How to easily RUIN your ENTIRE LIFE forever

every single year we set a bunch of New Year's resolutions get in shape wake up early start a business make more money we tell ourselves that this year is going to be different you said that last year too how many of the goals you set did you actually achieve probably not a lot of them maybe even none of them let me tell you the reason because you're doing it wrong stop being obsessed with New Year's resolutions what you need is systems not goals last year I had enough and decided to do things differently and thanks to that I achieved every single goal I set to myself insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results I'm going to take you through my process step by step so that you will make this year the greatest year of your life get ready to take some notes and let's get started thank you Shopify for sponsoring this video I have ADHD and I often get asked how are you so motivated all the time it's quite interesting because for business related things I don't even need motivation I do it anyway but for some of my goals even though when I really want it I don't do anything about them and I realize that unless your goals come from the right place it's really hard to sustain motivation the first thing we will dive into is where do goals actually come from without realizing it many of our goals can come from the expectations of others or societal conditioning the challenge is that these goals don't come with intrinsic motivation intrinsic motiv ation basically means it's coming within you you know you want that so the first question you need to ask yourself is why do you want to achieve this goal whatever goal you set yourself for the new year is it because you care about it and deeply want it or is it because of external pressures and expectations from others I want you to pause this video and write down the reason behind your goal this is actually really important and the interesting thing is it's not about the goal itself but the reason behind it so the same goal can have an external reason and an internal reason for example let's say my goal is to earn $5,000 a month right if my motivation is coming from outside so extrinsic motivation I want to buy a nice watch or I want to have a trendy lifestyle or I just want to make 5K because what it's what I'm supposed to be earning it's just I want to impress my friends and if my motivation is coming from inside so the reason is intrinsic I value freedom and experiences because Mania loves that and I value stability or it's my duty as a parent to to provide Financial stability for my kids so if we want to have a long sustainable motivation we need to shift our reason towards the internal reasons rather than external reasons if you can't come up with internally motivating reasons it might not be the right goal for you because every goal should have an internal reason after that we need to break that goal into measurable achievable and input-based smaller goals most people said we goals like I want to get in shape okay what are you going to do about it on day-to-day basis I'm going to eat healthier to get in shape okay what is healthier like where's your start line where are we trying to get to are you trying to get from here to here or here to here you know without knowing these clearly you will get stuck so what we need to do is set milestones and micro commitments Milestones are measurable outcomes that will contribute to achieving your goal for example if you want to get in shape the finding a workout routine that you will follow is a milestone or joining a fitness Community you will show up is a milestone because you can measure that you show up or not you can measure that easily micro commitment is the action you will perform every day to achieve your goal the reason why it's called micro commitment is because it needs to be something tiny something super easy that you can achieve even when you're super busy even when you don't have time when I was trying to make working out a habit of mine for example I decided to wear my workout clothes every single day I'm not talking about working out literally just wearing those clothes and putting them on every single day that's it that was the goal you might you might find it stupid and think it's not going to work but trust me lowering the bar as much as you can is the most crucial step when it comes to achieving goals and this is what most people don't do because the more evidence you have of actually achieving goals you told yourself to do the more confidence you will have in yourself keep the bar low focus on consistency rather than Perfection because confidence comes from competence and after you set your milestones and micr commitments we need to make sure that we're in control of achieving this goal these are input based goals and output based goals basically we can control the inputs the actions that we take but we can't control the outputs which are the results so rather than setting an output based goal like losing 10 kilogram or something like that set input based goals such as working out four times a week not eating junk food 2 days in a row kind of something like that right stop the video and fill in your intrinsic goal Milestones micr commitments on a piece of paper or on my notion kaisen template and make sure to focus on inputs you can get my notion Kaizen template but by joining my community where I dive much deeper about goal setting and motivation so if you're interested check the link in the description but you can also write these on a piece of paper don't worry about it after you filled out your intrinsic goals milestones and micro commitments it's important to remember that the process of achieving goals whether they are personal or professional often requires the right tools and support I'm sure many of you got interested in the business World once in your life but found yourself getting overwhelmed and couldn't make progress but what if I told you that there is a platform that can make it easier for you to start and grow your own online business that's where Shopify comes in Shopify is an all-in-one Commerce platform that allows anyone regardless of their technical ability to build and manage their own businesses whether you want to sell a physical product digital downloads or even offer services Shopify has got you covered with Shopify you can create a professional looking website accept payments from customers all around the world and even sell on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram Shopify has tools specifically designed for new Merchants like their business name generator and Shopify learn which guide you through the process of setting up your store and their affordable plans give you everything that you need to get started but it doesn't stop there Shopify keeps you with powerful marketing tools to help you reach and engage with your customers so if you're ready to take that leap and start building yo

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