Make Your First $1000 with AFFILIATE MARKETING (on a FREE Website!)

hey everyone Anastasia here and welcome to today's free tutorial on affiliate marketing let's Dive Right In affiliate marketing is a cool way to make money by just recommending products or making sales on someone else's offer it's like having a business without the hustle of actually owning one you can start affiliate marketing from anywhere in the world with zero doar in this video I will cover different ways to do affiliate marketing and hey this tutorial is totally free all I ask is that you hit the like button and subscribe to my channel so I can keep creating free tutorials like this affiliate marketing involves selling someone else's product just as a more common example you could do it through Amazon's affiliate program but there are many other affiliate networks with even better commissions so stay with me because I will cover them later in the video for instance if you see an outfit on Instagram or TI Tik Tok and buy it using someone's link they earn a commission but they don't worry about shipping or running a business some affiliate programs pay you for leads for free trials or just for clicks on a website commission rates vary too some offer 5% others 50% but remember affiliate marketing isn't a get-rich quick scheme it requires patience some people start a blog to promote affiliate products letting Google Drive traffic others use social media like Pinterest Tik Tok and Instagram these are great platforms for this and remember that most social media sites also have integrated search engine features when someone buys a product from your Pinterest or Instagram post you also can earn a commission now let's dive into three types of affiliate marketing products and for each type I will mention the best places where you can find those products meaning the affiliate networks and I will tell you what are the trend graphic sources or what are the best online platforms where you could promote those affiliate links so first up physical products when I'm looking for new outfits I often turn to Pinterest Tik Tok and Instagram to find fashion influencers that's their Niche focusing on a niche helps your account grow faster because social media platforms can better understand who to show your content to jumping around topics isn't ideal for beginners you're way better off if you stick to one Niche and if you're patient here are just a few names of the best affiliate platforms known for promoting physical products and if you're new to this you might want to watch the section of the video again or maybe pick up a pen and a paper and point them out Amazon Affiliates this program is one of the largest and most popular offering a huge variety of physical products across multiple categories then share a sale it's a gray one too and usually it's quite easy to get accepted to this network even for beginners then CJ affiliate it's also known for its wide range of Big Brand retailers offering physical products in various niches reward style ltk is a great place for you if you are in home decor or fashion niches and I started with physical products because they're often a great choice for beginners and here is why first it's easier to join these programs when you are new to affiliate marketing it's usually easier to get accepted into programs that sell physical products they're often open to new is no matter what you're interested in promoting the second reason is because they're simple to to sell you don't have to work hard to convince people to buy just sharing a link in your social media post can often do the trick people see the product they like it and they click to buy the third reason is that there is no need for a fancy website you don't have to worry about setting up a website when you start as a beginner this makes things less complicated and easier to manage and then also you can use social media it's a big reason because you can just focus on growing your Pinterest Instagram or Tik Tok account and you can put the links to these physical products in your posts or in your Linkin bio and this way people can find and buy the products right from your social media and if you ask my personal opinion on which social media is it the best one to start your affiliate marketing efforts here I have a strong opinion Pinterest is the best because you can link from pins directly to your affiliate products and you can build your boards or maybe your entire Pinterest account around a certain Niche with over 480 million monthly users Pinterest is a great place for niches Like Home Decor fashion Health maternity products will go extremely well on Pinterest because 60% of Pinterest audience are women and I didn't mention yet that the largest demographic on Pinterest are users from the United States and the United Kingdom which means higher purchasing power and so you can make more sales I have a very popular video on my channel by by the way specifically on how to use Pinterest for affiliate marketing I will link it up there and you can watch it once we're done with this video I also have a free Pinterest masterclass which you can sign up for and watch it at any time later the link will be in the description below so promoting physical products can be a smooth start for beginners because it's easy to get into it's simple to sell and it doesn't require a lot of technical stuff you can just use social media to get going now the second type of products that you can promote our digital products these usually have higher commission rates up to 40% or even higher because they are easier for the seller to scale they just sell as many copies as they wish and there is no shipping or product cost for each copy so if you go into digital products you can sell online courses that might cost from a couple hundred to a couple of thousand dollars and your commission would be then from a100 dollar per sale to up to $1,000 per sale of course if you're selling a product that costs $2,000 you need a whole different level of connection and trust between you and your audience obviously you need less convincing when you're selling a $9 ebook and you can sell cheaper products to a cold audience on social media whereas you will hardly be able to sell an online course for $2,000 to someone from just one click on an affiliate link there are way more advanced strategies for these types of products and we will get to them later later in this free tutorial but no matter what being authentic in your content creation is key think about why someone would follow you and take your social media presence seriously and in most cases because they're not tangible things for digital products I would say that just dropping your links on social media won't be enough people will need a bit more convincing information what usually works best is having a landing page or a simple website dedicated to your products that you're promoting and I already feel some rejection on that side of the screen because starting website sounds like a lo

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