Make Your First $100 With Affiliate Marketing In 24 Hours (NEW METHOD)

so let me ask you something do you feel like you've tried so many different methods on YouTube but you still can't seem to make any of them work are you tired of logging into your dashboard and not seeing any commissions well no worries because my goal for you in today's video is to help you make your first 100 with affiliate marketing in just 24 hours if not then at least by the end of this week and just the disclaimer this method I'm showing you today is not based off a theory or hypothesis this is a real method that I'm actually doing today and it's making real money and believe me when I say this doesn't require you to have tons of experience because you could have discovered affiliate marketing yesterday and you'll still be able to make money with this you could be cashing out your first commissions by the end of this week if you follow exactly what I'm going to show you in today's video let's go ahead and jump into my laptop so you can see these results yourself and start to actualize what is possible for you with this method so here you can see on the screen right now is the affiliate program that I've been trying this method with in the last week or so and you can see on the left hand side here you have have the date so I started this from around the 9th of September so you can see on the left hand side here and it goes all the way up until today's date which is the 16th when I'm recording this video and if you take a closer look here you can see on the first day I made zero dollars but on the second day I made 69 and after that I made another 92.71 all the way up to 100 and today I've made well over eighty dollars with this method I'm showing you today and this is just the beginning I plan to scale this all the way up to 500 every single day and I know that this is so simple that any beginner can literally duplicate this entire strategy and get similar results to what I'm getting here what's going on guys welcome to the channel if this is your first time coming across any of my videos my name is Dre also known as wisdom speaks over the past few years we've generated multiple six figures with affiliate marketing and along this journey I've documented all my wins and losses on this channel that you can go back and watch from years ago and we've grown an amazing Community here helping people make money online escape the rat race and this help people under pursuit to get the three forms of Freedom which is Financial Freedom time freedom and location Freedom now before we go ahead and jump into today's video I just want to take a moment of your time just to thank you guys for everyone that subscribed to this channel we have just received our 100K plaque in the mail hey you guys go you can see right here this is the 100K YouTube plaque now I'm just here to show you guys my appreciation for this but to be fair with you this is not only my accomplishment but I also see this as your accomplishment as well because without you guys I would have never received this and we would have never grown the channel until the heights there is right now so I just want to say thank you guys for this plaque right here this this has truly inspired me to just keep making content and keep providing Great Value to you guys now I say that to say this because we've already surpassed this 100K I think we're approaching like 150k right now I want to give back to you guys by doing a giveaway in this video here today if you're one of the lucky winners of this giveaway here's what you will get firstly you will get a free one-on-one consultation with myself where I can get to know you a little bit more on your goals and now give you the best possible route that I think you should take in order to start making your desired amount of income online secondly I'm going to be giving away 300 in cash and this could be in whatever payment method you want whether that be PayPal strike bank transfer I'm gonna send this directly to you and finally I'm gonna give you access to my private Discord membership group where we have entrepreneurs that have made well over one hundred thousand dollars online and they have really specialized knowledge so you can join the group and really start you know conversating with people that can help you get to the next level in your career and in your business now there's three different things that you need to do in order to qualify for this giveaway hair today and the first thing is to just comment down below 100K we're celebrating this 100K plaque for this channel here today so this comment 100K in the comment section of this video then after that just simply like the video and then after that all you have to do is just follow me over on Instagram so that's over at Wiz speaks this is where you'll be getting updates on the competition so make sure you guys do all of those things in order to enter this competition and trust me I will be checking so make sure you guys don't take you know any shortcuts with this and with that being said good luck to all of you guys and I look forward to announcing the winner in the next video alright so carrying on now that you guys know that this is a legitimate method and you can replicate this for yourself to start making money as soon as this week let me go ahead and explain why this is such a big opportunity right now and why this is working so well so first and foremost the traffic method that we're going to be using today to make sales is Google and if you didn't know Google's actually the biggest search engine in the entire world with over 99 000 queries per second and with over 8.5 billion searches every day as you can see from this article right here an impressive 92.6 of all searches worldwide take place on Google people are using the search engine to get different answers for questions they have find out more information about products they want to buy and a lot of big companies and marketers such as myself are leveraging this platform to make tens of thousand dollars every single month by simply being a middle man to the transactions are taking place on here now that being said I think it's also fair to mention that the competition on Google is absolutely massive and you'll be going up against experienced markers and big corporations that are trying to rank for keywords to monetize with their services and products so the important differentiator here and the absolute key to making this work especially if you're a beginner is finding new and emerging keywords that people don't even know about yet that you can easily rank for and start making tons of sales online and that's exactly why I'm going to show you how to do today in this step-by-step tutorial cool so moving into the initial step of this video and this is what we're going to be using a special tool to find some low hanging keywords that we can rank for on Google as complete beginners now there's a number of different tools that you can choose from out there but the one that

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