10 Best Investing Applications ( US & NIGERIAN Stocks) That Is Making Me Money In 2024

if there is anything you should consider doing this year it is to invest your money and this is easily one of the best ways you can go from being broke to being a multimillionaire within a period of time depending on whether you have a short or a long investing goal now don't get me wrong this isn't some sort of get rich quick scheme investing takes time and consistency to build and compound and the more risk you're willing to take the more money you're likely to make anyways in this video I'm going to be sharing with you all the investing applications that I have tried that I have used that I am using and the ones I've come across but please make sure to do your research before using any of these applications if you're new here I my name is adami and more often than not I talk about how to make money how to grow your money and how to invest your money so if those are the kind of videos you are interested in make sure to subscribe to my channel by clicking on subscribe button down below also turn on post notification Bell right right beside it so you can get notified when I post similar videos related to this one right here before I talk about all of this investing applications let me quickly address one of the most frequent questions I get which is what happens to my money if this investing application packs up without any TR whatever I get this question I laugh because it shows that people aren't doing enough research which is very important if you want to be a successful investor however I am going to ease your stress so here is the thing if you want to invest in any company you have to to either go through a stock broker or to the company directly but thanks to this investing applications you and I can invest our 1K 2K or 5K whenever we have and own a share of the company without necessarily having to visit the company or a stock brokage firm so basically whenever you place an order to buy a share of a company on any of this app they will be the one buying your shares on your behalf so they are like the middleman which is why you pay their commission and processing fee if you also want to sell your shares all you have to do is place your order to sell your shares and they will also be the one to sell it on your behalf what this means is that if you buy a share of a company today and you decide to sell immediately you just need to use the buy or sell button and it will be done you don't need anybody or anyone and you don't have to worry about anything however if you decide to use a stock broker which is the traditional way you will have to communicate with a stock broker every time you want to sell or buy and you also have to pay this stock broker a certain percentage of your Investments per anom which I don't think is a bad idea if you decide to go that outout if you'd like to know some of the licensed stock brokerage firms in Nigeria please check for the link in the description box now to the main question what happens to my money in case these applications pack up now the first thing is there is no possibility that they will pack up because at the end of the day everyone is in the business of making money and they make the most money from their Commission and processing fees two these investing applications are registered under the Securities and Exchange Commission SEC which is a government agency mandated to regulate and develop the Nigerian Capital Market what this means is that these investing applications are registered under a licensed stock progage fir who are members of the Nigerian Stock Exchange and most of them are under drivew LLC who is a member of sipc so if for any reason they have to pack up their will notify their users and tell them ways to take out their money for example when pillow fund was packing up here in Nigeria they sent a message across to everyone and even posted it on all their social media platforms that they were packing up they also told people to withdraw their money within a specific period And to be honest everyone was able to do that and I never for once had any complaint about them so basically nothing is really going to happen to your investment as they are protected and insured but if you still feel unsafe and unsure consider going through the traditional mint now let's talk about all of these investing applications out there the ones I have tried the ones I love and the want I came across randomly but I'm hoping by the end of this video you will be able to decide on what investing application to use for your investment without worries in no particular other the first one is Trove which I've talked about multiple times on this channel and I have an entire video dedicated to how to sign up and how to get your details verified as well as how you can buy and sell on the application which you can watch via the link in the description box or by clicking the card above TR was actually the first investing application I tried when I started my investing journey and I used it to its fullest potential on the TR app you can invest in US Stocks Nigerian stocks and ETFs they also have a fixed deposit option for both naira and dollars with about 8% interest however the problem with Tru is that ever since they rolled out Tru 2.0 which I also talked about on here the app has became quite out to navigate which I believe also affected your registration and verification process and I sincerely do hope they fix that because a lot of people are complaining so if you are a complete beginner it could be a add not to crack but if you do take your time to study it it will be easy as ABC now if for some reason you are not able to get past the registration process send them an email or message them on Instagram or just call the number on the screen and they will help you isting up the process as long as you submit the right document the second one is bambo which I have also talked about multiple times on this channel it is the most user friendly investing applications that I have used and it was actually the second investing applications I ever tried and I loved it I made an entire video on how you can set up fund and invested in bamboo and you can check the link in the description box or in the card somewhere in on bamboo you can only invest in US Stocks ETFs iits and estate which means you cannot invest in the Nigerian stock market and I do hope they roll out that option soon they also have a fixed deposit option for dollars only with 8% interest so if you want to fix your money for a specific period of time this could be your best bet I have talked about a lot on this channel and this is what I mainly use for all my investments excluding the Nigerian Stock Exchange it's also very beginner friendly and you won't have any issues with them and if at all you do they have an in up customer support you can always reach out to if there is one thing you will enjoy using this application it is your great customer service fast deposit fast withdrawal and a

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