How To Sell Digital Products Online As A Beginner – STEP BY STEP Passive Income Business Model

you may have dreams of making it big or maybe you just want a passive income stream that can actually grow to eventually replace your 95 job whatever your reason is finding new ways to make money and of course make money from home is a smart move and selling digital products online is an ideal way to do so because it's beginner friendly it requires very little initial investment if any at all you actually get to keep most of the profit as there's no need to manage physical inventory moreover you can create most digital products once and you keep earning from it in perpetuity so you're making money while you sleep so in this beginner friendly stepbystep video tutorial we are going to determine first the best digital products to sell how to sell these digital products online in your own store and again remember all of this is beginner friendly and of course how to create these digital products as a beginner and after creating them I'm going to also talk about how to Market these products to secure [Music] sales now a digital product is any virtual or intangible item that actually exist in digital format it's a product that you cannot physically hold or feel but it does have value personally I sell over 10 digital products that are related to my brand I sell an ebook I sell a budget template as you can see here on my personal website Odetta rocket I also sell a business plan template there I sell subscriptions for membership on platforms like patreon which is a digital product I sell coaching packages consultation packages digital art such as some of the stickers I created and I sell them on my website I sell resume templates on my website and now I'm working on a financial planner that will also be downloadable and here is why I sell so many digital products and why I'm encouraging you to do the same the digital Product Industry will be worth 74 billion not million billion dollars per a JP Morgan study this actually translate into a large potential market for digital creators which I'm going to turn you into by the time this video is done and of course this is whether you are new or have been doing it for some time digital products can be sold globally I've often said that if you want to make millions you can't sell just people in your country or your region you need to to create a product and sell it on a platform that gives you Global access without any Geographic limitations and the last reason is the order can be delivered instantly there's no inventory so there's no Logistics there's no fulfillment there's no shipping and here's the best part you always have products in stock you'll never run out of products with a digital product so to me Rockstars it's a no-brainer and every body out there should have digital products on sale and I'm going to make it very easy for you to start doing so in this video now there are many places out there where you can sell digital products but nothing beats your own website where you can get to keep most of the profits and you can actually control what you're selling selling your digital products on a multifaceted website that has over 20 payment options that and of course includes debit cards credit cards Apple pay Google pay is what I recommend that said let's create a gamechanging website using your mobile phone or your computer or your tablet which is what I'm going to use today in minutes with absolutely no technical expertise required no coding skills required and we're going to use the magical userfriendly platform called hostinger for those who don't know hostinger is a leading hosting provider with remarkable Global reach aiding over 1.2 million individuals in launching their Web projects you can click the link in the description of this video to get started and make sure you stay tuned because after clicking rockstars I'm going to give you an opportunity to benefit from addition discount as a rockar now after clicking the link the first thing you're going to click on is claim deal and I do recommend going with a business plan though it's a tad bit more expensive only because you'll be able to access some of hostinger AI tools and you also get e-commerce features which are crucial for selling digital products and doing so successfully so select the business plan as I'm doing here and now you can pick the time frame that you want the plan for obviously by selecting an annual plan you'll get a lot more months free and save some money and I recommend for that reason going with the 12-month plan and you save over $100 with this option enter your personal details and write where it says have a coupon code here on screen enter rock stars and you're going to get an additional 10% off on top of the discounts that I mentioned earlier you can then submit your payment after Now by subscribing to this particular plan you're going to get a free domain and also hosting for that particular domain and this is typically valued at about $15.99 per year you're also going to get a free professional email so as an example if your website is Goa Global your email email is Odetta goag giving you a professional brand image online you will need a domain name for your actual website if you already have a domain you can definitely use it but you can also get ideas like the ones I'm sharing here on screen from chat GPT and the prompt I use to get these ideas in chat GPT was give me ideal company names to sell digital products I'm going to select next gen digital Goods I think that's pretty cool and now with my domain name or company name I'm going to select claim your domain from the menu and enter the domain that you would like and in this case of course I'm entering nextg digital Goods you can also connect a domain like I said earlier if you already have one choose a personal website or you can choose one for a company or an organiz ization in this example we're going to go with a personal website and then you're going to complete the template to register your domain now to sell your digital products online you should select the online store option when you're setting up your website you have the option to create a new website or you can migrate an existing website if you have one for this tutorial we will create our website with the hostinger webs it Builder and all you have to do is to select hosting or Builder with AI and connect your domain name after confirming your domain you can start creating by following the instructions on screen now this is what I love most about hostinger AI website builder it simply will ask you for your brand name what type of website you're looking for and a brief description of your website ite and it will use that information to create your website you can also personalize your website by choosing the style or the colors and I'm going to choose surprise me which I'm going the easier route here and let's select create a website now the AI is going to do all the heavy lifting for you i

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