I Found $40,425 Using ChatGPT And These Free Tools – This Is Crazy!

here is a list of items I asked chatgpt to find that are worth lots of money now what if I told you I was able to get all of the items on this list for anywhere from five to thirty dollars each that's like forty thousand dollars in profit and in this training I guarantee you are going to learn exactly how this works step by step so that at the end you can go and do it for yourself and make money that you get to keep but first a little story back when I was about eight years old I was a skateboarder we would ride our skateboards up and down the street up and down the ramps pretty much everywhere I went my skateboard went with me and one day my brother and I were skateboarding and we looked down in the gutter next to the street I don't know what it is with being eight but you're fascinated with the gutter go figure and in that gutter I remember my eyes widened and I got really really excited I look back to see if my brother in fact saw what I saw sitting there in the gutter then I reached down and grabbed forty dollars and back in the 80s 40 bucks was a lot more than it is today and when you're eight years old forty dollars is a lot of money and we were so excited to find that forty dollars because we didn't really have to work for it we didn't have to do anything we just reached down and got it and immediately before this even hit my wallet we were at Target buying video games and I remember we bought excitebike and kung fu and eventually we learned how to beat the entire game of kung fu in a couple of hours but it was a memory I'll never forget and it was all made possible by finding free money and in today's video I'm going to show you how to use chat GPT and three free tools to find money online in a super simple way and I urge you to watch this entire video and if you get through this entire video and you think what I have to say isn't exactly what I promised or you don't think you can do it or quite frankly you think I'm kind of full of it and this won't make you any money I want you to say that in the comments below that's right I'm actually letting you be the judge of this video but and I do have a big butt if you get value out of this video and you think like I do this is the kind of thing you can go and use right now and start putting money in your pocket yeah like game changing money money that'll pay for your mortgage or your car or put your kids through school yep these are all things this exact method did for me and today I'm going to show you everything step by step and if you're thinking well Marcus you've been doing this 23 years I'm sure you know a few things that I probably don't know and that is why we're going to be using chat GPT you see this year AI has kind of leveled the playing field and it's made it extremely simple for ordinary people like me and you and other would-be entrepreneurs able to find money in places they never thought it existed before so if you're ready to learn exactly how we're going to use this method see solid proof of how it works and how I've been doing this for 23 years learn the three tools and the tips that are going to make at GPT literally go out there and find you money then smash a like button because we're starting right now all right ladies and gentlemen welcome to the show today we are going to put this to the test and find some free money on the internet so if you want to find free money on the internet smash that like button and everything like that and hopefully we're back online I know we did have a little bit of a crash just a minute ago if we're back let me know by typing something in the back uh in the box and uh we're gonna dive in here we got a lot to cover apparently the program can't handle all this money getting goodness now I got to tell you at the at the outset that the results you're about to see are not typical implied or guaranteed the average person trying to make money online makes nothing now that could be for various reasons maybe they don't try hard enough maybe they don't do the right stuff whatever it is we're going to focus on stuff that actually works and what I believe I'm about to show you today is by far one of the easiest ways to make money you don't have to be creative you don't have to be super smart you don't have to have a bunch of money to start this is something super easy and we're going to put this to the test and just to show you that I kind of know what I'm talking about here I want to give you a little list of the things that I went through and found the the other day now this list I got to tell you is a little bit more difficult than what we're going to talk about today because as I dug deeper into this method it got easier and easier and easier and I was literally blown away because I'm like well if AI can do all the creativity and think for me and analyze things then I think this is going to be a game changer and if you're excited about this smash that like button so this is the list that we went through in Monday's video in Monday's video we went through an ass chat gbt to find different domain names based on auctions and domains that were available online Second Hand these are domains that were already registered now in this training we're going to talk about what is known as a hand reg that's a hand registered domain name that's like when you go to GoDaddy or namecheap you type in a domain it's available and you get it for nine dollars now a lot of these domains I think averaged somewhere between 40 and 60 dollars each so when we look at this these are ones that basically this entire list cost me one thousand dollars for approximately uh 48 domains now when you take a look at the estimated value again remember godaddy's estimate is like made up out of thin air but it is it's okay right if we look at home and Family Insurance do I think that this domain is worth twelve hundred dollars well if we go over here and look at why it says it's worth it we're going to take a look and see okay annuities and life insurance went for 1100 home and garden home and family so we're seeing that these domains do go for that type of value now the cool thing about this is when I did the test every domain I got was under sixty dollars so right now at the beginning of this training if you think the domain homeandfamilyinsurance.com is worth at least sixty dollars type 60 in the box if you think it's worth a hundred or more type 100 plus I want to really get to this because here we have this stuff and we see that these are in fact going for lots of money now again remember it's not typical implied or guaranteed if I wanted to sell this I would probably try to sell it if I wanted to sell it quick for like three hundred dollars turning 60 into 300 that's still pretty good right smash a like button if you're like yeah turning 60 into 300 I will do that all day every day and twice on Sunday and maybe even three times on Thursday because this is stuff that actually works now when we go through w

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