If I started a YT channel in 2024, I’d do this :

[Music] hi guys hi so I know you all a lot of questions in your mind is it too late can I do it too if yes how what do I need to know where do I start what people around me think about me I've been trying to become a YouTuber since 2016 and this is my fifth channel that only only succeed I made so many mistakes along the way but I finally know kind of what I'm doing so I got you and I'm going to give you the exact plan to start your journey in a little later we're going to talk about the worst thing to avoid if you want to monetize your channel as fast as possible but first you need to have a courage to be disliked let's say you started posting videos right people are so busy with their own life nobody will make fun of you right I disagree when I started my channel Channel back in 2016 people were making fun of me like saying I'll never succeed as a YouTuber when your videos start to get traction some people will comment heartless things and they might even hate you just you being you a quote from my favorite book the courage to be disliked says being disliked by someone shows that you are free to exercise your own choices and live according to your principles the courage to be happy also includes the courage to be disliked unless you don't care about what other people's think aren't afraid of being disliked and willing to take the risk of never being acknowledged you won't be able to live life on your terms in other words you won't be able to be free I don't like making excuses and I try my best to always take action rather complain but we're human and sometimes the doubts in your brain starts to take control over you in those times I've been doing this since I was 10 and I write down every concern every possible excuse I have on a piece of paper and I ask myself is it in my control and if yes what can I do about it if it's not in my control why am I even worrying about it the goal is to do my best at that given moment not to be perfect with that being said you shouldn't put all your eggs in one basket if your risk tolerance is low if you're young single and don't have anyone to look after your risk tolerance is high meaning you can go all in to YouTube If you have guts if you're married older and have family to take care of you're risk tolerance is low rather quitting your current job and doing YouTube full-time start it as a side hustle don't quit your 9 to5 before seeing some success and know what you're doing I know both are hard going all in on YouTube living off your savings or working full-time and doing YouTube as a side hustle I know but if you want to have an extraordinary life we can't live like an ordinary person in either situation we need to treat YouTube as a business if you want to achieve the outcomes we would expect from a successful business rather than tra trading as a hobby it's completely fine by the way if you want to do YouTube as a hobby and make money here and there have a casual relationship with it but if you kind of want to retire your parents like I did and also want to reach a Financial Freedom treating as a hobby might not be enough because the competition is so high YouTube is not a get rich quick scheme yes you can start making a lot of money quickly only if you're familiar with content creation already like marketing copyright writing sales editing filming and also design which is quite rare because most of us don't know anything about those things in the beginning you will have a learning curve I monetized this channel in 3 months but I've been wanting to become a YouTuber since 2016 and because I wasn't getting any views I started to analyze every single video I watch I've been doing that ever since like it's been 7 years and even with years of trying to figure out what works on YouTube on my own when I look back I actually didn't know anything when I just started this Channel and knew I knew everything now you're lucky because you can cut that time into a couple of months since there's so many videos teaching you how to do it like this one and also online sources courses podcasts like anything and I'm on my way to also create a YouTube course and we'll have a link for the waiting list if you're interested but if you can't afford a course which is completely fine I would do the exact thing that I've done for this channel because I also didn't have money which is market research this is the most common rookie mistake I see everyone doing including my past s to be a good Creator you need to be a good consumer first and Stephen King Stephen King agrees with me I'm not talking about passively scrolling and watching like random videos I want you to watch videos from a Creator perspective Step One open a new YouTube account step two only watch videos that are similar to what you want to create step three when you decide tried to click on a video ask yourself what made me click on this video is it the title is it the thumbnail analyze step four take notes if you get bored and stop watching the video in the middle ask yourself what did make me click off what could have done better what can I learn from this and apply to my content creation step five think about your unfair advantages unfair advantages are things that cannot be easily copied or bought by your competitors don't say oh I don't have it on Fair Advantage because everyone has it having money can be an unfair Advantage obviously but also not having money is an unfair Advantage it's all about whether you know how to use it or not I'll put some links in the case if you're interested step six allow YouTube algorithm to learn your preferences and keep doing this the more you do this the more you realize the patterns in a good video doing market research is probably one of the most valuable things that you can do for your channel I'm creating a course but without the market research even the best YouTube course on the planet can't help you maybe I'm shooting myself in the foot and decreasing my potential sales by saying this but before even thinking about investing on a YouTube course do market research learn what a good YouTube video is most people buy a very expensive YouTube course and they think like $1,000 course will guarantee success but if you're not willing to grow evolve and improve your content with the time no course can help you including mine in the future yes a YouTube course will guide you and cut that time for you to succeed but if you're not willing to put the work in then unfortunately you can't succeed in any area of Life nobody can succeed for you but since majority of the people are not willing to do the market research we can use this as our unfair Advantage by being the one who wants to learn and Evol with time so market research can be your strong unfair Advantage even if you get the market research it would be meaningless without taking an action stop overthinking and just start creating you don't have to tell anyone that you started a YouTube channel don't

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