I stopped posting on YouTube and my happiness doubled

[Music] let me tell you what happened to my life in the past year and a half so basically a year and a half ago YouTube started promoting shorts like crazy and my short videos started growing and yes I've been a YouTuber since 2014 but I've never experienced a situation where my video got 10 million views a day and this is what started happening a year and a half ago and obviously you know as Creator who understands the algorithm I was like okay if we have this Gap in the algorithm I need to push out as much content as possible because I'm getting all of these views in some months I was getting 80 million views a month 90 million views a month and that was happening across all of my channels and so once the views started coming in of course all of the different opinions about my life started coming in and honestly people started recognizing me everywhere like everywhere I went downtown my small town in silon Valley uh traveling somewhere people be like oh I've seen you videos but because I read every single comment I also thought in the back of my mind they probably think I'm stupid for making shorts they probably think this this and that about me so I started talking to my husband I started talking to my therapist and you know that started the whole new chapter of my life where you know I could have ignored all the comments but I also like how do you live with all of this attention and again it's really weird that I've been a YouTuber for so many years but that was something really different happening and there was the same process at the same time where I was like okay I still was pushing out my content regularly every week three channels long videos and then I was also pushing shorts and at some stage I think it was August last year I started feeling something I've never felt before I started hating YouTube I was like I don't want to create these videos but also because I'm so responsible I want to be on top of the game game I couldn't stop making content so when this period started August to December I just basically pushed myself I pushed myself through the same routine and it was mentally really hard and in January I stopped in January I went to see my parents in Thailand I had the most exciting time and I also told myself from now on Marina your schedule is just your schedule that you created in your head you don't have to follow it 100% And I only started doing whatever I wanted to do H I was still you know on YouTube I was still posting but by June there was no schedule for me I was just doing whatever I wanted and in June I took a six week break and that was one of the most transformational periods of my life because in those six weeks first of all of course my income did this because as a YouTuber the same for a lot of jobs when you stop doing something your income just goes down and so I came to some key things that I decided to prioritize in my life and one of them is definitely passive income because as a YouTuber it's just like you burn out your whole business stops and I realized you know during those 6 weeks that my income is super unstable and it really depends on whether I'm posting or not stopping for 6 weeks was basically the hardest thing for me because I was so afraid of it I was talking to my therapist and I was like you know if I stop for 6 weeks I am afraid that I'm never going to come back I will like this state of doing nothing it will be hard for me to get back on YouTube because the algorithm will stop liking me and people will forget me she was like Marina looking at you like how productive you are all the time you you will go back it's just in your nature to do things and if you don't come back that means you're done with that chapter and you have to move on instead of pushing yourself so I stopped [Music] so now guys start writing down when you're doing something and you're tired of it your natural thought is okay I will just stop doing it forever I've grown up my life has changed everything has changed this is no longer my thing but it's so easy to do that and in reality what you have to do is to realize that something you've been doing for for for example 10 years it is something that's feeding you and also something that you're actually enjoying it's just the format is no longer for you like for example I'm asking my students sometimes like would you do one-on-one consultations and they're like no I will never do those cuz they drain my energy I don't like one-on ones I'm like would you do that for $2,000 they like oh yeah of course so sometimes it's the price point sometimes it's the mode of work maybe you love working from home maybe you love traveling you know it's all about taking something you really love in your job your skill and turning it into something that suits your new lifestyle and suits your new ambition it's really easy to say goodbye to your office job just because you no longer like it and then you know I've seen so many people who did that they're like I'm going to quit my job I'm going to uh pursue this startup idea and then their startup idea never works out and they go back to the corporate job but they start at a lower salary and in reality they just should have asked for maybe a remote position or maybe to change something in their work that would have helped them live happy life the second thing I know a lot of immigrants watch me and um when we moved to the US then we had our first baby then we had our second baby and at some stage we started traveling a lot less there was Co and you know our Nanny couldn't live the leave the US and I was like oh my God I you know I had the thought of like I am now stuck in this country I love the us there are also things things I don't like for example like I don't know food right uh so I was like oh my God I'm start here for the for the rest of my life and it was so important for me to realize this year that if you're moving to another country it doesn't mean that you are locked in that country forever you're going to get your documents I got my passport this year which meant I started traveling like crazy I don't need a visa to go to different countries my kids don't need a visa so you're going to get to the point where you'll start traveling like immigrating to a new country doesn't mean that you're trapped there forever this video is like will Marina find find a weirder location or she's going to stop right there so we're in a sauna anyways the third thing is super important I started reading this book called reality trans surfing and I actually read all of the five books and I started reading other books by this author if you haven't read this book oh my God I highly recommend it so the thing is our world is a mirror but it has a lag so you stand in front of the mirror and you tell yourself I am an amazing entrepreneur I'm going to run the world and I'm going to build a billion dollar company millions of people are going to use my app it takes the world some time to r

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