Affiliate Marketing For BEGINNERS in 2024 (FREE $100/Day STRATEGY)

this is the best way to make money with affiliate marketing for complete beginners I'm going to show you exactly how I made 1.9 million dollars in commissions with affiliate marketing I'm also going to show you how I made 346 000 in that commissions with affiliate marketing how to make ten thousand dollars in a single month with affiliate marketing and I'm going to show you how I made my first 100 a day with affiliate marketing with no experience so here's the thing back when I was first getting started making money online I just didn't know what to go ahead and do right because I was just kind of like overwhelmed there was like so many different things that I saw people making money online and I was like this just seemed pretty hard and not only that I didn't have the time I didn't have the money I didn't have the experience every single thing seemed like it needed some type of experience and I'm just looking at myself you know background in biology and chemistry and math and science I had no idea exactly where to go and get started that's why I kind of loved affiliate marketing it's because I could literally go ahead and partner with somebody else who essentially is creating these things or creating this lamp or creating you know these camera gears and instead of me actually going ahead and creating the product all I have to do is actually recommend the product and I would get a commission from it while some other company does a shipping handling and customer service and if you really see the potential of people that are making money online with for example affiliate marketing your mind would literally be blown like look at this girl right here she literally just created a Blog while she was in college talking about all the accessories she had like in her apartment and in her dormitory and just because of that with affiliate marketing alone you see that she pulled in literally a hundred dollars a day look at this four thousand dollars in a single month with Amazon Associates and all she did is she literally looked around at her place she was like okay what's there there's a freaking bear there's like some camera equipment there's like all of these laptops what are the things that I'm naturally buying well what if I literally just went and signed up for for example Amazon Associates and I just grabbed a link of a product that I already bought and instead of me just kind of like talking to all my friends about it what if I actually just sent them the link of the things that are is that I already bought right like we're already doing affiliate marketing and literally just like that talking about it on our blog she literally started doing 100 a day in affiliate marketing now this is what people don't understand my mom is probably one of the best affiliate marketers in the world for example every single time she gets her eyebrows done she literally goes ahead and talks to all of my aunties and my cousins on saying that this random Korean lady that did her eyebrows is literally the best eyebrow salonist in the world and literally one by one all of my aunties and my cousins will start going to the exact same Korean lady where my mom is recommending the exact eyebrows that actually you work right and the thing is that Korean lady is not paying my mom any single money if she did that would be what affiliate marketing actually is for example I literally go ahead and have a Blog and if I was going to go ahead and do the Sophie Lee Method All I would essentially do is I'm like okay what are the things that I'm already buying like here's this like camera thing right let me go ahead and type in best camera and you see all these things that pop up these are literally what people are searching for for example on Pinterest so essentially what she did is she literally created a Blog article she went and you know like ranked for one of these keywords like for example best camera for photography just like this by the way I'm able to get for example 5.3 uh 5.3k followers which all literally go to for example my blog and all she does when she creates that blog she literally goes ahead and creates like these pins on canva which you can go ahead and do for free and you can see this is really where I go ahead and create my pins right so essentially what it is is they go ahead and put the title of for example the blog a day since we want to go ahead and run like like rank four and then they go ahead and when people search for it oh I want to go and find the best camera on for example Pinterest essentially what happens is these people would all get an affiliate link of a product and then they would essentially get passive income with affiliate marketing look at this every single one of these they're being sent to Amazon right and this person is getting huge commission just by recommending these camera gears does that make sense now the second way that I started making really good money this was when I got kind of stuck in the Philippines I was kind of like traveling doing like my soul searching journey and I was just trying to really like find myself right and while I was like stuck in the Philippines with really bad Wi-Fi I was just you know trying to make a bunch of money but I couldn't because like the business that I was doing at the time was kind of like failing and I was like man I really need to make 10 grand fast right like how many times you guys are just like in a situation where you're like man if I could just find a way to make 10 grand this month it would literally solve a lot of things and this is literally what I did I found an expensive product something that was like three thousand five hundred dollars and you could go ahead and find this on and all I did was I started sending people to here now here's the thing these people are already multi-millionaires will do the shipping the handling the customer service and all I had to do was literally create content and send them this way and I remember I got like about 10 people to buy in a single month and just like that I literally cleared 10 grand in profits now that's one of the best things about affiliate marketing sometimes you could literally partner with multi-millionaires like on they'll do the hard work they'll do the delivery the shipping handling all that stuff and you literally get paid most of the money does that make sense and all I had to do was literally create a bunch of content and drive people to this existing sales process but I get it you're probably wondering well Mike I don't want to show my face on camera I don't want to go ahead and make YouTube videos is there a way kind of like that where you could also make money without showing your face on camera without actually having to do the shipping handling the customer service without actually having to do the delivery of the of the product and actually you know attract the clients or are there ways that I don't have to go ahead and post

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