I TRIED Earning $100 Per DAY Wishing People Happy Birthday on FIVERR

welcome or welcome back to my I tried it series where I try outside hustle fer on YouTube to see whether or not they actually work and whether you can make a little bit of extra money from them now I don't know if any of you have ever heard of the gig where you can wish people happy birthday on Fiverr and get paid to do so apparently some of these gig workers have had over 475 orders at least because this guy alone has 476 reviews and we all know that not everyone leaves a review and even if it was just at $5 per video the total amount he's made since starting this is $2,380 simply for creating Quick videos Wishing people happy birthday now after doing my research on this some of these videos are absolutely incredible check this lady out who dresses up like Disney Princesses and wishes kids happy birthday happy birthday to you that it is your birthday and that you are three this specific guy is absolutely hilarious and he does many different things hi there this is Billy Ray and uh this is exclusive on F I'll sing you a little country song or just wish somebody a happy birthday or anniversary whatever you want me to do then there's this girl who basically does nothing except for sing happy birthday and she has reviews hello beautiful people of FIV I will sing a happy birthday song for you happy birthday to you the last one I want to show you really quickly are these guys who dress up like clowns and Santa Claus in the middle of the desert with their camel and they sing custom happy birthday [Music] messages happy birthday happy birthday to hearing about this and learning that you can actually make money doing something like this you already know I had to give it a try to see how it goes as embarrassing as this one may seem let's see if we can make a little bit of extra money doing it now I think it's pretty obvious the first step was for me to go to Walmart and get a couple party supply things so that I could start creating these videos on fiber Walmart had a couple cute things and I Knew by the looks of Fiverr no one's videos make it seem like I would need anything too special or too out of the ordinary so these looked like they would do the trick but then I just decided on this one I grabbed some hats party horns and I headed home now the next step was for me to create a Fiverr profile so that I could start offering gigs on Fiverr setting up the profile was relatively simple it was nothing extreme nothing too difficult I think the entire process from start to finish took me roughly 20 to 25 minutes when it came to my description I really didn't know what to put so I just put this I will wish anyone a happy birthday or anniversary this will come in a 30second format and can either be singing or talking if you would like for me to sing sing it's going to be a little bit extra let me provide a little insight my singing is absolutely fantastic and I should have won American Idol in 2003 when I was on the show I'm totally kidding I was never on the show and I do not have a good singing voice I mean in all honesty you can't really take this one too incredibly serious I mean you're singing people a happy birthday I do not have a good singing voice I've never really done this before in my entire life I think the whole idea is relatively supposed to be silly so I decided to just keep it silly keep it fun and not take it too seriously just to be clear I did not select Fiverr Pro okay I just selected the basic Fiverr account that does not have you verify whatever you're doing just the basic Fiverr gig account and because I'm in the USA I also had to fill out the W9 form and submit it now for them to review it and actually approve it and move forward with actually posting gigs I didn't know how long that would actually take but it ended up only taking about 10 to 15 minutes for them to send me back an email stating that it was approved and I could go ahead and post gigs I overall decided to do two gigs one with me just talking and saying happy birthday and then one with me singing happy birthday which is so cringe because like I said I don't have a good singing voice it did take me about one complete hour to record and edit both videos and set them up as gigs on my Fiverr account just a moment I'm going to show you my Fiverr profile and I'm going to go over how many orders I have so far but I want to quickly take a moment to mention today's sponsor Aura I do a lot of trying outside hustles on this channel which has resulted in me discovering a lot of scams here on YouTube which initially led me to receiving a ton of spam however thanks to today's sponsor Aura I never even have to worry about it anymore now I'm not sure if any of you are members with AT&T but they were just involved in a massive data leak and for those of you who are not aware AT&T just revealed that over 73 million customer records both existing and former customers of AT&T were released on the dark web they recommend that those affected use strong passwords monitor account activity and consider credit freezing or fraud alerts from the credit burea but interestingly enough Aura does all of this for me in one app and best of all I don't have to download a ton of different apps and do a ton of different things just because the company couldn't keep my information safe I'm not currently a member of AT&T but I did used to be and when I heard this information I was not worried at all because I have Aura and and I know that aura is doing that behind the scenes hard work for me of keeping me safe online now it's not just AT&T users anybody who does a simple Google search of your name can find out things about you such as home address where you work health records who your relatives are and more and data Brokers like we've discovered from my side hustle series are trying to gather all that information to sell to people like scammers spammers or anyone else on the internet who may want to Target you or may want your information of course I value my privacy and I also value yours as the viewer you can go to www.o.com Kimberly Mitchell to get started with your 2E free trial today that's also going to be linked in the description box down below now it's time for that reveal of me going over to my Fiverr profile and showing you all what it looks like and showing you all what my videos look like and how they turned out here we are on my Fiverr account as you can see I have two options my first one is I will create a happy birthday video that one is just talking let's click into it and I'll kind of show you it it says for this specific gig I will wish anyone a 10 to 15c happy birthday which can include name and age of the individual who is having the birthday in custom message appropriate only obviously this will be quality 4K video with Premier Sound and Lighting and is talking only does not include singing now come to think of it I should have made the singing one more which I'm going to go in and edit b

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