Earn $60/HOUR Working From Home With No Experience

if you've ever thought about making some extra money on the side just by typing on your mobile phone then you are in for a treat because in this video I'm going to share with you four websites where you can turn your typing skills into legit moneymaking gig now it get really interesting because even if you're a beginner or you suck at typing you will still be able to do this it is pretty straightforward and I'm going to be sharing with you the step-by-step process to go about it now if that sound like something you're interested in then sit back and keep on watching heyo what is up and welcome back to the channel my name is adisham you be joining us for the very first time I'm a YouTuber and a content creator based in Nigeria please subscribe to my channel if at any point in time you find Value in this video also turn on post notification Bell right beside it so you can get notified when I post similar moneymaking videos like this one you also want to make sure to give this video a h thumbs up so that it can get to other people out there all right so straight to the point the first website I'm going to be sharing with you is right on the screen and they will typically pay you about € per minute so if you work for approximately 60 Minutes you'll be getting approximately €60 just by typing on your mobile phone which I think makes sense so if you have like some free time and you want to quickly do something to get some extra money on the side then it makes sense to just jump on this offer so they will pay you about one which is like almost $1.1 right now that's for transcription and for subtitles they will pay you €1.1 which is approximately 1.2 or $1.3 now if you're a complete beginner you can make use of some AI to make your life easy one thing you also want to try to do when tweaking whatever the AI generate is to try as much as possible to be as natural and human as possible so like I said for English they will pay you about 0.9 per minute for transcription for French they'll pay you about €1.3 per minute for Spanish 0.9 German 1.6 Dutch 9.6 polish 0.9 Italian is 0.9 and Portuguese is 0.9 for transcription and this is for subtitle as you can see on my screen here the name of the website is called app iscribe and you can literally get started for free all you have to do is click on this get started right here apply to be a freelancer and after registering you'll have to take a couple of test so that they can be sure you an actual person now I'm going to take like an example of the test so that you guys would know that okay this is what you should expect when taking the test all right so this is what the assessment will probably look like on your hand as well all you have to do is select the correct option we have three options here I think this show is about starting now I think the show is about in start now I think the show is about to start now and obviously C is the correct answer so the next question says you would have heard the news yet you would have add the news yet you will have add the news yet and I think the correct answer is you won't have heard the news yet okay so there are different questions look at this third one so this is basically what the assessment is going to look like after taking the assessment they'll get back to you in the next couple of days and they will let you know if you pass the assessment now say for instance you were not able to meet up with the requirement you can retake the test after a couple of weeks with the same email address you don't need to use another email or anything and like I always say in most of my videos you can just have one dedicated email from for surveys for task for videos and everything that you have to do online that way you can easily track all of the platforms you're using track how much is coming in and track the progress of whatever it is that you are doing the second website I'm going to be sharing with you is called casting words and before I share with you the details of this website let me show you how much you can potentially make and on this particular website your work would always be graded so your grade will determine how much money you'll get paid say for example you get get a gr n you will be paid three times the base amount and the base amount is between $0.85 and a little over $1 okay say for example you do a very good job and you get a great n you can make up to $3 for a one minute transcription if you get a grade eight you can make about $2.5 if you get a grade seven $2 if you get a grade six $1.5 and if you get the grade five you get the regular base amount which is between 0.85 and $1 but if your work is being rejected say you have between a 0 to four then you'll have to retake it or maybe it will be discarded or whatever it is and most likely they won't pay you so that's how much you can potentially make on this website per one minute audio so like I said the name of the website is called casting words and all you have to do is transcribe they will be the one to send you the audio files and you will be the one to transcribe there are a lot of AI out there that would literally transcribe videos audios or whatever it is I currently post on my Instagram every day and I have a particular website a particular audio that I use to transcribe my videos and my audios it literally transcribed it word for word although it's a p version but there are different different different AI out there that you can use to transcribe whatever it is that you get all you have to do is tweak it and to make sure you're checking for spellings to register scroll down and you want to click on this freelancer and then you want to register or log in so if you are a new person on this platform you obviously need to register you want to put in your name your email address and every other thing as you can see here if you're in Nigeria because one of the most um asked question is okay can I use it in Nigeria as you can see here Africa and Nigeria is under Africa obviously so if you're in Nigeria you can obviously use this platform and get paid it is as simple as ABC so apply as a freelancer and you will be requested to take an assessment test take it and then you will start working on this website from anywhere in the world so if you've gotten to this part of the video it means you are really really interested in my content please subscribe to this channel if you are not yet to do so and make sure to like this video please please please if you're getting value so far please like this video it will mean a lot to me and you can even share with your friends that I mean if you want them to make a couple extra money like you then it only makes sense all right so for the third website and just like the other two you will need to take an assessment test because they need to know that you can actually do this I mean you are working on an audio file so they need to be sure that okay this person has the capability has the knowledge

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