Gurus Are Lying To You About These 5 Side Hustles

and I'm going to teach you how to become a millionaire online now $150,000 from what I would consider $1,579 per day $1,400 every single day in the $1,000 per day and the entire has you're being lied to now I really want to be careful to make sure you're not getting the wrong idea here because YouTube is a marketing channel right that's what YouTube is so I fully expect companies and people to kind of put forth their best foot or put the best case scenario forward but if a company like McDonald's showed a commercial for a Big Mac and they put 45 hamburger patties on that Big Mac I would fully expect McDonald's to have Big Macs that have 45 Patties on them so the real big issue with the hustles that I'm going to show you right here and I can virtually guarantee you've run into these hustles and been told to do these hustles to make money is that there's probably not one single person on planet Earth doing the numbers that some of these gurus are claiming with these side hustles number one and I've hit this so hard on this channel so many times but it's paid surveys so the biggest Pinocchio award here goes to this video right here where they're claiming that you can make $1 to $700 per hour taking online surveys so if we followed out this claim and you did surveys 40 hours a week you would be making $1.5 million per year now don't get me wrong here you can earn money it's not a complete scam there is little bits of money out there being paid to survey takers all over the world but there's two really big problems with the survey side hustle that's being pushed so hard right now number one and kind of the obvious one is that a vast majority of these surveys don't pay anywhere close to what's being claimed that they're paying right even the people that are maybe saying something a little more reasonable like $50 an hour or $50 per survey they're going out and they finding one single survey ever that's ever happened you know that maybe 10 people have ever taken and it was $50 and they're using that as their prime example and saying hourly or every single day right which is virtually impossible and the second big issue you're going to find using any of the survey sites out there is just the number of surveys that are available specifically ones that pay anything more than a couple bucks for an hour survey and number two is there simply is not enough surveys out there and so you'll log in a lot of times and there won't be surveys or there'll be surveys that pay you0 50 cents for an hour worth of survey work so there's basically two different camps here that you find on Reddit there's the first Camp which claims that it's a scam and there's the second Camp which says that it's legit and gives you an affiliate link down below to click oh what the internet has become moving on to number two it's getting paid to type which actually sounds legit and honestly sounds a lot more legit than surveys you can see that the bigest Pinocchio award for this category only claims that you're going to make $200 an hour which is only about $400,000 a year so you should probably stick with surveys now to be fair most of the gurus are claiming $1 to $300 a day typing is kind of the the norm here but let's look at the reality of it this is on which is probably the biggest typing transcription service out there right it says that on average people are making about $150 a month now I don't know about you but I literally had a couple kids knock on my door a couple months ago they knocked on my door offered to paint my curb they did all four houses in my neighborhood and they made $150 an hour in about a couple hours in an afternoon and if we head over to go transcript which is another one of the really big transcription sites you can see right here they say that on average you'll pay about 60 cents per minute again this is average now it takes about 4 to 6 hours to do an audio minute so once again we extrapolate the math here and if you are a above average you've got a foot pedal you're doing everything right you're making maybe a little more than $6 an hour on a good day now you might think that's good but just getting a simple customer service work from home job can pay you double or even triple that so there really isn't a reason to sell yourself short here and make $5 to $6 an hour typing up in a job that's probably going to disappear soon as AI takes it over moving on to number three it's watching ads and we've all seen this one but have we ever seen a number quite this High yes the biggest Pinocchio award for this one is claiming that you can make $75,000 per month seriously what am I doing making these videos when I could literally just be watching them and making 10 times as much money now here's the big issues you're going to run into if you watch a video and you feel like perhaps there actually is money to be made watching videos the first one we're going to look at this site called fabric pay this kind of site kind of Springs up all the time I have this theory that it's the same people just once they get found out shutting down the site and starting a new one can't substantiate that but that's kind of my theory and what these sites are doing you can look directly on their site and you can see that when you get paid you get paid in some kind of inapp currency right not actual money so theoretically all you have to do is you go and you take this inapp money right and they say they're developing an app right now and then you'll be able to convert the inapp currency into real currency you dig a little deeper and say Well when exactly will this app come out and oh we're busy working on it right it's happening it's coming very very soon and literally all they have to do is never release this app and they never have to pay a single penny to anybody that they made money off of and number two is even if you manage to get some money from watching these videos the pay for watching advertisements and commercials and things like that is incredibly low if you look at YouTube right like you probably watched a commercial before you watch this video the average YouTuber makes about5 $5 for every thousand people that watch their videos that means that the average Advertiser is paying YouTube about $10 to get a, people to watch their ad so if they can go to YouTube and get a very targeted ad to somebody and get a th000 people to watch it for $10 what makes us think that it's possible that we're going to make a hundred or a thousand times that much watching on some other random site now moving on to number four this is actually one I had never heard of and it started popping up as I started researching this video and it was terrifying that that this even exists and that people are making this claim and that's PayPal cash codes now this video is the biggest Pinocchio in this category where they're claiming you can make $200 every 20 minutes from PayPal now the site that most people are using when they'r

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