I TRIED Earning $2.00 Per Google Email That I Read WORLDWIDE

welcome or welcome back to my I tried it series where I try outside hustles found here on YouTube to see whether or not they actually work and whether you can make a little bit of extra money from them today I'm trying out reading emails in order to make money I've been seeing this one circulating here on YouTube so I'm going to give it a try to see whether or not it actually works the video I'm going to be following just a little bit here in this video is from the channel called Cash Pro I will leave the channel and video information in the description box down below so without further Ado let's let's get into it withdrawing over $2 over $6 and even over $10 every minute from this we $10 just to read one email first you just sign up for a free account second you open up emails and read them I will show you a real life example of how to do that third step you can get paid in real money every single day which you can later withdraw into your PayPal Amazon gift cards but in order to start earning money on this website you must have two things ready first you must have a PayPal account okay I already have a PayPal account that I regularly use so I don't have to sign up with a new one button you can use a Gmail account for this but if you don't have a Gmail account you can create a free Yahoo mail and you can use that for receiving emails and I also created a burner Gmail account for this because as I've been doing these side hustles and trying them out on YouTube I've learned a lot and just to be safe I opened up a burner email to use for this so I do have an email address that I'm going to be using to try this out to see whether or not it actually works they also give you $3 signup bonus once you join and activate your account on paid to read email.com so just come to the top of this website where you can register yourself for completely free the registration process is a bit complicated so pay close attention to it first you need to select your gender then enter your first name enter your email ID create a strong password retype the same password and just click on this sign up button okay so I'm selecting my gender here I went ahead and input a bogus first name and then I'm inputting that burner email address and creating my password like I said I have learned from doing some of this stuff in the past that you don't want to give them all of your real information until you know that it works because you will get a lot of spam scams all kinds of stuff so it brought me to this next page which is prompting me to go ahead and input my zip or postal code except that I'm not a robot and then it sent me this email here that's stating for me to confirm the email address that it is mine which I did and then it brought me to this homepage so let's keep going then on the next page you need to enter your last name the ZIP code or the postal code for your city or Village check I have read terms and conditions check I am not a robot and just click the sign me up button you will be logged into your account and this is how your dashboard will look like you can see that the $3 signup bonus has been credited to your account which you can confirm by checking your account okay so whether or not that money is something I'll ever be able to even withdraw I'm not sure yet but I do see right here on my account this $3 for me to use or withdraw so that is on my account and that is what the home dashboard of this website looks like now if you scroll down a little bit here you will find different ways to earn free cash on paid to read email.com such as you can complete cash surveys and you can earn anywhere from 50 cents up to $1 per survey you complete or you can complete some cash offers and all to make free extra cash on this website but today we want to make money reading emails online so we just need to select the paid email option right here and click on this earn more reading emails button that is exactly what my homepage looks like as well I just scrolled down here to the bottom where it says get paid to read emails or earn more reading emails and then I just selected that and then I'm also seeing here where it's saying inbox is empty and you have to wait for emails so I'm not really sure let's keep watching to see what I need to do next count so let's wait for it so after 3 to 4 hours I received my first mail from paid to read.com so this is how your paid emails will look like and now all you have to do is to click on confirm this paid email and that's going to take you over to some website randomly just like this now you simply have to stay on the website and wait for at least 30 seconds and during that time you have to browse along the website to make sure to the website that you are a human and not a bot okay so from here it looks like I just have to wait on an email so I'm going to wait a little while to see whether or not I get anything and I will be back okay it's been about 5 hours since I signed up on this paid to read emails website I've been checking my email I have not received a single email from them in 5 hours so let me go ahead and dive into my opinion of this to let you know exactly what I think is actually going on here after doing some research on this type of thing and researching a little bit into this company I discovered that websites like this and other websites I've tried in the past what I think is actually happening is they're simply collecting data to sell to data broker so I think that they're just collecting information they're collecting name email address and zip code which can be really beneficial to people like data brokers who buy information to scam and spam you so I would definitely watch out for this one this one actually seemed like a dangerous one and I'm glad that I used a burner email I did not use my real name to do this and I'm really glad and I've learned from mistakes in the past where I'm trying out these side hustles that promise this money but then I'm actually giving real information and I'm getting like bugs on my computer scammed spammed all of that stuff so this is one You definitely want to watch out for do not do this one I would highly recommend against this one all in all the amount I've earned from doing this obviously is $0 hopefully I'm saving some of you out there from providing your information to this website that's basically just collecting and making lists of people to sell to data Brokers if you've tried this one leave me a comment down below and if you have any recommendations for future side hustles to try also leave me a com comment down below as always thank you so much for your support and I look forward to seeing you in my next video bye-bye

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