it can be so disheartening when you work so hard and you finally open up your etsy shop and crickets so if that's you you're in the right place because today i'm going to share with you my step-by-step formula that i used to jump start my second etsy shop and make over 2500 in revenue in just the first month [Music] [Applause] welcome welcome back to my channel if this is your first time here i'm kate i'm a wife mom etsy seller and business coach and my mission on this channel is to come alongside all you beautiful entrepreneurs out there to help you succeed so that you can make a living doing what you love and spending more time with your family and on what's important before we dive into the five step strategy let's go ahead and do our etsy shop shout out of the week congratulations to margaret b ceramics thanks for being part of our channel family make sure to comment down below to have a chance for your etsy shop to be featured on our next video now this is a step-by-step formula on how to jump start etsy sales in your shop so it's assuming that you've already covered the basics that you need to be successful on etsy which includes picking a proven niche on etsy having a great product great photography seo and shop branding a great analogy for what i'm going to be teaching you today is cpr so when someone performs cpr they're having to manually pump the heart to pump the blood through the body until the heart can regain its own natural rhythm and pump again on its own so essentially that's what we're striving to do here with your etsy sales since they're not coming in on their own we have to do some hard work and put in some effort to manually drive as much traffic as possible and get the word out as much as possible so that those sales will start coming in and then once you get a regular rhythm of steady sales coming in then the shop is somewhat self-sustaining and you don't have to go through this process over and over again this process is what we used when we opened our second shop earlier this year and we were able to get two thousand seven hundred and seventy five dollars in revenue in the first month using these five steps now that amount of revenue may not seem like a ton but we were actually selling lower priced items compared to our first shop for the amount that we were charging per item i think that was a really great amount of revenue for our first 30 days all right so let's hop into the first step which is to double down on facebook i'm assuming that most of you probably already have a facebook account but if you don't you want to go ahead and create one and you're going to invite anyone and everyone you know to be your friend on facebook so this is not a time to be shy this is a time to think of anybody you went to high school with your mom's friends your cousins anybody go ahead and friend everyone you can think of and then also start searching for some local groups that you can join so local business groups local moms groups even groups that are related to your product type just search all the different groups so that you can start interacting and engaging with people through your facebook page and through facebook groups the whole point of this process is to start driving traffic to your shop to hopefully gain some sales so you have to be on social media you really have to be able to get the word out about your shop because most people probably don't know about it yet and the algorithm on etsy won't kick in to show you in the search until you get a few of your first sales so it's up to you to drive the traffic in the beginning moving on to step number two which is to start a facebook group for your business now what you're gonna have to do here is to create actually a facebook page and a group for your business they have to be linked so you have to have a page and a group but the group is where the magic is going to happen so go ahead and create your facebook page and your group link them together and invite everyone you know to join the group just like you did in the beginning you invited them to be your friend but now you're inviting them to join the facebook group you want to make sure your group looks really professional with your business branding and lots of great information about your business and your shop okay here's where it gets fun so now you're gonna grow your group as big as possible so the way that you do this is to do a week-long of freebies really it can be any amount of time that you want but we did a week-long so we did monday through saturday and every day we offered a different freebie or free item as a giveaway the people that are part of your group will enter the giveaway to win and you establish the requirements for what they need to do to enter different things they could do would be to like your freebie post to share the post to tag friends in the post to comment there's a lot of different great things but what i will stress here is the best thing you can do is have them invite friends to join the group so i'm not talking about just tagging friends i'm talking about clicking the little invite friends button and sending an invitation to their friends to become part of the group you could even make it where the more friends they invite the more entries they get for the freebie giveaway it's up to you you can have fun with it and make the rules whatever you want but inviting the friends will grow your group the fastest i would recommend for each freebie day to change up the rules and the requirements a little bit so it doesn't get stale and change up the items that are available for the giveaway that day when we did the freebie week to grow our facebook group it was so much fun everybody loved it and it really grew our group a ton way more than i thought it would it's exponential growth because you only know so many people to invite a family and friends but when your friends are inviting their friends and then their friends are inviting their friends your group can really grow exponentially all right we're almost ready to move on to the next three steps but before i do if you're getting value out of this video would you give it a big thumbs up for me that is such a help to our channel and i truly appreciate it and also make sure to subscribe and hit the little bell for your notifications so you don't miss any of our future etsy videos okay step number three is to identify influencers to collaborate with this could be people you follow on facebook or instagram but i would highly suggest first thinking about your friend group do you have any connections within the people that you know in your circle that might have a little bit of a following if so you can reach out to that person and offer them either free items to review or a coupon code for a big discount in your shop for them to get their hands on some of your product to share with their followers now the key here is to try to choose people that are only a couple steps a

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