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if everybody is doing it ask God what's next that's good there's one definition of the word miracle that people don't often look at it is the power and influence that belongs to riches and wealth I also don't even give unsolicited advice so unless asked I keep my opinions to myself unless God tells me I have to tell the person this I don't I don't care what are some strategies or some tactics that you are teaching people to help them be great business [Music] people it has to work or it has to work welcome to circle of greatness I'm your host Nehemiah Davis and today we got a super special episode I'm talking about one of the most inspirational influential leaders of our time right she's a propheus CEO of covered by God CEO a Millions conference and all around boss without further Ado Tiffany Montgomery he thank you for coming on how you feeling for having me great yeah I was uh last time I saw you I had the opportunity to come to cover by God and when I say two days you said you talked about this for two days I came and I'm talking about it was not an empty seat in the house I know this place had to hold 5,000 or so people um I want to talk a little bit about your backstory and all of that but like right how did you get to that point like where you can put a call out in two days fill out a stadium I mean I was watching on online maybe 10,000 people watching online 5,000 people here and it was just crazy and I know some people want to know how did you get to that point but I know it wasn't always like that I would assume um you didn't start that way I think some people have a Grace right so um when you look at the Bible it tells you that there's nine gifts of the Spirit and I like to break them down in three different categories some are vocal gifts some are revelatory gifts that reveal things that nobody body else knows and some are power gifts and um when we think about the power gifts or yeah the power gifts are the gift of faith the gift of the working of Miracles and the gift of healing well when you look at Miracles people often think it's like the blind being able to see and the deaf being able to hear and the dead raising from the grave and arms coming out and Cancers healing and all of that and that's what Miracles mean but there's one definition of the word miracle that people don't often look at and is it is um uh the power and influence that belongs to riches and wealth that is the definition of miracle so here you have it that one of power influence that belongs to riches and wealth power and influence that belongs to riches and wealth this is why you see so many people uh I like to call it de demonic evangelism and Entrepreneurship that's why you see so many people rise to Fame in entrepreneurship or rise to Fame in the entertainment sector and you try to figure out how do these people get so well known so quickly only to turn and end up being devil worshippers it's because they also have the miracle power of the power and influence that belongs to riches and wealth just in a demonic way and so I believe that God has put a Grace on um quite a few different people's lives not everybody obviously that um there's a certain Supernatural power that you have to gather that many people I also think that there has to be some type of working on an individual's heart in order to have that kind of power or you turn Jim Jones or you turn into you know Hitler um and so there is a there is a tethering of the heart there's a circumcision of the heart there is a uh a cutting of Pride or because it doesn't take anybody to be puffed up when you have that kind of influence um and just making sure that you're always staying low and always staying humble and always having your ear to what God is saying and making sure you're not fearing the faces of men which means morally revering them making sure that yes you might give give me good advice but was it God right you know and so that's just kind of where I'm at but I I'm very clear that I operate in the nine gifts of the Spirit um and I'm very clear that I operate in the gifting of the working of Miracles and one of the definitions of that is the power and influence that belongs to riches and wealth that's good I never heard it let me ask you this question cuz this and this just being transparent for me it's like I I am like entrepreneur but I'm I'm very neutral I say anything to frazzle people like I don't I ain't trying to step on nobody toes I you going to say what you going to say right I I saw the Beyonce thing I'm like going against Beyonce and know I was just I'm like she's a like she going I've saw multiple times you just going to say what you going to say but how do you do that when you have fear of if I say this I could get cancelled I could get when I say I'm speaking in general of course I could get cancelled my business could stop people may stop wanting to work with me like what do you say to that because you're at a spot where you you say what you want when you want how you want and it I don't care who I'm going to address or got to worry about so my whole life has been almost like politician like meaning everything got to be clean I mean I don't curse I don't drink don't smoke I don't do a lot of those things anyhow but either way it's like it's like it's been always like let me not I don't like arguments I'm not confrontational like I I really want to be I want no one to say almost nothing bad about me online when I look at bad stuff it hurts me a little bit where I'm like how do you get to a point where you don't care cuz I'm learning that you can't care sometimes yes but the second part is how do you do it when some people are fearing that they may don't eat because of yeah um that's such a great question it's a loaded question I'm going answer it number one I think most people are cowards by most I think that's 95% of human race wow um secondly I work for God entrepreneurship is a distant tenth to my assignment on Earth um it's a tool but it's not what I do and I think that uh gifts can easily become gods and so if I'm an entrepreneur and I become scared to say what God Said that gift that God gave me can easily become God because at God lowercase G has now dictated what I'm going to say to people instead of God right um with that being said um I am simply just not afraid of anybody I I I fully persuaded I can't be blackballed there is nothing anybody can say about me that you have the power to blackball me wow um I don't have a stage I want to speak on I don't have people I want to be invited by right I don't have people I want to shoulders with I don't have green rooms I want to discuss anything with anybody about right um I am not interested in it I don't want to be liked by you wow I don't want to be chosen by you I don't want to be friends with you um and you have a lot of power when you don't have that now obviously I'm not going out to desire to be hated by you I believe that I'm a kind person in na

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