Step-by-Step Guide To Creating a $500/Day Blog (Using AI)

this video is going to be a step-by-step tutorial on how to create an affiliate marketing blog that you can operate in 10 to 20 minutes a day using Ai and the best part is you can eventually build this up to a five to ten thousand dollar per month asset now I'm fully aware this is a super long video but I promise you if you are a beginner and you're watching this video and you watch till the end and follow along by the end of this video you will have a website all set up and running you'll have your blog running you'll know exactly what content and what articles you're going to put out for the next six months to a year you'll know exactly how you're going to put those out with 10 to 15 minutes a day of work and time and you'll have a monetization strategy in place so you can start making money as soon as traffic starts coming into your blog from Google and just to prove that what I'm about to show you actually works and is really pretty insane I'm going to show you on the screen right here this is a 90-day window of traffic to my own personal blog and you can see right here I started about 30 days ago implementing exactly what we're going to be showing you and you can see right here I just started to shoot up for keywords that I was ranking for just a huge massive spike in the last like 15 days so as soon as Google started to see these articles and then same thing with Organic traffic to the most ever and all of this started once I started doing exactly what I'm about to teach you so let's dive in and make this happen step one to create any blog is you're going to need two things you're going to need a host and you're going to need a domain now all the Hosting account is is it's a place on the internet where all of your information and all your articles and stuff can live so that people can access them anytime and then all a domain is is it's your website for example my domain is so there's a lot of different hosts out there and I spend a lot of time going through different ones and I've really settled on the best for beginners being a host called hostinger so I'm going to leave a link down below so that you can get started with hostinger and there's a lot of reasons that I love them they're very beginner friendly they're very budget friendly and third they're also very helpful if you get stuck or have problems they can hop on they've got really good support so you're gonna get to a website like this they may be running a different promotion but you're going to click get started or claim deal or whatever the the big thing is for the month and you can see right here that that's going to give you three different plan options you're totally fine going on the 299 a month one the most popular ones got a few things it'll speed up your site it'll make your life a little bit easier but if that's too much for your budget no problem you can tell totally do everything we're going to show you and still get traffic from Google and everything on this 299 a month one that's worth noting these prices are if you commit to using it for a couple of years so we'll click the add to cart here and I'll actually show you what the what the real pricing is when you pay up front as you can see right here it can be it can be 16 a month if you want the option to cancel after the first month what I would do is probably do that 12 month one but again this is all up to you you can do this however you want to get started I'm going to click on 12 months because that's 4.99 a month and you get a free domain with it that means it's about 50 bucks for me to get started with a year of Hosting where my website can be online right here where it says have a coupon code you're going to type in the word Spencer and when you click apply it's going to drop the price another 10 from whatever it currently is once you've made the purchase you're gonna have to create a password because they're going to create an entire hostinger account for you now it's going to have kind of a walkthrough option or just a take me to my dashboard and let me go from there you're going to want to just go to the dashboard I'm going to show you everything you need to do from here so once you do skip you're going to want to create a new website we're going to select that and it's going to give you two different options now again I'm showing you everything on this tutorial so we're going to click skip I want to start from scratch and then we're going to start claiming our free domain again if you choose the any of those plans that I was talking about you'll get a free domain which is a free website name now this is the fun part where you start to get creative maybe you've already got one in mind but you'll find oftentimes the one you have in mind is already taken so we're gonna play the little game where we start typing in a bunch of different things until we find something we like now I would if I could dot Co if I couldn't I wouldn't go too far into kind of some of the funnier websites you'll find they don't get clicked nearly as often all right and after a tinkering with it for about five minutes you can see that I found the domain this blog runs on we are going to run with that now once more you're going to fill out all of your registration and contact details one piece of advice right here is you're probably not going to want to fill it out perfectly with your home phone number and your home address and your regular email address that you use for everything because you'll find that you're going to get spam mail spam emails some spam phone calls and stuff because this is all public information unless you pay to hide it but you will want to make sure that you put in some kind of email address it's real because they are going to verify your email address so maybe if you've got an extra one that you you use for contests or giveaways or something like that I would use that email address and once your site's set up it's going to give you an option to go look at your website which isn't going to be great because there's nothing on your website yet instead we're going to click here and manage our site or go to the control panel now this is one of those things that I found has just been easier in hosting her and we're going to install what's called WordPress I think you can just think of WordPress as a CMS or as like a general structure of your website where it's like the DNA of your site and then you'll get to go in and specify everything that you want you know what your menu looks like and your logo and all that WordPress just basically tells all the websites out there that you have a menu and you have a logo so we're going to go right here to Auto installer and you can see right there it's got a couple things we can install we're going to Auto install WordPress now you're going to pick a website title I'm just going to pick my main name and then you'll pick an email you'll definitely want to mak

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