How to get ahead of 99% of people

if you want an extraordinary life you can't live like an ordinary person Matt grahamon said the people that criticize you for being exceptional are those that have already accepted the fact that they're going to be mediocre a YouTuber with a million subscribers will never make fun of you for trying to start your YouTube channel because they know what it's like to post their first video a black belt in Jiu Jitsu is not going to make fun of you for struggling as a white belt because they too at some point were a struggling white belt a millionaire is not going to make fun of you for trying to start a business because they too had to try to start a business only the people that are too scared to do what you're trying to do are the ones that are going to be make fun of you only the people that always be nobody and always be nothing are going to criticize you for trying to be exceptional because they don't want you to hold the mirror up to them they want you to be nobody and nothing right along with them since childhood I've always had this desire for constant Improvement not everyone enjoys the process of getting better and that's okay some people may even argue that constantly striving for greatness isn't the way to live but for those who embrace the pain who believe that all good things lie Beyond The Struggle the journey becomes magical they live in a society where taking care of your body mind and soul is considered boring working non-stop toward your goal is labeled unhealthy giving your absolute best is deemed toxic but what if he could flip the script what it takes to be more successful than 99 of people and why being ordinary is the enemy of progress how can we excel in every aspect of our life hard work alone won't make you successful going to the gym every day reading hundreds of books attending seminars or taking countless online courses won't guarantee success either what will make you successful is implementing the lessons you've learned from your experiences in the areas you want to Excel for example going to the gym isn't about getting fit it's about cultivating this and building confidence each time you look into mirror and then you take this discipline and the confidence in your work ethic if you want to be in the top one percent hard work won't be enough to set you apart everyone in that tier is working hard displaying grit and preservance so what will make you different from the rest it's the combination of your unfair advantages hard work grit patience and consistency an unfair Advantage is a condition asset or circumstance that puts you in a favorable position we all have unfair advantages like where we were born who we know and what resources we have it's not about denying these advantages it's using them to your benefit to find where you want to be ahead of 99 of people because there are so many areas pay attention to your jealousy instead of seeing it as a negative emotion use it as a life Compass to guide you toward areas where you want to truly Excel the world is inherently unfair and it will always will be the game will never be equal but the choice is yours either learn the rules play accordingly and then or complain about the rules loose winning is never easy but with the right mindset and strategy you can rise about the mediocracy and live an extraordinary life Step 1 take full responsibility for your life the world is extremely unfair and always will be but if you will keep focusing on the unfairness of the world and do nothing your kids the generation after you will also suffer instead of focusing on the things you can't control shift your attention to the things you can control life is full of choices and every choice we make shapes our future if you want to create an extraordinary life you need to take full responsibility for your actions and decisions stop blaming external factors for your shortcomings and start owning up to your mistakes I hear people saying but I'm this but I'm in that situation I can't do this blah blah blah you don't need to follow someone's path there is always something to do there is always a way to improve and Rogue you and the person Aspire have different start points it's not going to be easy if it were a life or death scenario and you had no other choice but to succeed you would succeed but you have a way out you have a backup plan you have already envisioned the scenario where you fail and that's why you will because if you have a way out you're going to take that as soon as things get hard when I started this channel it was my fifth attempt in five years to succeed I took a break from med school due to covet and fully concentrate on my YouTube channel I was in a scenario where I had no choice but to succeed as every day I imagined my friends going to med school getting it out of me in life and then when my channel started to grow and everything seemed fine I got softer my disciplines started to fall off but when my uncle scammed us into all of our savings my dad's jobs and our money that we saved for our life I was again put in a situation where I had no choice but to grow my channel make money and and protect my family I lost all procrastination and started to work harder and harder for the first time in my life I saw my family cry and I promised myself that I would never let them down never make them cry other than happiness after that event my YouTube channel skyrocketed my Revenue tripled I got into the school I wanted and I started to take care of my body and my mind I was put in a situation where there was no way out and that's when I thrived every single day when I want to quit I remind myself the promise I gave myself to protect my family and that's what makes me keep going achieving something worthwhile is never easy if it were no one would fantasize about it you can't get rich by accident or get in shape by accident similarly you can't build long-lasting healthy relationship with others by accident you won't become healthy by doing nothing every goal you desire or Aspire requires action and no matter how long you pursue it it will never become easy you will only become stronger Step 2 identify your unfair advantages in life we often compare ourselves to others and feel down because of differences in our upbringings education or financial status however instead of dwelling on these differences we should focus on discovering our own unfair advantages and using them to our benefit we all have unique strengths that can be easily copied or bought and it's important to recognize and leverage them to identify our unfair advantages we need to understand the miles framework from the book unfair advantages this categorizes unfair advantages into five main categories money intelligence location education and Status before talking about the each category let's first understand the properties of unfair advantages the first property is that we all have it even the negative things can become your unfair Advantage

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