody one more time how many people believe you're going to get your first or your next funnel and the only reason yeah and the only reason why I'm asking you guys that because we got a bunch of these and we helped so many other people get it so again I'm talking from a belief today I'm talking from a thing where you come here you like I don't know if this is going to work I'm letting you know it's going to work I'm certain that it's going to work but the person who got to believe it is me somebody say I believe I believe come on like you mean it somebody say I believe one of the most powerful things you can have in life is belief y'all so I need you guys to understand that this is your time to make it happen so on three I need you guys to get ready to ER upt get off your feet and say that's me how many people know you're ready to get your first or your next click from the word somebody say that's me that's yeah that's what I'm talking about that's what I'm talking about that's what I'm talking about man it is an absolute honor and absolute privilege to be here today but it's one thing I need you guys to understand before I get started this not another day for y'all some of you are here treating this as it's another conference it's another piece of information no this is the information that's going to change everything for you this is the information that's going to provide for your family this is the information that's going to make you a millionaire this is the information that may make you six figure seven whatever it is but the person who got to believe it is you so again the thing that I need you guys to do for me for the rest of the time here is play all out somebody say all out all out because remember how you do anything is how you do what how you do anything is what how you do what so I need you guys to play all out so a little bit about myself y'all West Philadelphia born and raised playground where I spend most of my days y' I grew up oh man it's crazy story and I got to share it with you guys and normally y'all you ask Russell you ask anybody when I talk I don't like sharing stories I want to give you guys certain gems but I need you guys to understand where came from for you to understand what's possible for yourself right so my dad been in jail since I was two years old for committing murder I have not saw my dad in 20 years he died there about six years ago and after my two years old I probably seen him a total of five to 10 times so I grew up fatherless I grew up into a drug infested neighborhood meaning when I say drug infested neighborhood when I walk outside of my house literally walk down my steps soon as I walk down my steps there's two to three prostitutes outside every single day they knew my name I knew their name they was like my neighbors I would walk around the corner to the basketball courts in this drug infested neighborhood and all I would see every single day was people outside selling dope selling drugs and I 100% believe that was going to be me because that's all I saw whatever you tune into you turn into and whatever entertains you trains you I was seeing it every single day so I believe Neo that might be your lifestyle right but what must happen y'all what must you do when times get rough everybody say keep going keep going when things are up against you what must you do keep going So eventually my mom cracked the Cod shout out my mom she's here right she say son yeah she say son son we got to figure it out so my mom sent me to a school where there was 50 African-Americans in the school out of a thousand I became the minority and I promise you all I knew was drug infested neighborhood I slept in the middle room of my grandma house on the row home but I went to this school my friends had hospitals they had movie theaters my one friend in particular Frank coko we would go over my guy's house and my man had four acres we would ride four-wheelers I'm from West Philly when we riding four-wheelers we're running like we're running from the cops I got to ride around his property I'm like wow nobody behind me chasing me this is nice this dude even had a pool house did anybody watch Fresh Prince belir I only thought that was pos

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