How to sell DIGITAL PRODUCTS on ETSY in 2024 (in 4 easy steps)

have you been wondering how to sell digital products on Etsy maybe you've heard other stories of the success and passive income they've made selling Etsy digital products and wonder if that could be a reality for you too well friend I'm here to tell you that it absolutely is possible not only has selling digital products online completely changed my life but I've seen it bring Financial Freedom to so many of my students as well but I know the whole process can feel so daunting especially when you're first getting started so I want to come alongside you and lay it all out in just four steps that are super easy to understand and follow but before we jump in I want to officially invite you to my live event that's happening next week it's my 3-day live Workshop Etsy success coaching week this is a completely free Workshop event where I'll be going live for 3 days straight teaching through my vop method for making sales and growing on Etsy the workshop is going to be happening next Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday that's January 9th through the 11th and along with the live trainings there's going to be an awesome Facebook community that you'll be able to interact with Team Hayes and other attendees get your questions directly answered a workbook that goes along with the trainings and several different fun giveaways and freebies so it's definitely something you don't want to miss if you're wanting to start or grow your Etsy shop again it's a completely free event all you have to do is sign up and get registered so I'll put that registration Link in this video's description and I'd recommend you go ahead and sign up quick as the spots are already filling up all right let's go ahead and hop into step number one of the four steps I'm going to give you today for selling digital products on Etsy now I grouped these four steps together into two larger steps so both of the main points I'm going to give you are sort of two steps in one so the first two steps go together and this is to conceptualize and create so the first thing you'll need to do here is to conceptualize this is to come up with and validate the idea for the specific type of digital product you want to sell now it's of utmost importance especially if you're just getting started to Niche down and get as specific as possible when you're thinking through this I know it can be tempting to want to offer a lot of different types of things to a lot of different types of people but if you end up being too Brad you're going to end up appealing to No One you need to have a very specific Target customer in mind and a very specific type of product that you're going to be offering to them the more specific your offer the more appealing it'll be to that Target customer now there are two ways that you can Niche down one is by niching down and getting specific on the actual product type for example deciding you're going to only offer templates the other way is to Niche down by only offering products for a specific Target customer so an example of this could be I'm going to be a digital product shop for brides so you could offer for some different things including maybe templates invitations wedding decor but all of it is for that same specific Target customer Brides so whether you decide to Niche down by thinking of a specific product type or a specific type of customer it's going to serve you really well to get as specific as possible wonder how many more times I can say specific once you've conceptualized the type of product that you want to offer then it's time to validate that idea we don't want to just rush in and start creating things and spending hours and hours coming up with products that nobody wants or is searching for so we need to valid validate our product idea to make sure that it's something that's currently in demand in the market my favorite way to do this is by looking on Etsy itself and typing in a keyword phrase that is something similar to what I'm thinking of offering then I'm going to take a look through the first page of listings that come up in the results keeping in mind that these listings are ranking on the first page for a reason they're doing really well and these sellers have obviously done something right and they're offering something that is appealing to Etsy Shoppers so I'm going to take special notice of the ones that say best seller up in the top left corner of of the thumbnail and I'm going to notice what specific types of products are appearing over and over again I might also click through on some of these individual listings and scroll down to look at how many sales and reviews have come in for this listing over the last let's say 6 months of course every sale is not going to result in a review but I can get a good idea of how consistently this is selling by how consistently reviews are coming in so I'll look at the dates for these reviews to see if this is something that's just selling sporadically or is this selling more consistently if I want to take my validation a step further I can always use some Etsy specific research tools these are tools like sales Samurai everb E rank there are a lot of great ones out there but what I'm looking for when I use these tools is to type in the same specific keyword phrase that I was thinking of to see what the estimated monthly search volume is that's the amount of times that's estimated this keyword phrase is searched on Etsy per month I definitely want to see a higher number here to validate my idea and I can also see things like estimated monthly revenue for those type of products all of this different research is helping me to see is my product idea something that's currently into me and currently selling really well something that other people are already searching for if it is great I can move on to the next step if it's not I might want to rethink and try to find something that's a little more searched and in higher Demand on Etsy now once I have validated that my broad product idea let's go back to the idea of templates is selling well then I want to get more specific by niching down on style and Trend elements so in our example here let's say I validated the idea of digital templates I know that they sell really well but now I need to think what kind of templates am I going to sell what color schemes am I going to use what font styles again I can do the same process of researching to find these specific things as well and take notice of what is selling over and over again on the Etsy platform I'm not copying anyone here I'm just taking inspiration from what is already working well and putting my own Spin and my own twist on it now maybe you're thinking well I don't even know where I would start I have no idea for a type of digital product to sell no worries friend I got you totally covered with this I have a free Master list of digital product ideas it's a whole list that I've compiled with tons of different digital product ideas to give you som

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