Why (Almost) Every CREATOR and BRAND Should be on PINTEREST & How it Changed my Life!

hi I'm Anastasia in this video I will explain why almost every business should be on Pinterest I will show you later in the video why it's almost every business and which businesses shouldn't even bother about Pinterest so stick with me until the end of the video but first I can tell you the number that you might have hear a bunch of times Pinterest has over 480 million monthly users so what you ask me Facebook Faceook has 3 billion monthly users Instagram 1.5 billion Tik Tok 1 billion the numbers are right but numbers are tricky quantity doesn't always convert into quality I will tell you why this 480 million might be worth your attention more than a billion users on other platforms and the first reason is that you can add direct links to your pins so you can attach a link to every pin that you create on the the platform a link that goes from the image straight to your website and your posts on Pinterest will not get lower Impressions just because you added an outgoing link which is what they do on Facebook for example forcing people to add links in the comments below the posts kind of like what I have to do on my Facebook page a quick side note I was inspired to make this video by another Creator and I will link her video in the description below I thought it would be nice to give her credit here as she shared how her life changed thanks to Pinterest she worked with this platform on several collaborations and it helped her eventually leave her day job and become a full-time content creator I liked her video because I also have a story of how Pinterest changed my life I recently celebrated 7 years of starting my blogging business it later evolved from just blogging Ling to a full-time content creator business since I also added this YouTube channel to my income streams but I can say for sure that it was Pinterest that changed my life because when I started my blog I couldn't get any traffic to the website for several months because I was focusing at the time on Google SEO then I discovered Pinterest and by the end of my 11th month blogging I managed to get over a 100,000 monthly page views to my site my blog was accepted to Medi Vine premium ad management company and I've got my first paycheck of $1400 a month with display ads on my blog and over 90% of the visitors were at the time users that I attracted from Pinterest for free now let's look at the other reasons why I think most businesses should be on Pinterest and the second reason is that Pinterest users are always in a discovery mode unlike users on other social media on Pinterest people are not just mindlessly scrolling down they usually want to find some inspiration for say for their projects like home renovation or even for recipes to cook for tonight for some gift ideas and so on and because they're looking for something for example here a user is looking for living room decor ideas and is researching for different Decor Styles so this users can be considered a cold audience and if you are a brand and your pins show up in someone's feed it usually is related to the interests of these users or to the things that they're already looking for right now the searches on Pinterest are not as specific as they might be on Google users are still looking for inspiration and for many options related to this Skyward but there is an intention to find something around a certain product or a topic and that gives you an audience that's interested in your thing and at the same time this audience is open to new ideas so new brands in every Niche also have a chance to get users attention on Pinterest while they're in a discovery mode and the next reason is that Pinterest works as a visual search engine so your content can work for you long term it's not like a post on Instagram for example that has a lifespan of about what one or two days it's Evergreen content that can rank on Pinterest search and drive your traffic maybe for years you shouldn't expect that every pin that you save uh becomes your traffic generator it doesn't work like that some pins will flop and other pins will get great engagement and they will rank high in Pinterest search results you obviously cannot make every single pin go viral on your account because there are many factors including some of them that are out outside of your control like if some pin suddenly starts getting many comments from users that are talking to each other back and forth then the Pinterest algorithm could get this as a very positive factor and might rank your PIN higher just because of those comments but these conversations can spark randomly on some pins so there are always some things that are just pure luck and the next reason is that as a search engine Pinterest Works easier than Google in what ways in many ways first of all you don't have to rank number one on the search results to get the traffic because Pinterest users on average they will scroll down the feed maybe like three times before they click on something so it's not like on Google that if your site is not in the top three results you don't get any traffic as long as your PIN stands out you have a chance to get traffic with it even if users scroll down three times and was already shown other 20 pins before yours it is easier also in another way you don't have to worry about things like domain Authority which is an important factor on Google and you don't even need to optimize your content on the side itself so much to rank on Pinterest because it's a visual search engine so your pins matter much more than the actual content or the text on your website of course if the content is completely irrelevant and use users are leaving your side in about 2 seconds after coming from your pins then it's a negative ranking Factor on Pinterest as well but Pinterest doesn't evaluate the entire site and doesn't really go that deep into analyzing the text on your site as much as Google does and when you do keyword research for Pinterest SEO you don't have to go down the rabbit hole trying to find super narrow keywords with low competition so that your brand new site can have a chance to rank for them Pinterest doesn't even have have a comprehensive keyword research tool of its own and it doesn't provide details about the search volume even in its ad manager keywords research tool because there they will show you huge volumes above 1 million or even 5 million monthly search volume for lots of keywords and these numbers are completely out of touch with reality so if you ask me what I would do to find more or less popular keywords for Pinterest I actually have this browser extension from keywords everywhere and it's always on on my computer and when I search for something on Pinterest it shows below the search bar the monthly volume for each term it shows me the keyword volume in the United States so I know which keyword is more popular and which is too narrow maybe to be ranking for it on Pinterest and I normally stay away of the keyw

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