How I’m planning to make $10k-20k/month online in 2024

so it was pretty good last year with $53,000 coming from online income sources which I talked about in this video right here but this year I am really really going to do it I am setting my goal to $10,000 to $20,000 a month and as you saw in my goals video my word of the year is life is Rich and so there are three things I'm working on the first thing is making 10 to 20K per month in revenue and tracking my finances so my money is rich second one is my work lifestyle is aligned so my work is Rich and the third is to be more present in relationships and to give more in relationships so my relationships are rich and I don't plan on doing as much traveling as I did last year so I feel like right now at home it's like a really really good time for me to focus on making money and in this video I'm going to break down how exactly I'm going to do that I have a plan and I'm really excited to share it with you and feel free to steal some of my ideas if you want oh yeah before we get into my plan I want to remind you that I have a whole bunch of free resources that you can get if you sign up below I have a free business plan template if you're interested in starting a YouTube channel I have a start your YouTube checklist and if you're interested in starting an Etsy shop I have a start your Etsy Shop checklist I also am still offering coaching sessions so if you want to sign up and talk about your business and your strategy or mindset maybe you want to start a business but you're feeling really stuck you can check out the coaching so my general strategy for this entire year is there's two parts to it so for the first part of the year I'm going to work on maximizing the old income streams that I have and in the second part of the year I'm going to work on creating new income streams and I have a whole list of ideas I can't like show you this page because you're going to see the ideas but I'm going to blur out some of the parts so I can show you this page so maximizing old projects what does that mean I'm going to work on building up my current income streams cuz I feel like I have done a lot of work on my YouTube channel and my current Etsy shop and my I have a couple of other income streams but I feel like I haven't really maxed out everything everything is just kind of like so so what are the things I'm going to work on the first one which is my biggest income stream right now is stuff related to my YouTube channel so my AdSense I will keep making videos by the way I'm not sure if you noticed but I'm posting less videos now because I'm trying to make higher quality videos but post less cuz before like in the last 3 years of me doing YouTube I thought I had to post every single week but I realized if I don't post every single week I'm still making the same amount of money so why don't I just post less but make better videos you know I'm not sure if my AdSense can increase this year because I really need to like get more views on my videos but we'll see I'm going to still keep making videos another one is brand deals so I'm so so happy that I'm starting to do more brand deals I'm still talking to a whole bunch of companies and then with brand deals I also realized just kind of recently I have a new in in Stream So with some companies that I was talking to about brand deals some of them got me to do a sponsored video but then they also like my videos so much they wanted me to make like another video for them to run ads on and I don't know if you know this but this is called user generated content ugc which means that I don't post it on my social media but I make the video and the company posts it on their own social media and they can run ads on it if they want and at an extra fee obviously so with this income stream I'm actually planning to reach out to companies who I use I use their products but they might not necessarily be a good fit for my YouTube audience in terms of a sponsored video but I can still make videos for them because I've been a longtime user of their products and I can make videos for them to post on their own social media and they can run ads on it and part of this can be passive income so with the paid ad usage which means uh like they are going to run ads on the videos that I make that can be passive because I just need to make the video once and let's say when we signed the deal we said okay we can do paid ad usage for 3 months well after that 3 months is over I can ask them hey do you want to do like another 3 months or do like 6 months and then I literally don't have to do anything right and I still get paid because we just renewed the paid ad usage part okay the next one that I'm going to work on is my Etsy shop which I've had for more than a year and for about 5 months I didn't post any new listings because I was just I don't know I was so busy with making YouTube videos doing the brand deals and also dating and then also working on the Etsy course that I pre-sold last year because I already have this Etsy shop and on average it's making $300 to $400 a month this year I really want to focus on making more products and just maintaining it like at least is posting a product a new product once or two times a week and seeing if I can build that up the next one is stuff that is related to my email list so here I wrote down my Etsy course CBA and CIA you might not know what that is but if you've been following me for a long time you might know what that is so CBA stands for calligraphy business accelerator that is a program that I had for calligraphers that I ran in 2020 and 2021 and 2022 and then the CI a is the calligraphy instructor Academy which is a standalone course about how to start teaching calligraphy workshops so it's like very very Niche but those two things like the CBA I I've made so many videos for that and then the calligraphy instructor Academy it's like a whole course right so with these two things like there's still really really good resources and so with the CBA calligraphy business accelerator I kind of want to repackage that into a course and then use my email list to sell both of them and also I might make just like a couple more how to start a calligraphy business videos and then link it to these courses that I have because honestly I spent so much time making these courses so yeah also with my email list I have surpassed 10,000 email subscribers which is awesome but that also meant that I had to upgrade to the next tier in my active campaign email software and for 10,000 subscribers to 25,000 subscribers the prices $229 per month so every year it's like almost $3,000 that I'm paying for my email list so I feel like I'm just really not using my email list to the full capacity it should at least be breaking even with the money that I'm making with my email list so I really have to learn to do more like automations and like funnels and stuff like that so that is going to be something I will focus on this year another thing I'm focusing

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