Easiest ChatGPT Side Hustle To Make Money Online 2024

so ladies and gentlemen I believe that I've just found a brand new side household that no one is talking about which is going to help a lot of people out there to make their first one thousand dollars online and the reason I'm so confident about this is because I haven't seen anyone speak about this online and the barrier is so low that even a 14 year old could start this today I'm going to show you how you can use the powerful AI bot chat GPT to make money online as a complete beginner and the best part is you don't need to show your face and it requires no skills to start so for the very first step of this video what you need to do is head over to Kit all and that's over at kittle.com and if you've never heard of this platform before you need to get familiar with it because it's an amazing graphic design tool and this platform is going to assist us today to making money online with the method I'm going to show you today as I scroll through this list here you can see kit all has hundreds of thousands if not millions of pre-made templates that you can use for 100 free usually to create Graphics like this you will need to be a high level or even an expert a designer but now everyone has access to these different designs they can customize in any different way they want and use it to monetize and make money online in many different ways and one of the best things about keto is that they have ai integrated into their software they have an insane AI tool where you can just give it simple prompts and it will create literally any image or any sort of artwork you want within a matter of seconds after you've told it exactly what you wanted to create so this is an amazing tool right here this tool is really groundbreaking and there's literally a limitless amount of ways that we can make money online with it so what you need to do from here to complete step one so we can move into the next step is head over to Kit all and create a free account for yourself or literally take you under two minutes and once you're signed in your dashboard should look something similar to this now once you've done that you're now ready to move into the next step of this tutorial and that is to head over to chatgpt that's over at chat.openai.com for those of you who don't know and once you're on this site what you need to do is just simply ask the chatbot to give you the talk 10 books in any niche of your choice so this could be business romance self-help Finance Fitness you know anything that you can think of it could be something that you're even passionate about now since this channel was all about business and making money online I'm gonna ask shotgpt to give me the top 10 books within the business finance Niche so as you can see the chatbot has given me 10 of the top 10 books within the business space so that's so good to Great from Jim Collins lean Star by Eric Reese think fast and slow zero to one which is actually a book that I read recently it's a great book for anyone that's looking to take business seriously they have art of Warhead influence all of these are some great books right here now let me know in the comment section how many of you guys actually read whether that's once a week maybe twice a month or maybe some of you guys don't ever read a tool just let me know in the comment section because I'm actually interested to see how many of you guys are reading now while I do recommend everyone watching this video to read some type of book whether that be fiction or non-fiction We're Not Gonna actually need to do any of this to make this method work I'm going to show you how to use the list of books to make money online in a very effortless manner now in order to do this what you need to do is copy one of the titles of your book so I'm going to copy the first one on this list which is good to great and what you need to do is head over to audible.com this platform allows individuals to digest information from different books around the world in an audio format spending hours reading the book manually this platform is you know just for people that you know prefer to just be chilled laid back Listen to You Know audio books whether they're on their way to work or even while in the gym so this is another great platform right here and they're actually owned by Amazon now what we need to do here is paste in our title right so paste in any of the titles that you got from your list on chat GPT and we're gonna see if this book is available on Audible so I'm going to click right here and as you can see this book right here good to Great by James Collins is actually available on the platform which is great because in a second I'm going to show you how we can use this book and the audible platform to make money online so make sure you guys stick around and what you want to do right now before we move forward when the next step is actually go back over to chat GPT and double check that all of the books on this list are available on Audible and audiobooks are not available on Audible you simply won't be able to monetize and make the maximum amount of money that you can make so make sure that you just do what I just showed you copy the title of the books paste them back over to Audible and double check that it's actually available on the platform now the next thing you want to do right here before you can go ahead and monetize this list of book is simply arcstrat GPT to create a summary right so as you can see create a 2 000 word summary of the book and then you just simply insert the name of your book in this case I've inserted the first book on the list that they provided me and then you're gonna hit enter and from here you're going to see that the AI is going to work it's magic and it's going to create a summary of This Book in Just 2 000 words and just like that you can see the AI is automatically generated me a summary of this entire book right this is a summary of 2 000 words that we're going going to now extract from chat GPT and monetize it on this platform that I'm going to show you within the next step now we're about to move into the most important part of this tutorial and this next step is going to separate the people that are going to make their first one thousand dollars online and the people that are going to make zero this is the most crucial step of this entire tutorial so make sure you guys stay tuned with me here and smash that like button if you haven't already I'm gonna give you guys so much value that as I've said you've probably never ever seen on the internet so make sure you guys don't click off just yet if you want to make this work so now moving into step number three of this tutorial once you've got your fully AI generated summary of one of your books what you need to do now is head over to an article rewriter tool like coolbot.com and what this tool is going to do is paraphrase your entire summary so that it's not detected as AIS so this is going to turn your AI content in

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