07 Side Hustles to Make You $30 Per Hour – Make Money Online (2023)

in today's video we'll take a look at seven high paying side hustles that you can start right now to make good money online you need a good paying side hustle and not all side hustles are the same they are good side hustles that can make you a lot of money and even kick-start your online business or career so today we'll take a look at seven of those side hustles so do stick with me until the end of this video to find out what they are potential Innings that you can end for each of the side hustles I'll also take you through some websites where you can find or apply to these opportunities if you are new here welcome to the channel my name is Queen magomani I share information on how to make money online and that's what you can expect to learn more of in this channel so if that's information you're looking for just know that you've come to the right place and now you're watching The Right video let's get right into it [Music] the first high-paying side hustle that we're going to take a look at is proof reading and editing this is one of the highest paying side hustles that you can start even if you don't have qualifications as long as you have high attention to detail it is such a great opportunity that is paying people a lot of money online let's take a look at two websites where you can find these types of opportunities and you can apply no matter where you are in the world so the first one is upwork if you come to upwork and type proofreading and editing you will see different people who are doing this type of jobs how much they've already earned from the platform and how much they are charging per hour now with this type of job how much you charge depends on your experience and I would advise that instead of charging per hour when you are just starting out you can start charging per project so that you get to see how the work goes and how much time you need and so on and how much you actually need to charge for your work so the first person that we're going to look at is this lady over are here she's earned 24 000 US dollars in this platform upwork and she charges 35 dollars per hour and I'm assuming that she already has experience as you can see here she is rated 100 job success the second lady here has earned 58 000 US Dollars charging 60 dollars per hour and her rating over there so you will see that there's quite a lot of people doing this kind of work in this platform charging different rates per hour for the work that they do you can also go to Fiverr to find this type of work just to show you examples of people who are doing this and who have been paid by the platform you will see we have this lady over here she's been reviewed 855 times she might have done this work over the times that she's been rated in the platform she charges starting at 20 US dollars in this platform just for doing proof reading editing your work and so on some start at five US Dollars this lady here has been rated over a thousand plus times charging 200 per hour so you can go and check out different people who are doing this type of work and how much they are charging this is an awesome setup so that you can start and make money with in 2023 and maybe even turn it into a career or small business if you do have that mindset or maybe that wish to do so let's take a look at the second side hustle and that's becoming a virtual assistant there is so much demand for virtual assistants in different fields from medical feeds accounting Fields finance and so on and so the opportunities are endless here now we're gonna take a look at different platforms where you can find this type of opportunities or start checking so I would say also start on upwork as well as Fiverr freelancer.com different freelance platforms but there are some certain platforms that specializes in hiring different virtual assistants one of the best places to find virtual assistant jobs is called Flex jobs it is this one that I'm looking at here you'll see they are looking here for a virtual assistant person they're looking for a virtual assistant who should work in HR a Blog marketing team virtual assistant and so on so this is one of the best platforms to find such opportunities also check out indeed a lot of companies do advertise virtual assistants uh job opportunities or openings over there if you go and search with the keyword virtual assistant you might just come across a company you would like to work with or a job that can match your profile or your skills you can also check out the platform called virtual Thailand 99 social this one generally higher social media managers people who post and so on when I checked a few months ago there were lots of opportunities but currently they are full so you just need to keep on checking to find out a time when they open up with more opportunities because I think it's one of the best platforms to find virtual assisting job also check out 24 7 virtual assistant and check out also virtual Girl Friday now the one thing that I need to let you guys know is the fact that I didn't check where these platforms are available so in order to find out if they are available or they are hiring people from your location you have to go and start the sign up process then you can find out if they hire in South Africa in Nigeria in Kenya and so on let your assistance charge anywhere from 15 US dollars per hour all the way up to 500 US dollars depending on their experience the amount of work that they need to do the amount of jobs and maybe sometimes based on the industry that you are applying in let's take a look at cider so number three and that is teaching English online this is one opportunity that is not going anywhere as long as people are still being born as long as there are still so many countries where English is not a major language because a lot of people want to learn English in order to be able to communicate wherever they go in the world and a lot of those people people are willing to pay people to teach them the language English and not only the English language but different kinds of languages now let's take a look at the different platforms where you can find this type of opportunities starting with this one over here called italki italki is a global ESL platform where you can teach English and other languages online as you can see here they say become fluent in any language over here they have around 150 plus languages you know that you can learn from this platform so you can apply from anywhere in the world you simply go to their platform and select become a teacher here and start the application process they hire in many different countries including here in South Africa I've seen several people who are making money by teaching English in this platform another one of my favorites is this platform called cambly I love that cambly caters for everyone they have a part of their company where you can teach adults any part where you can teach children here you can earn anywhere from

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