I Made $2,315 UPLOADING Videos On YOUTUBE. Here is HOW…

in one of my videos I talked about how much money you could potentially earn by starting your own YouTube channel and then someone reached out to me to share how much money YouTube has paay me since I started creating content on here which I think makes sense because it is only normal for one to be inquisitive considering how much work and effort it takes to start a channel however I have two videos on here and I'm going to link them down below in one of the videos I shared how much YouTube paid me for having 200k views on a video in the other video I shared how much YouTube paid different creators based on their niches and Visions so you can understand a little about how monetization works here on YouTube you can go ahead to watch those videos to have an idea of how much I make on an average for 1,000 views but if there is anything you should know it's the fact that creating filming and producing an entire content doesn't come cheap you will get tired and Bor easily if you are doing it for the Love of Money although everybody loves money so two things to ask yourself before anything else is can I drive joy in filming videos and how will I feel if I don't film in a week if your answers convince you enough then you should go for it now for this video I'm going to be showing you how much I made from two of my videos here on YouTube and also explain why they vary from one to the other before we go right into that I what's up welcome back to the channel my name is adish shami if you're new here and more often than not I talk about how to make money how to grow your money how to invest money and basically how to become financially independent if those are the kind of videos you interested in you want to make sure you subscribe to me by clicking on subscribe button down below also turn on post notification Bell right beside it so you can get notified when I post similar content related to this video all right so before I go right ahead into the video I'd like to give you a case study of how YouTube monetization works first off if you in Nigerian you're already at a disadvantage I really don't know about other African countries but you see Nigeria everything is just turning on your own trust me I recently watched um this interview by tedu Baby Face where he interviewed Mar Angel comedy if you don't know Mark agel is the biggest YouTuber in Nigeria hello and to be honest that was the perfect way to explain demonetization process in Nigeria against other countries like USA UK or even Canada so here is a example of what my earning in a month look like so as you can see in the month of October I was able to make 51,9 146 views here on my YouTube channel and I'm using October as a case study because it just shows how much money one can potentially ear on YouTube and the trick here on YouTube is to create content that the algorithm want create content that people are interested in watching for example when I realize that people don't watch my finance videos and I feel like it's because people don't even have money it is when you have money that you can say you want to invest so I figured okay why not try making videos on how to actually make money here on YouTube and to be honest it has worked really really well I can say it has Works maybe like 10 times better than my finance and regular investing videos which makes sense and that's why I'm trying to tweak it if you look down my videos you realize that the finance videos the regular investing videos that I cheap do not even have as many views as some other videos that are about how to make money if you get what I'm trying to say yeah so back to my screen as you can see here I was able to get 51,000 plus views and in Nigeria Nigeria generated 21k plus United State generated 3K plus Ghana 2K Indian 1K Kenya 1K Philippines 929 and so on and so forth I'm going to show you how much advertisers are paying per 1,000 views based on the region this is the CPN and in an a of man advertisers are paying $68 per 1,000 views in Taiwan they paying $52 in Switzerland they're paying 46 in US 35 Australia 23 Canada 22 New Zealand 22 and so on and so forth now I'm going to filter this down based on the number of views as you can see here Nigeria is getting $314 by 1,000 views so that is how much advertisers are willing to pay Nigerians um per 1,000 views so if you're in Nigeria and you have Nigerian audience then you won't be making a lot of money but take a look at us right here advertisers are willing to pay $35 per 1,000 views to YouTube which makes sense here is Ghana it's $2 South Africa $3 India $1 $12 $2 UK is $18 Canada is $22 and so on now I'm going to be showing you how much I made from each country and as you can see here United States alone generated $121 for 3,000 views Nigeria generated $57 for 21,000 views UK generated $17.55 for less than 1,000 views which makes sense South Africa generated $10 for 2,000 views Canada $9 for 308 views what I want you to understand from this is the fact that if you take a look at Nigeria and us you will see that us generated more money at least almost times three of the money I got from my Nigerian viewers and even though I had 21,000 people watching my videos from Nigeria or I had 21,000 people watched my vide videos in the month of October alone I did not make as much money from those viewers as compared to people from the US so 3,000 people viewed my video from the US and it made me this money this much amount of money imagine if I had like 21,000 people view my videos from us how much money do you think I'll make that's going to be like time seven this amount right here or time six on an average so you get what I'm trying to say when I talk about some of these um website and applications that your region plays a huge role in you getting task because they have other people that are other people from other country especially like us UK that are willing to pay those website to give out surveys and all of those things so Nigeria is like I don't want to badmouth Nigeria but then you get the G so basically this is how much I've made and if I go ahead to show you the cities um that I got the most views from it is Legos product called Acra Abuja Nairobi prioria ion and so on I just wanted to give you an idea of how much money you could potentially ear now I'm going to give you a case study I'm going to compare two of my videos they are the same videos but I made different amount of money because they viewed from different part of the country here are the two videos I'm going to be showing you the first one here that says get paid $100 daily to do what you love and this one is guaranteed $100 per day to do I can't remember the title yeah but they are two videos I decided to post these two videos because I wanted to make something like this so I wanted to be able to compare real time and show you guys um a perfect example if I click on this first one that says get paid daily to do what you love I've made $2

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