Earn $21,495 Per Month Selling T-shirts (Easy Side Hustle)

so what if I were to tell you that a single t-shirt design could make you well over $20,000 in just one month just like this one you see since the rise of the AI Revolution it's now become easier than ever to create groundbreaking t-shirt design and these can easily be sold on platforms like Etsy and Redbubble to make thousands of dollars I started doing this myself back in 2021 and it took me around 6 months before I was able to make my first $10,000 but if I had started with these new AI tools I would have reached this goal a lot sooner in this video we're going to cover a lot of different case studies a lot of different stores so you guys can see the potential of this side hustle I'll explain the entire process and this entire business model and right at the end of this video I'm going to start a brand new store live today so you guys can see the stepbystep process now continuing on for you guys to really get an understanding of how much money there is on the table right here and how exactly this all works let's go ahead and take a look at this as you can see this design is very simple it's just a print over there and the textt that this says fast food they're selling this t-shirt for around $20 and for the entire time that it's been on the Etsy platform it's made over $25,000 and every single month it's bringing in $764 yes I know this is crazy right this very basic t-shirt is bringing it enough to pay some people's rent mortgage payment Food grocery bills Etc and from the design you can see this is more than possible for you to create yourself now the same shop has other similar design which is around the same price you can see the design here is also very simple it's just got like a quirky funny quote right here with a butterfly in a hand this particular T-shirt has generated over $20,000 online and every single month it's generating over $679 now let's say we us to add up all of these products that have been sold between these three t-shirts right here it would come up to over 2,822 pieces now I don't know about you but that's a lot of t-shirts to buy hold inventory print designs on and ship to customers now that's where print on demand comes into play and it's very similar to the biggest business model Drop Shipping except that you work directly with a trusted supplier like gelot that will give you access to tons of white label products that you can print on products can include t-shirts mugs phone cases pillows socks and the list just goes on and on gelot integrates directly with Etsy making this whole process streamlined and easy to operate all you have to do is pick out any of these blank products in this case we're doing t-shirt shirts and then add some types of text or AI generated design onto them then they'll automatically list on the Etsy Marketplace and the best part about this entire process is that you don't have to do any of the marketing yourself you don't have to go on Instagram or Tik Tok and post anyy or even spend any money running ads Etsy has over 450 million active users that will find your product organically and make a purchase entire customer service and the shipping operations are handled directly by jelo so your design will automatically get shipped to your customers without you ever having to lift a finger in my humble opinion this is definitely one of the easiest business models to start on the internet right now and if everything I just said in the last 30 second of the video isn't already enough to convince you that this is an amazing business model to start you can see on the screen right here this is a list of the bestselling clothing stores on Etsy you take a look at the revenue going from the highest ranking going all the way down the list these people are making well over six figures every single year doing this and with all the AI tools I'm going to show you in the next step of this video you can be the next person to see success with this so now that I've got all of you guys in the right mindset to make money and you know exactly how much the bar is of how much you can make online let me go ahead and show you guys the exact steps you need to take in order to get started with this business the very first thing you need to do is create a new email for your business you don't want to be that person that's mixing your business with your personal stuff as that can be very confusing in the long run so you can just go ahead and open a brand new Gmail account it can be the name of your business if you already have an idea but if you don't have an idea you can just put something random or something that relates to you for now and after that all you have to do is head over to etsy.com scroll down to the bottom of the page and then click on the sell on Etsy button you'll see this page come up just click on open Etsy shop from here you have to do is just enter the email that you just created for your business account and then you can create a brand new store on Etsy now what I'm going to do for you guys is leave a link in the description to Etsy so you can click directly to that link and then you'll get 43 list for your first couple of products that you post on your store then with the same email that you just made follow the other Link in the description and then go over to Jill where you can also create a brand new free account for yourself this company also offers 50% discount on your first order which is a great perk for using that service we can now move into the fun part of this tutorial where we're going to use an amazing AI tool to create all of the designs for us remember we don't need to do much work here at all we don't need to be the most creative person and this will work for us so if you're still with me guys make sure you go ahead and smash that like button I'm going to show you in the rest of this video onwards is going to be amazingly valuable for you and I promise you if you follow this proven strategy you will make money with this business model now the tool that we're going to be using today has absolutely been Making Waves all over the Internet I'll say 3 to 6 month or so you've definitely heard of it this tool is called mid Journey this AI is extremely powerful as you can give it simple prompt and it will generate beautiful artistic images for you all of the images that you can see on the screen right now have all been generated by a single line of text also known as a prompt and today we're going to use these very simple prompts to generate amazing t-shirt designs for our Etsy store all you need to do is make sure that you have a free Discord account and then simply come back over here to Mid Journey's website and then you're going to click right here where it says join the beta this is going to connect you directly to the mid Journey servers and at the time of me recording this video there's over 1.1 million members online and just a heads up because of how massive this program is and how many people are trying t

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